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Pet Carrier for cats – an essential attribute of every owner of humming. There are times when you need to transport (to the vet, to the exhibition, binding, etc.) animal, and make it not so easy, because usually the cat is not sitting on his hands quietly, she scratched and trying to escape. In this case, the best assistant – pet carrier for cats. There are different types of these products. Now we will consider it.

Wicker basket-carrying

The Good thing is, is made from natural material. It appeared quite recently. Some more of its merits: the original design and ease. Such carry there are drawbacks:

  • Wash it is impossible, is only allowed to wet rubbing.
  • Leaking.
  • Quickly absorbs odors.

It is best to use for not very long movements. Special attention in selection should be given to the reliability of the locking of the door.

pet carrier for catsShopping Bag (cloth)

There are two options for such products:

  • With a rigid frame. Typically, these models are folding. This opportunity is a plus when storing. Bag with the frame – more secure type carrying. It is better suited for long journeys.
  • Regular fabric. Typically, such carrying are inexpensive. They are light in weight and are sold in different colors and sizes. In such a carry for cats can carry Pets with light weight. Due to the sagging bottom heavy the animal will feel uncomfortable.

pet carrier for cats priceThe Advantage of such transfers:

  • They are light;
  • They can be worn on the shoulder;
  • Fast fold, compact;
  • Easy to store since they take up much space.

The Container, or the plastic carrier for cats

This option is most reliable in terms of security. Such carry for cats is made of durable plastic. Most prefer this type to transport their Pets.


1. Convenient to store. If to unfasten of the side fasteners, such carrier cats is decomposed into two parts that can be put on top of each other, in order to save space in the closet. Just need to make sure that no lost fasteners and the door.


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2. It is easy to disinfect. You can use disinfectant spray. You can also clean pet carrier for cats water and detergent.

3. There are models with top window through it will be convenient to Pat the pet. At the same time to get from carrying it is not necessary. It will be helpful if your animal for the first time travels, or he is too nervous.

plastic carrier for catThese models have additional accessories:

  • Drinking water;
  • Wheels (if you have a heavy pet or you are transporting multiple animals);
  • Attach the door;
  • Shoulder strap.

The baby Carrier is in the form of a basket

Appeared before all types of such products, are similar in appearance with the container. But this kind is not very convenient, since the animal might pop up.

Pet Carrier for cats: price

The Cost of such things depends on many factors:

  • Product type.
  • Manufacturer.
  • From the materials used in the manufacture of carrying.
  • Dimensions.

Hope the above information will be helpful for you, and you will be able to choose for themselves the best option.

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