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Do you Know why marten is called? Where there is this little cute animal? What to eat? Can live the stone marten in the home? For these and many other questions we will answer in this article.

External features

Marten – one of the most common predators of the class Mammals. This small animal, with slender and flexible body, fluffy coat is a serious enemy for many birds and animals. To date, scientists distinguish 8 species of Martens. The most famous of them – stone and forest species.

The Stone marten has an oblong slender body, bushy and long tail. The limbs are so short. In this animal the muzzle has a triangular shape. The ears are large, set high. Many believe that this animal is very similar to the ferret. The similarity is undoubtedly there. The main difference is forked bright spot on the chest of a marten, passing the two strips on the front legs. But you must know that the Asian population of the species may not have spots.

stone marten

The Fur of an animal is pretty tough, painted in grayish-brown or brownish-yellow hue. The eyes are dark. At night they glow a reddish color. Stone marten, a photo of which you can see in this article, the leaves on the ground is more clear than its forest “relative”. Moves this little predator leaps, with hind feet clearly fall on the trail front. The result of fingerprints, which the hunters call "dvojcatka".


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From the forest species, stone marten (marten) is substantial. She has a slightly longer tail, a spot on the neck has a yellowish tint, darker nose, feet covered with hair. The stone marten is heavier and its dimensions Meunier. Body length of adult animals is 55 inches, tail 30 cm – 1 to 2.5 kg. the Males noticeably larger than females.

stone marten photo

Stone marten: distribution

This animal Lives in the treeless mountains of the Altai Republic in the Caucasus, in riparian forests of the Caucasus, and sometimes in the cities and parks of the southern regions of Russia. Distributed this kind of Martens in Eurasia, the Iberian Peninsula, Mongolia and the Himalayas.

It is Found in Ukraine, in the Baltic States, Kazakhstan, Belarus, in Central Asia. In the woods, this animal does not live, preferring open space with small shrub and sparse scattered trees, rocky terrain. That is why the animal was so named. Surprisingly, this small animal is not afraid of people quite often it can be found in basements and barns, attics of homes.

Are You interested in the question about home maintenance? In captivity, the stone marten is almost not living. For this reason, it is rare to find even in large zoos. However, in Germany, in the Central zoo of Berlin, the Germans managed to create almost ideal conditions, as close to their natural habitat.

stone marten hunt


Biologists have subdivided all stone Martens in four subspecies.

  1. European stone marten. Inhabits some areas of the European part of the former Soviet Union and Western Europe.
  2. Crimean stone marten. As is clear, the inhabitant of the Crimea. It has a little bit different from the other congeners in the structure of the teeth, a small skull and a lighter color.
  3. Caucasian stone marten. It is the largest subspecies living in the Caucasus, having valuable fur shiny and beautiful under-wool.
  4. Central Asian stone marten chose the place of residence of Altai. Her chest is weak spot. Has very fluffy fur.

hunting in the stone marten traps

Behavior in the natural environment

The Stone marten is active in twilight and at night. By day they sleep in tree holes or arranged in nests of birds of prey. Most of his life marten spend on tree branches, so there they are feeling very confident at climbing tree trunks, jumping from branch to branch. Their jump can reach 4 meters.

Marten rapidly move and on the ground. Each individual has its own plot, whose boundaries it marks a special secret. If the area violates a stranger, then between animals possible conflict. However, males and females ranges quite often overlap. The area of these plots varies depending on the time of year. In summer, areas more than in winter.

 stone marten distribution area

What eats a marten

Martens-carnivores, so their diet consists of small animals-rodents, squirrels, rabbits, birds. The villagers say that these animals are quite frequent visitors to the coops. When birds begin in a panic to rush, even quite well-fed cat will not be able to suppress their hunting instinct – it is passing all the birds.

Catching his prey, predator break her vertebrae, sucking the tongue folded into a tube, warm blood. The stone marten is able to catch alert bird or climb to the nest and eat the eggs. In summer, these animals catch various insects, frogs. Sometimes Martens added to your diet plant-based foods, as a rule, berries or fruits.

stone marten in the home

Hunting for stone marten traps

For some hunters, hunting is a trophy. This cunning, agile and fast predator, which is able, during the chase, to circumvent various obstacles to maneuver and hide in the trees. The official season begins in November. As we have said, is a nocturnal predator (stone marten). Hunting is possible only at night. Only in this case you will not return home empty-handed.

The Most effective way of hunting this animal is the use of traps. The most commonly used trap No. 1. Each hunter has his own secrets of their installation. Share one of them. Traps should be installed on trees at a height of one meter to two, then they will not be snowed in. And when the animal caught in a trap, he will have no chance of getting out (in limbo).

The Trap with bait should be placed near a well-trodden forest trails. Hunting the marten (traps) is not a mass, because the number of these animals is not too large. Besides, to produce this animal is quite difficult. However, for the most venturesome hunters marten - coveted trophy.


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