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Each nation has its own sayings, based on centuries-old experience of ancestors. They are a great tool in the process of upbringing of the younger generation. And despite the fact that the rules of etiquette are cultural differences, kindness is always and everywhere is a valuable quality. So the proverb about courtesy of all peoples have so much in common.Proverbs of civility

Slavic Proverbs

In the Slavic culture of children from an early age taught kindness and courtesy. An example of how these qualities help in life, can be found in almost all folk tales. The main characters after the friendly words come to the aid of both humans and the forces of nature. Introducing the reader some proverb about courtesy and kindness, clearly demonstrating the attitude of the Slavs to these qualities.

  • Gentle word is sweeter than pie.
  • A Kind word warms like the sun on a spring day.
  • Kind words will long be remembered, and forever evil.
  • Whether it is good or poor will be.
  • Good word helps, as a stick in the road.
  • Don't be Primitiv, be nice.
  • Polite person and a tavern will not spoil, but rude and in the Church is rude.
  • Sweet words for man that the earth rain in a drought.
  • Kind more wealth.
  • The Kind words and the stone like wax can melt.
  • Friendly word language will not dry up, and the bow back will not break.
  • Good words stronger whip.Proverbs and sayings of civility

English Proverbs and sayings about politeness

About how much I appreciate the courtesy of the British can be judged not only on literary works and films. A lot of English etiquette were taken as a basis for international diplomatic communication. It is not surprising that English proverb about courtesy popular.


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  • Politeness wins the confidence of kings.
  • Kindness – the basis of good manners.
  • A Good word and a cat is pleasant.
  • Treats Courtesy, rudeness cripples.
  • In communication there is nothing nobler than courtesy and ridiculous bombast.
  • Courteous behavior - the easiest way to make friends.
  • Kindness and courtesy cannot be overstated.
  • Courteous behavior – a sign of dignity, not of humility.
  • With Kind words and courteous behavior, yet no one was hurt.
  • Politeness does not cost much, but gives a lot.proverb of courtesy and goodwill

Chinese and Japanese Proverbs on politeness

Courtesy for the people of Japan and China is not just good form, and the basis of communication and culture with its own rituals. For example, the old Japanese saying States that you can forgive everything except the rudeness. A Chinese proverb claims that nurture is more important than origin. That is why almost all of the proverb about courtesy that exist these people emphasize its importance.

  • Courtesy does not happen much.
  • Be friendly – the few who know. Be rude-recognize the whole world.
  • Rude coarseness and suffer.
  • Wrong way – you can always go back. Wrong word – fix will not work.
  • Friendly To man, people tend, like fish in the lake is rich in algae.
  • Excessive politeness not to offend.
  • A Good man demanding of himself, and the evil only to others.
  • When you are polite, people feel as though decorated with flowers.
  • Be polite to everyone and even those who are rude. Not because they are so good, but because you are good.
  • Good words – the key to the heart.
  • Polite enemy is as difficult to discredit, as to justify harsh friend.
  • True courtesy is born of sincerity.
  • Angry words hurt like a sharp ax.polite behaviour

Arab sayings about kindness and courtesy

  • Polite pleasant rough fuck Holy.
  • Gentle word opens the iron gate.
  • Politeness on the market not to buy.
  • Kindness and generosity-this is a big advantage. Giving them to others, we lose nothing, but gain.
  • Always be nice to people and earn respect.
  • Rituals each nation has its own, but the politeness is the same everywhere.
  • Virtue – courtesy of the soul.

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