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Waiting for a baby – it is always the kind and gentle feeling. At the same time, now she will have largely to be more careful and attentive. How much more responsibility when spouses learn that they will have not one but two or even three children.

Multiple pregnancy: causes.

Multiple pregnancy is uncommon and involves carrying two or more embryos at one time. The number of resulting embryos is influenced by different factors. Until now the experts can not come to a consensus on this issue. It is known that the determining factor is heredity, that is, if someone of the partners in the family were twins or twins, the probability of their appearance in this generation is significantly increased. According to statistics, multiple pregnancy often pleasing older women than younger. The fact is that with age the female body begins to actively produce the hormone, called gonadotropin. It stimulates the removal of eggs from the ovary.

Regularly does a multiple pregnancy occur when conducting in vitro fertilization. The program of infertility treatment and in vitro fertilization involves taking medications with a high content of hormones. While in the uterus impose a ready-made embryo, which can get multiple embryos. As a rule, the number of fetuses is reduced to one in order to increase the chance of normal development.

Decided to allocate identical fruits and rasnoavei.  the Twins are exactly identical, as they have the same set of genes and same blood group. These kids are always born gay. Siamese twins are to identical, just the egg began to divide at the wrong time. When fertilization occurs two or more eggs, then there rasnoavei fruit. In this case, are born twins or the same gender or different. Moreover, blood and children may be different. Such children present a similar genotype, but not more than 60%.


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While waiting for the double miracle need more careful attention to their health, as the load on the body in this case are double. Examined multiple pregnancy by weeks. Its presence is detected by using ultrasound, but in the early stages it is impossible to give an accurate result because of the probability of error. The second embryo is often confused with tumors or other pathologies.

If the expectant mother already good news, you should be prepared for the fact that tummy in the later period can not be called small. Two fruit much stretch the uterus and stomach, so the experts recommend to abandon physical activity, particularly sexual activity. The motto of the next nine months should be the rest. One should not sleep less than 8 hours a day, because to withstand such a huge load, the body requires regular rest and recovery.

Multiple pregnancy involves that a woman is much better. But while waiting for the twins is allowed to recruit no more than 20 pounds, so you should very closely monitor the diet and food quality. The expectant mother must double the amount to saturate the body with nutrients that ensure normal fruit development.

Not much to worry about if the birth of children has occurred in advance. As practice shows, in most cases, multiple pregnancy preterm deliveries. But to further the well-being of children is not affected, because modern medicine is able to provide life support to a baby born before the deadline.

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