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Black Spitz – bold extrovert, nice and loyal dog. These kids are smart, easily trained and love to please their masters.

Breed History

Today, it is difficult to imagine that this charming creature with a cute face, which is black Spitz, descended from a hardy and large Northern dogs. But, most of the researchers of the breed believe that this is the case – the ancestors of the Pomeranian is really lived on the territory of the Nordic countries. For example, in Switzerland they inhabited in the Neolithic period.

black Spitz

Some scholars believe that the historical homeland of the Spitz can be States such as ancient China, and possibly Egypt. They cite as evidence of its version of images of dogs similar to Spitz, which were found on the objects of everyday life and culture of the peoples of these countries. However, a little more credible arguments have supporters version of the Northern origin of the breed.

The biggest interest in dogs was shown by the Germans in the middle ages. In the XV century they were bred Spitz, who first gave the name “speechand”. Their appearance is very reminiscent of the modern specimens.

Work on the breed in Germany

She was held in different centers of medieval Germany led to the fact that in the eighteenth century were actually formed breed that quickly gained popularity. Some experts believe that the most important role in the development of the breed Pomeranian dog handlers played in the German city of württemberg, other unconditionally awarded the palm of Pomerania. In this city, the breeding of such dogs engaged in even the Germans and the Finns. However, the traditional founders of the breed the Pomeranian is considered to be breeders of Germany.


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Pomeranian black

Later, the breed was divided into two varieties: the Pomeranian and the German Spitz, which are slightly different exterior. In contrast to the “Fox” orange, German Spitz is “bear” with a round face.

Pomeranian black: the breed description

These kids belong to the dwarf Spitz. In the Russian Federation approved the standard, which was adopted by the international Federation FCI. In America there are the standard by which the growth of Spitz at the withers is 26, see the FCI Standard allows for the growth of these dogs are no more than 22 cm

 black Spitz price

The Case has square format – the height corresponds to a length of 1:1. The Constitution is firm and dry, decorative elegance combined with well-developed musculature.

The Head is small, muzzle short, tapering, slightly resembles a Fox. Face refers to the skull as 2:4.

Black Spitz has a black nose. As well painted and the lip tight to the jaw.

Eyes oblong, oblique. The expression of the eyes is lively, which gives this charming kids playful look.

The Ears are triangular in shape, erect, with a pointed top, are fairly close to each other.

The Neck is strong, of medium length, covered with a thick collar that resembles a mane.

The Back is strong, short and straight. It ends with fluffy tail, which is part of the back cover. The tail is of medium length, covered with thick hair, set on fairly high and at the base turned upward and forward – he seemed to be lying on her back like a lush fan.

The Front legs are straight. The blades are long, directed backwards. Shoulders muscular, tight to his chest. The forearms are straight and chunky, with the back side pubescent.

 miniature Spitz black

Paws well-knit, small, round shape. Paw pads are black. The only exceptions are animals with brown color – they are brown.

The Hind limbs are more massive, shins and hips of approximately the same length. They are parallel and straight. Until the hock is covered with hair.


The German Spitz (black), as well as the Pomeranian has a luxurious coat. Its coat consists of two types of hair: cover the hair long and thick like a cotton undercoat. On the head and ears and front legs the coat is short. On the shoulders and the neck is lush and furry collar. On hind legs – voluminous trousers.


Despite the fact that the topic of our article is Pomeranian black, we briefly dwell on the fact, what else are the colors in these animals.

White color implies that the animal hair is absolutely white, without any shades of other colors. All deviations are recognized as married.

Pomeranian black

Spitz black should have lacquer black coat, without markings of another color. Any blotches are a disqualifying factor from the experts. Black puppies Spitz unable at birth to have a brownish undercoat. If the family black dogs were the ancestors of any other colour, then it is likely that the puppy is born black, after molting will change color.

Brown Spitz should be evenly coloured in dark brown wool. The darker the better.

Black and tan Spitz has distinct markings. They can be different colors. For example, red markings on the front part of the chest, throat, legs allow us to say that in front of you a black-and-red Pomeranian. The saturation of the markings may range from cream to red-red. Black and tan Pomeranian can have fawn markings.

black and tan Pomeranian


The German Spitz black – is a charming pet friendly character. Gentle and defenseless the little dog only seems, at heart he is brave and craves exploits and adventures. So it should not be considered a lap dog. The black Pomeranian will not be lying on the couch day and night. He need a walk with your favorite host.

However, house black dwarf Spitz playful and active. A special pleasure this babe gets after hearing the host team “SIC”. In a second he's gonna go for a stick or a toy.

The Dwarf Spitz black is not so good as it seems at first glance – he is wary of strangers and are unlikely to allow them to pet a beautiful coat. Undoubtedly, this is not a service dog, but sometimes he behaves as if does not understand that his size does not allow to rush to the attack.

Why Spitz barks a lot?

Often, the owners say about the propensity of these animals to bark. You should know that lots of barking for a reason, it makes sense, as the cry of a small child, and the task of the host – to understand what “tells” pet.

What Spitz need a host?

The Majority of breeders believe that black Spitz – it's the perfect companion for any person. This is not so. Spitz need a big physical load. This is a long (at least 1.5 hours) walking and active games. If a long walk impossible to you, get ready because the baby will be active at home. Run, frolic, and jump, he is ready always. So Spitz is unlikely to be a good companion for an elderly and not very healthy man.

Negative traits

Black Spitz has some not so nice traits. These include stubbornness and willfulness. Therefore, despite the high level of intelligence, they are not always easily trained. Especially negatively they refer to static commands which are associated with the rest: “Down! Sit!”

In addition, they tend to dominate over other animals. Do not be surprised if your child Spitz tries to dominate the huge Alsatian. Probably, long-term care for this breed royals played a role.

Spitz prefer to always be in the spotlight. To avoid this, early socialization is necessary. If, at the time of the puppy in the house already there live other Pets, no problems. But if you decide to have another pet and lead it to grown to Spiez, then most likely, your baby will manifest the character and will do everything to trample the legitimate rights of the new tenant. The same can be said about the attitude to children: Spitz love them, ready to play with them day and night, but only when they are familiar with them from puppyhood.

black red Spitz

But do not be afraid of these behavioral difficulties. They are fully kompensiruet ability that this furry baby to bring joy and love to the owner. These little fidgets very attached to the person and strive to always be there for him. They are very sad, some when they leave home. But when the owner returns, Spitz compensate for his loneliness increased attention.

He will walk behind you, sit at his feet, when you cook food, very carefully watch TV, comfortably sitting on your hands, and even to sleep by the bed of the owner. Anyone who wants to have a baby, you must know that this is a true friend who will always strive to participate in all your activities.

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