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German products are always famous for their quality, no matter what the product is about. Hookahs, Kaya is no exception. On the world market, the company confidently promotes its products. Not so easy to find a quality hookah that meets all necessary functional requirements and having a presentable appearance. Glass hookahs, Kaya a hundred percent cope with the task.


It is believed that the hookah was invented by the Hindus, but it is unknown. The first primitive design was a dug a hole in the ground filled with coals. They poured the Smoking mixture and inhaled the smoke.hookahs, kaya

Smoke inhalation was common among many peoples of the world. Ways of Smoking was different. Initially this procedure was used by the shamans to perform their ceremonies. Gradually Smoking became a habit for many people.

Time has changed design, improved process. It became possible to move the Smoking apparatus, it changed shape. Many European companies offer a variety of models of vehicles. German Kaya hookahs are popular among the lovers of Smoking.


The Company Kaya Shisha created by the Turks. Brilliant idea to combine the ancient Turkish culture of hookah Smoking and the world-famous German quality has allowed the firm “lost” in the world market. kaya Shisha reviews

Originally, the manufacturing was to copy famous brands products popular firms. And they were made on the conscience, quickly brought the firm popularity. Over time was developed and launched his own hookahs, Kaya. The lion's share of products made of glass.


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The company also offers related products: bongs, cigarette holders, bowls and more. Glass bowls and flasks only do by hand, which provides the products with unique design. For the production used high-strength heat-resistant glass.


Let's Consider the most popular models Kaya Shisha. The Calabash hookah is all glass, its height is 52 cm, the volume of two liters. Modularity of the hookah consists of four parts: bowl, plate, base and Central part. Unusual design with a large mine (not removed). Colors may be different. Connection with lapping, which increases the tightness of the apparatus. The increased diameter of the tubes ensures excellent traction while Smoking.kaya shisha Shisha

The Bulb resembles the shape of a Turkish melon, hence the name of the model. It is made of thick glass (borosilicate). Such material can withstand almost any heat load (on a saucer so you can safely put a hot coal). The model is made manually.

There is a modification at the 2 hoses – Kaya Calabash L Edition. The scope of products included: mine, a flask, a saucer, a tube, a Cup, a set of seals and charcoal tongs. The diffuser ensures quiet operation of the hookah, even while Smoking at two pipes and backlighting enhances the positive visual effect. The package lighting not included, must be purchased separately.

Kaya PN

The Machines in this series can be of different heights, it depends on the modification:

  • Kaya PN 330 2.0 height of 34 cm Glass bulb may be made of glass in color. Shaft is made of stainless steel. Connections are lapped and screwed. The quality is excellent and not inferior to the expensive models. Hoses made of synthetic leather of very high quality. Package standard: a set of seals, mine, flask, Cup, saucer, tongs, charcoal, a hose. Packaging, which sells hookah, serves as a storage space and a stylish gift box.

hose Shisha kaya

  • Kaya PN 480 higher than the previous model, its height is 51cm. The standard has a threaded connection. Sophisticated shape of the device draws attention as quite affordable price. Hookah with perfect proportions can be a decoration of any interior.
  • More perfect and massive model Kaya PNX 660. Designers have worked on mine and a basis of the product. Its height is 72 cm, the connection is threaded. Amenities include the presence of mines, flasks, cups, saucers, a set of seals and tongs for coal.


One of the most popular modifications KayaLaCoppa. This hookah, in addition to a conventional configuration (a set of seals, mine, flask, Cup, saucer, tongs, charcoal, a hose), is provided with a leather case with combination locks. Exquisite, innovative shape of the bulb does not reduce the functional performance of the hookah.

Height reaches 70 cm, volume of the flask two liters. Everything except hoses made of heat-resistant transparent boron-silicate glass. In this model there is no backlight, no diffuser.

German hookah kaya

The Model has excellent Smoking properties, light and intense cravings. During Smoking the device is a little bubbling. Pleasant "purring" sound promotes relaxation.

The Connection is completely sealed, the grinding. This eliminates the possibility of mixing of smoke with air. The practicality of the model due to the elaborate shape of the bulb that allows you to easily transfer a hookah in the assembled state. Optional accessory in the form of case provides safe transportation to any distance.


The Popular models of the Kaya is completely made of highly durable heat-resistant boron-silicate glass. In addition, it does not absorb odors. This is an important indicator. It allows you to fully enjoy the refined aroma of a variety of varieties of tobacco with original additives.

A Distinctive feature of all, without exception, models – an unusual transition from the hose to the mine. Most models have excellent light traction due to the large diameter shaft. Its end is equipped with a very impressive size of the diffuser, it is even easier to pull.

Manual production of parts allows the masters (the main production is concentrated in China) to create exclusive glass flasks and bowls for hookahs.

Hose Shisha Kaya can be almost any color. This is achieved through the use of the original braid. The hoses are significantly heavier, but this design does not allow them to bend. Mouthpieces are massive, designed to fit the hookahs kaya

The Latest model range has high integrity due to the fact that glass hookahs, Kaya performed at the lapping. The firm is trying to diversify its products. There are hermetic flasks of unusual shapes, models with light, original design of mine, an exclusive finish.

Certain types of hookahs are packaged in a special leather case for transport and storage.

All the models are of an exceptional quality and presentable form.


The Kaya Hookahs have only one drawback: while carelessly handling they break. If the metal body of the bowl or the bulb in the fall can remain small dents, glass products are a serious impact (mechanical action) is not “survive”.


From the variety of models available on the market, connoisseurs of high quality choose hookah Kaya. Customer reviews are unanimous: a great unit that allows you to enjoy a fragrant smoke and get aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of the device. Functional and very easy to operate hookahs company Kaya will perfectly fit in any company of smokers.

The Refined forms, sophisticated design, quality, variety of colors, very affordable price (some models hookahs are only $ 40) allow the firm Kaya confident to win the market.


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