How to know who will be born?


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The Question of who will be born, always interested in young future mother, especially if it is a desirable and her first pregnancy. In long anticipation of the first comprehensive ultrasound examination, the woman always thinks how to find out who she would be born-a boy or a girl. Ways quite a lot – and all izvestnye signs of people, and a special table-calendars. Some wonder even in shape and size of the growing tummy. A lot of people surrounding a pregnant woman to constantly Express different assumptions – friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues. I had the opportunity at work to listen to the opinions of colleagues - one of them was even my mind, who I have hid in my tummy every week.

Sometimes you can hear even the most stupid assumptions, but do not take everything to heart – it was just a joyful entertainment of others wax people. Very often the ‘national signs” wrong, but still, this method of determining the sex of the baby is much more interesting than a regular ultrasound, which have to wait quite a long time. To believe or not believe in “grandma's lessons” is a personal matter. Here are a few signs that how to know who will be born:

It's a boy if:

  1. A pregnant noticeably sticks out the right side, it is believed that boys lie there;
  2. Tummy she is shaped like a cucumber, is at the bottom and sticks all along;
  3. Always want fish and meat because they are the real “male” products!
  4. On the belly and around the body there was vegetation, makes the hair grow, become thicker than before pregnancy;
  5. Good health during pregnancy and the lack of toxicity is also talking about it's a boy;
  6. Beautiful appearance while carrying a child;
  7. The appearance of clumsiness in the movements and gait.

The girl showed the following “old wives ' superstitions”


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  1. Round tummy and puffy with fat hips, and buttocks and thighs;
  2. Bulging left side, - popular opinion says that girls choose a spot that is left;
  3. Dark areolas nipples pregnant;
  4. Craving for sweets and baking, because all girls like that;
  5. The baby kicks on the left side;
  6. During pregnancy appearance has changed not for the better – it is believed that girls take the mom's beauty itself;
  7. Strong breast enlargement and the appearance of pigmentation on the belly. Bright line, reaching to the navel;
  8. During pregnancy a woman does everything easily and gracefully, then she will have a girl – a beautiful and graceful.

We talked about how to know who is born, with old signs and beliefs. But there are other ways to do it. Even the pose during lovemaking and conception some will give you the answer to the question, how to determine who is to be born. There is a perception that if a man and woman make love standing, they have a boy, and if conception occurred while it was raining, then it's a girl. That such a seemingly ridiculous signs gender determination nowadays exist. All tables that specify the gender of your baby blood group of parents, the month of conception of the child, etc. are quite accurate-it is believed that approximately 90% of the predictions the forecast is correct.

Chinese table genders of future children is one of the very effective methods to discover who will be born. This table was created it many centuries ago, found it in one of the Imperial tombs and translated into modern language. Determining the sex of the baby based on the mother's age and month of conception baby. You can type in any search engine “ancient Chinese table floors” in order to know who you're going to have.

But still, wondering who you will be born no matter boy or girl, don't forget that the most invaluable is the waiting for your beloved baby that you will soon be real parents. Health to you and your babies!

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