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Yekaterina Golubeva — an actress, a career which peaked in the 1990-ies. The modern generation of viewers, her first and last name, a little about what to say. However, this actress has made a considerable contribution to the development of Russian, Lithuanian and French cinema. The necessary information about the person contained in the article.Yekaterina Golubeva


Yekaterina Golubeva (see photo above) was born on October 9 1966 in Leningrad (now-St. Petersburg). She was raised in a normal family, not related to the theatre and cinema.

From an early age, our heroine showed creativity. Kate loved to paint, to sing and to dance to the music. During her school years she participated in Amateur art activities. Girl easily memorized long poems and long passages of prose.


By the time of graduating from high school, Catherine had to choose the profession. She wanted to build a brilliant acting career. After secondary school the girl began to implement their plans. She went to Moscow, where he entered GITIS. After the 3rd course Golubeva asked to translate it to VGIK. The University administration went to meet her.Yekaterina Golubeva filmography

Yekaterina Golubeva: filmography

For the First time on television, our heroine appeared in 1985. Blue-eyed beauty got used to the image of Larisa Derkach in the film “Learn to dance”.

The Second picture with her participation was released in 1987. It was called “Tale of amorous painter”. Colleagues of Katie on the set of steel Nicholas stotskii, Nina Urgant and Olga Volkova.

During his career, Golubev played 19 roles in the films of domestic and foreign production. List its most striking and memorable works:

  • “I cannot sleep" (1994) (France) — Daiga;
  • “Kindred spirit” (1999) — Natalya;
  • «Rostov-the father" (2001) (TV series) — Natasha;
  • American widow" (2009) — the traveller;
  • “'ll Think of happy days" (2011) — Olga.

Personal life

Yekaterina Golubeva was a real Russian beauty. From a young age, she has no lack of suitors. However fleeting novels our heroine is not interested. She wanted to meet a decent man, to marry him and have children.


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In the late 80-ies Kate met a young Lithuanian Director Sarunas Bartas with. Their relationship has got rapidly development. Soon the lovers were married. They had a daughter. The little girl received a double name Ina Maria.

Friends and relatives Sarunas and Katie were convinced that their Union will last until the end of life. But the destiny has disposed in own way.

Released in 1992, the painting “Three days" radically changed the lives of Catherine. A few years later this film I watched the French film Director Leos Carax. He was fascinated by blue-eyed Russian actress. Kate soon received from him the offer of cooperation. The girl said Yes. It was approved for the main role in the melodrama the ‘Pola X" (1999). Yekaterina Golubeva 100% coped with its task.

The Russian beauty managed to conquer not only the audience but the Director himself. They began a serious relationship. For beloved Kate divorced by Sarunas Bartas. And the Director, in turn, gave the resignation of the French actress Juliette Binoche.Yekaterina Golubeva photo

After some time Kate and Leos formalized the relationship. The event took place in one of the best restaurants of Paris. Carax took the child into the family of Catherine. To this marriage were born 2 daughters. Our heroine has always dreamed of a big family. It seems that God heard her prayer.


In recent years, our heroine lived in France. She was a housewife, raising children. In this country, Yekaterina Golubeva could not realize herself as an actress. In early 2011 she had a hope that everything will work out.

After a long break she decided to return to the film industry. She learned that in France, running a number of projects, designed for Russian-speaking audience. Yekaterina Golubeva started cooperation with the Ukrainian Director Eva Neumann. It was a small role in the military drama "house with a turret". Also Ekaterina took part in Director Ramil Salakhutdinov, in his series “that was not». Neither picture was not released during the life of Golubeva.

At some point, Russian actress realized that her chances to win the film equal to zero. A woman fell into a deep depression. It is not pleasing, no people, no music, no scenery. Friends and relatives tried to pull her from the depression. But they did not succeed.

14 Aug 2011 actress died. She was only 44 years old. Left without a mother with three children. Cause of death Golubeva still remains a mystery. The inner circle Ekaterina Nikolaevna says the depression has led to such a sad outcome.Yekaterina Golubeva, actress

Russian actress, was laid to rest in the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise, located in the Eastern part of Paris. Relatives of Kati wanted to bring her body Home. But French authorities have not given consent.

In 2012, Leos Carax presented to the audience his new film“Corporation "Holy motors", which he dedicated to his dead wife.

In conclusion

Details of the biography and personal life of actress Yekaterina Golubeva was announced in the article. It would seem that she had everything to be happy: a cozy house in France, a loving husband, three adorable daughters. However, due to the lack of opportunities for realization of creative ambitions, the woman was in a prolonged depression. And to get out of this state it has failed. May she rest in peace…

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Your article is factually incorrect. She had only one daughter with Canax. She also had a son with her first russian husband (which was before Sarunas). Also she didn't develop depression ''because'' of something, she just had it - cause it's a disease. Don't try to reduce a complicated medical condition to a simplistic reasoning such as ''she couldn't find roles''.

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