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‘Magnificent seven’, ‘Great escape”, “sun”, “Once in the Wild West”, “rider on the rain” – films through which famous Charles Bronson. On account of the talented actor with over 120 film roles and TV projects. He left this world in August of 2003, but his name is forever entered the history of cinema. What is known about the actor?

Bronson Charles family childhood

Charles Dennis Buchinskiy – real name American movie star. Charles Bronson-the alias that the actor has taken during the exacerbation of anti-Communist sentiments in the United States. His real name was too "Slavic", so he changed into Anglo-Saxon.

Charles Bronson

The Actor was born in Pennsylvania, it happened in November 1921. Charles grew up in a family of Polish-Lithuanian immigrants, was the eleventh child of his parents. His childhood can hardly be called cloudless. The boy was barely ten years old when he lost his father. The family lost their breadwinner, so Charles was forced to start working early.

Life Choices

To think about the choice of actor Charles Bronson has come far not at once. In his youth he had visited the veteran of world war II. The young man was air gunner in the Pacific fleet. His courage and bravery was awarded the honorary award, the future actor was awarded a Purple star.

Carl Bronson prisoner

After Returning from the front, Charles some time looking for himself. He had to change several jobs until he became a member of the theatrical troupe in Philadelphia. The audience warmly received the first production with his participation, and Bronson decided on a career choice. He graduated from drama school, Pasadena Playhouse and began to search for roles.


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The Beginning of a film career

Bronson Charles first appeared on the set in 1951. The actor made his debut in the military drama "You're in the Navy”, performing the role of a sailor. He then starred in the films "riding shotgun», «Miss Sadie Thompson", "wax Museum". The role of the second plan did not help him to become famous, but gave valuable experience.

Charles Bronson movies

Only at the end of 50-ies, Bronson has managed to attract the attention of the public. He played in several famous movies and TV shows, for example, in the crime drama “Gunner Kelly”.

Star roles

‘Magnificent seven’ – the Western, which has felt the taste of real fame Charles Bronson. Filmography of the actor has added to this picture in 1960. He brilliantly coped with the role arrow and got fabulous at the time the fee, which amounted to 50 thousand dollars. Surprisingly, the greatest popularity this film has acquired in the Soviet Union. After the release of the film Vladimir Vysotsky began to call Bronson's my favorite actor.

Charles Bronson fitness

Two years later came another successful film with the actor. We are talking about the painting ‘Great escape’, in which Charles brilliantly played a man from Poland. He easily managed to embody the image of a person suffering from claustrophobia, since a similar problem was faced himself.

In the 60-ies was an extremely popular actor Charles Bronson. The films came out one after the other. “Once in the Wild West” and “Dirty dozen” – the most famous tape with him, presented to the court audience during this period. Drama “Dirty dozen” won several prizes “Oscar”, and Western ‘One day in the Wild West” has acquired the status of cult films.

Movies 70-80

In the 70s, Bronson was still a favorite of Directors and audiences. The most famous movies with the actor, published in this period are listed below.

  • “Enemy at the door”.
  • “rider on the rain”.
  • “sun”.
  • “cold-Blooded killer”.
  • “death”.
  • “Valdez Horses”.
  • “Escape”.
  • “the Last bullet”.
  • “yeah”.

In the eighties the actor is not so often appeared on the set. The main reason for that – problems with health. However, several prominent roles he played in the twilight of his career, for example, not to mention the film “ten minutes to midnight”.

Personal life

In 1962, Bronson Charles met the love of his life. His choice was a colleague, Jill Ireland, whom he met through working on the film “the Great escape”. Jill was married, but the actor was not going to abandon the ladies, who managed to win his heart. Six years later Ireland became his wife.

Charles Bronson filmography

Jill and Charles lived for many happy years. The wife gave the actor two children. A huge misfortune for the Bronson was the news that his wife has cancer. He spent several years fighting for her life, but the disease won. The death of the second half had a negative impact on the health of the actor.

Interesting fact

Michael Gordon Peterson – a famous criminal, whose favorite actor was Charles Bronson. The prisoner began to use the nickname of his idol, which he managed to become famous. In total this man has been in prison for over 30 years, managed to change more than 120 correctional facilities. The most notorious act of his – the post office robbery committed in 1974.

Prisoner Charles Bronson (Michael Gordon Peterson) went down in history for many reasons. To attract the attention of this man managed thanks to the constant violation of the prison regime, fights with guards and inmates. However, he is known as poet and artist. Surprisingly, the Bronson Peterson even managed to sell their work, to gain good money.

In 2013 the court audience was presented the film “Bronson”, telling the story of the Charles-Michael. A key role in this film brilliantly played by actor Tom hardy. It is known that in preparation for the shooting, he was visiting a prisoner in jail, he made a positive impression.

"Fitness in a single cell"

Writing – one of the areas in which they may manifest themselves criminal Charles Bronson. “Fitness in solitary confinement” – the most famous of his work. The prisoner who most of his life spent in isolation, always managed to keep yourself in great physical shape. About the power of Michael Gordon Peterson is legendary.

The Author invites readers to promptly acquire a muscular body without spending money to buy simulators. The book provides a clear training program and engage with it can a person with any physical training. “Fitness in solitary confinement” – a work which attained great popularity.


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