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The Desire to emphasize the solemnity and importance of the festival was attended by people always. Remember jumping over the fire. This old Slavonic ritual accompanied almost every celebration a joyous event. And the mesmerizing glow of the club? This amazing plant was set on fire and tossed into the air over a flame to observe a scattering of bright, dissolving in just a few seconds of sparks.sparklers

In India, burning improvised candles were lit in the temple, accompanying almost all the rituals. Wonderful composition, allowing you to create an incredible composition of shining sparks, invented in the small Indian province of Bengal. What this attribute of the holiday was such a resounding name as a Sparkler. He is simply irreplaceable in any events.

In our day sparklers presented in the form of a metal rod, coated with a special tool. But the fiery part of the festive candles not changed: iron oxide, crushed iron and magnesium powder.

How to choose sparklers

To joyful celebration was not overshadowed by the trouble to choose any pyrotechnic products is very closely. It's not just about ruining the festive mood, but also about serious consequences, such as burns and carbon monoxide poisoning.Sparkler

To Protect themselves and all those present at the festival, having shown vigilance at the time of purchase festive merchandise. Should apply only in specialized shops, where to buy sparklers of good quality to help experts.

You first need to check the stem, which is often the cause of accidents. Sparklers should have a thick stiff base. The fiery surface of the stem needs to be flat and smooth, without any hint of rust.


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The Following caution applies to rods with a plastic base. After the burning of pyrotechnic mixtures, plastic begins to melt, which can cause burns of the hands. While burning the material emits acrid odor.

As the burning of candles, too, need to check. If the seller does not provide such an opportunity, purchase a minimum quantity of the selected product and light. Thick smoke and flames blurred testify to the quality of the product. These sparklers light up from the first touch of the match, and burn for at least 40 seconds.

What I can't get over the domestic consumer, so it is to check expiration date. It, usually we learn only after purchase. The main requirement that must meet a Bengali candles, preclude the ignition of flammable materials. Holding a burning candle to wool, you can inspect this property. The impact of fire on such objects should be limited only by decay.where to buy sparklers

Safety Rules

Proper adult behavior will be an example for children. Do not throw lighted candles, and throw them from the balcony: burning sparklers can become a cause of serious injury to pedestrians.

They should Not be lit near curtains. Many fabrics tend to immediately catch fire that often causes irreversible effects. You should also refrain from installing candles on the Christmas tree.

Perhaps many people don't read package label warning of toxicity sparklers. Most often, this information point for foreign producers, reminding adults about the presence of flammable of 50% of toxic substances.

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