Syrdarya region of Uzbekistan: history, geography, cities


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Sir-Darya region – a matter of pride for every member of the Uzbek people. This is a Prime example of what can change a person's persistence and perseverance.

Sir-Darya region, Uzbekistan: General information

Under the existing administrative-territorial structure of Uzbekistan is divided into twelve provinces and one Autonomous Republic. The province of Syrdarya is one of them. By area, it is quite small. It is home to only 770 thousand people (that is, not more than one Russian in Saratov). The administrative center and largest city of the region is Gulistan.

Syrdarya oblast

The Syrdarya region is located in the Eastern part of the country, in the basin of the Syrdarya river. A large part of it is the so-called Hungry steppe-dry and sparsely populated desert area of 10 thousand sq. km. the area occupies an area of 5100 square kilometers. While it shares borders with two other Central Asian States-Kazakhstan to the North and Tajikistan to the South.

The Natural conditions within the region are not very favorable for human life. The climate is hot, sharply continental and droughty. Average annual precipitation ranges from 130 mm to 600 mm in the foothills. Summer winds and dust storms – a common occurrence for the area. In the summer they often cause damage to crops.


It is not Surprising that the local land has long been considered completely unfit to conduct any agriculture. But everything changed in the second half of the last century, when the General Secretary of the USSR Nikita Khrushchev took a course on the total development of the Soviet virgin lands. The history of this period in the life of the inhabitants of the region – the history of solid labor feats, generously described in the poems, stories and paintings.


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sir-Darya region of Uzbekistan

Before the agronomists, who took the liberty to conquer the Uzbek steppe, there were two serious problems: too high level of the groundwater table and too high salt content in the soil. Therefore, the main task was the creation of a unique and well designed irrigation system.

In Soviet times the area was built a number of water-economic objects that helped to solve these two problems. However, work on curbing the virgin did not cease in the years of independence of Uzbekistan. So, in 2008, sir-Darya region began to implement the technology for improvement of the land, widely used in Germany and the USA. Thus, the region for fifty years from a barren desert into quite a powerful agricultural region.

Economy and city Syrdarya region

Do Not think that the economy of this region is restricted to only agro-industrial complex. In the field of developed light industry and construction materials. There is Syrdarya power plant, which generates one-third of the nation's electricity. Feels solid ground under his feet, and the small business.

In 2013, the region had created special industrial zone “Dzhizak" special game rules for foreign investors. So, investor who invested in its development more than 300 thousand dollars, is exempt from paying taxes for three, five or seven years (depending on investment). While the major interest in this area show a Chinese company. In the press zone “Dzhizak” has been dubbed the “silicon valley” Uzbekistan.

city of Syrdarya oblast

Agriculture remains the main economic sector of this region. Syrdarya region continues to hold the lead in the country in the production of wheat, melons and cotton. The famous melons grown in local fields, are exported to 40 countries in the world! In the near future it is planned the construction of the factory, which will produce alcohol, jam, tomato juice, and ketchup.

Within the oblast today there are eight gorodov:

  • Gulistan.
  • Syrdarja.
  • Siren.
  • Navruz.
  • Baht.
  • Avast.
  • Angier.
  • Pahtaabad.

Gulistan – “capital” edge

The Gulistan – the administrative center and largest city of Syrdarya region, located on the railway line “Tashkent-Khavast”. Translated from the Persian language, the name of the town sounds very romantic – “rose garden". Today there are about 70 thousand people (one-tenth of the inhabitants of the region). The city was founded in the XIX century. To strip in this area the railway Gulistan was a small settlement with a mosque and a teahouse. In 1952 it got the status of the village, and in 1963 became the center recreated the Syrdarya region.

Gulistan of Syrdarya oblast

The Economy of the city is represented by house-building, oil-extracting and repairing factory. Here works well as a sewing factory and a number of small food production. Acts music and drama theater.

In General, Gulistan groomed and neat city. However, tourist it unlikely you will find something interesting. However, there is one interesting, if not unique, attraction – the local Church of St. Nicholas. It looks very inconspicuous,but amazingly the year of its construction – 1957-Oh (at a time of intense struggle of Soviet power with the “opium of the people”). Similar temples in the former Soviet Union – a few units.

Syr Darya

The Syr Darya-the second largest city in the region, located ten kilometers from the river. Age he is very young: the Syr Darya was founded only in 1971. Today the city is home to about 30 thousand people. Syrdarya – an important industrial centre of the region. There is light industry and agriculture. There are several chemical factories, developing fisheries (due to the proximity to the river). Syrdarya known for his rather strong athletes. Representatives of the city have repeatedly achieved considerable success at national and international competitions in such sports as Taekwondo, handball and athletics.

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