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Handbags and their owner, has always attracted attention, at least that is the fashion accessories, without which it is difficult today to imagine a modern woman. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that there were monuments women's purse. The authors of these sculptures are, of course, men for whom these items, as their mistress, there will always remain something unknowable. For this attribute, you can tell a lot about a woman, first of all, to what class she belongs to, where and how to get involved.

monument women's handbag

Integral accessory

So which city is a monument to women's handbag, and why she paid so much attention? It is hard to imagine today a lady empty-handed. Probably, it will look unnatural. The woman will not feel at ease as it is a very important article of clothing. She picked up the suit, dress, shoes. According to some psychologists, the bag, and especially on its content, you can judge the character of women.

For many, this may seem surprising, but in today's world there are monuments to female handbag. The authors, of course, men for whom the woman herself and everything that goes with it, always remains a mystery.

The largest

Want to know where is a monument to the women purse, which can accommodate the store? It is located near the facade of the boutique “Dior” in new York, in Manhattan. This, of course, advertising, but really in a small bag can fit so much that it is hard to imagine. In addition, it is a monument to the perfection of taste.


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monument women's purse where is

Most famous

In Italy, in Piedmont, where the statue of the female handbag, there are many small workshops. They are made known to the whole world, leather women's and men's accessories. It is not surprising that the monument is a bag introduced to Italy in 2013 to held here the seventh Biennale of landscape culture. But this is not the only monument. In the world there are a lot of thematic sculptures, where the ladies handbag is applied.

a statue of a female purse

Monument universal bag

Irish Dublin is dotted with monuments. Put them on every occasion. For the Millennium of the city in 1988, near the bridge Happeni erected a series of bronze sculptures dedicated to the citizens of the Irish capital. The story of one of them was the meeting of two women friends, priceusa to relax on a bench and share the news.

Pay attention to their bags. They speak for themselves. It is a symbol of our epoch, the universal, for all occasions: to work, to visit, and along the way be sure to run to the store. If it is to shake all the hardships, it could even pass for original handbag, of which a monument still to be supplied.

in what city is a monument to women's handbag


Since the days of ancient Egypt, fashion handbags came from a noble people. This can be seen on the bas-relief in the Palace Assurnasirpal II, Nimrud, Iraq (Sumerian civilization in the IX century BC). The bas-relief can be considered the oldest monument of the female handbag. Sleek and small, like a modern lady's clutch bag. It is so small for the modern fashionista who needs more tonnage, but not less elegant bag. Because a woman always remains a woman.

where the monument of a women's handbag

Modern bag

An Important role in the decoration of modern models of play accessories, all kinds of clasps, buckles. They give a unique look. By the beginning of XX century there were bags for work, Cycling, visit to the theatre. They were made not only from leather but also velvet or other expensive fabric.

During the First world war came into fashion bulk handbags, which has still not lost its leadership miniature, due to the change of women's status in society. Its role has increased markedly, as women began to work, participate in social movements, they have a new hobby: sports, cars, tourism.

Naturally, roomy bag convenient also in the sense that after work, you need to go to the store, since all the chores, women are still regularly performed. In Ukraine, where the monument of a female handbag in the form of boulders, as well as in Russia, Ireland, America, often see a woman with a heavy burden. In Chicago on Maxwell street, is a bronze sculpture that depicts a seated on a bench woman, returning, apparently, from work, and beside it is a bag full of products.

monument women's purse 2

History handbags

Handbag – companion and girlfriend women. It is not just addition to clothing, and the self-attribute the whole direction of fashion. No wonder her view of famous fashion designers. Fashionable and beautiful, she gives the lady self-confidence. This attribute of women's fashion appeared long ago. The history of handbags is inseparable from human development.

In ancient times tribes, moving from one encampment to another, everything of value was stacked in bags made of animal skins. To make it convenient to carry, they were peredelyvalis handle. Men walked lightly, as they had to hunt and protect the tribe.

Women were carrying all the Luggage. So carrying heavy bags laid on the genetic level. Everything in life flows and changes. Gradually, these bags began to take a look of these bags on the belt, which are made of leather, decorating them with fur, beautiful stones.

In the middle ages they began to give it small size. The woman had came out of the house to take a mirror, a comb, a handkerchief, but you never know what is useful to her. All this was in my purse, which was considered a luxury item. It was decorated with gold, precious stones, embroidered unprecedented patterns.

Museums of women's jackets

Often the bags have become objects of art. So in a few cities in the world there are museums dedicated to them. The most famous and popular located in the city of Amsterdam (Holland). He is completely devoted to the history of handbags, both female and male. Collected here are a variety of instances which impress the imagination shapes and finishes. More than 3.5 thousand exhibits of the Museum. Large collection of handbags presented in Kyoto (Tokyo), the Louvre (Paris), Queen Victoria (England).


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