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You came in the house Corella? What to do if you dreamed of a tender and the talking bird, and a new pet is afraid and hides in the corner of the cage? How to train your Corell hands on to establish friendships, you will learn from this article.

how to train your Corell hands on

Who's easier to tame – a chick or adult bird

Tel – cheerful, sociable Pets. They feel good next to the person, easily find common language with him. These parrots are intelligent, they can be taught simple commands, and even tricks to teach the conversation.

The house is better to take the chick, which quickly becomes accustomed to the owner, because he has no fear or any negative memories associated with people. But not always in the house gets the young bird. How quickly you get used to person adult cockatiels? How to train your hands? Over 2 years, by the way - not the best age to start learning. To work with such a pet will have a long, closely and very carefully.

To understand how to tame an adult I liked the hands on, we need to realize that the bird probably had a negative experience with people. For example, she lived in a pet store, where it no one did. Or the previous owner did not have the patience, and all communication with the animal was reduced to cleaning the cage and feeding.

Methods for taming Chicks and adult birds alike. However, depending on the age, living environment and psychological state, the establishment of trust relationships will need different amounts of time.

Difficult to tame birds, living in the company of other dogs. They prefer socializing with their own kind, and man to earn their location is almost impossible.

cockatiels how to train your hands on


In the first week you need to give the bird time to adapt.

  1. Do Not try to grab her or Pat.
  2. Do not put in a cage of hands, tapping on the bars.
  3. Clean the pan, change the water and food.
  4. Gentle gentle voice talk to the pet during procedures, try not to scare Corell.

Success will be Sufficient, if the bird is not Bouncing around the cage when you approach, quietly takes the manipulation of the tray and feeders.


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Corell better to Feed 2 times a day, 1 time you need to change the water in the troughs. If the bird is nervous, the first week you can change the tray once every two days.

To the tame went smoothly, you need to give the parrot to get used to the cage and to get used to the new house.

how to train your parrot Corell hands on


To understand how to tame Corell hands quickly, you need to learn one simple rule – no need to hurry. Yes, that's right! Too quick a transition will throw you back. Trust matters feathered pet - he has to show curiosity and want to talk with you.

The second phase of domestication start in about a week. If Corella is still much afraid and rushes around the cage when you approach, take to get used a little more time. To accustom the bird to the owner, you need the right approach to training. If she is frightened, then the result will be.

In order For a parrot to get used to your presence, install the cage so that the bird you saw. Often come to pet talk, I liked the call by name. Can whistle a tune or hum, often it is of interest.

When a parrot when your approximation is not hiding in a corner and turns away, and Vice versa, with attention looks at you and walks closer, it's time to proceed to the next stage. There are 2 ways of taming, which can be combined with each other.

how to train your Corell hands quickly

The Domestication of food

How to train a parrot I liked the hands on with food? This method is the most common. Some of the most sociable birds can take food through the bars of the cage a few days after appearing in the new house. But this does not mean that the bird manual.

Do Not just lend a hand in the cage and even more to try to pet or grab the parrot. We must act gradually. First, define what is a treat for cockatiels, what does she eat in the first place and the likes. To do better in the morning, before usually feed the bird.

Put some treats on your palm and slowly push your hand in the cage. Corella will be wary to observe. Do not get hand too close, do not make sudden movements and don't move. The bird will not immediately have to hand.

The first few times you will have to take your hand off the pristine delicacy. When Corella will see that nothing threatens the hand does not, she will start to show interest, and, in the end, dare to try the food. Don't move, give her something to eat and take your hand.

When the parrot will begin to eat safely with your hands, begin to arrange his hand so that to the food was difficult to reach. The bird will be uncomfortable and she will put on the palm of your hand one foot. It's a small victory. Next time move the hand further. Soon Corella will start jumping on your palm in search of food.

how to train your adult Corell hands on


There is another way of learning tel. How to train your hands on parrot with toys? Proceed gradually, as in the first method. Method with the use of toys is most effective in working with juveniles, which are more curious than adults.

Pick up a toy that like your pet. Keep in mind that cockatiels are different in nature, and the toys they like different. This can be a thread with beads, bells, rope, etc., Place a toy on their hands can touch it with your fingers. Sooner or later the bird will want to explore interesting things.

Feeding is then carried out as usual.

Tips and rookie mistakes

Now you know how to tame Corell. But for the beginner, at the initial stage it is important not to make mistakes, which will slow down the progress toward the goal.

  1. In the learning process, not rush things and not focus the time specified in the literature, and the state bird. If you hurry and go to the convergence too early, Corella scared and become more wary, which means you will return to step back.
  2. Don't raise your voice, don't grab the parrot. Your movements should be smooth, and the voice – calm and confident. Some owners are trying to tame Corell violently, grabbing her in a cage and Seating on hand. They claim that if you push the bird on the belly, it will compress the legs and will sit on your hand.

This barbaric method does not help to establish trust with the pet, use it not recommended. Besides, the probability of injury, both physical and psychological.

cockatiels how to train your hands 2 years

Learning to talk

Generally, owners are interested not only in how to tame Corell to the hands, but also how to teach her conversation. Indeed, this kind of parrots can mimic human speech.

To Begin, you can from the first days of the appearance of a bird in the house, calling her name and repeating the conversation in the same phrase. But to say bird starts only when the interested person and want to communicate with them, that is, after the domestication.

Do every day, repeating the 1-2 sentences you want to train your pet. You can record them on the recorder and listen to them when the owners are not home. It is clearer, if it teaches one person recorded it and his voice.

Now you know not only how to train your Corell to the hands, but also how to establish a pet trust, friendships, and teach him to speak. Be patient, follow the recommendations and must achieve a love of this wonderful parrot.


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