Some recommendations on how to clean burnt jam


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Despite the fact that today there is simply no shortage of food in our country, and such goodies as, say, jam and jam are presented in a huge variety on the shelves of grocery stores and supermarkets, many are still engaged in their preparation at home. And this is easily explained: "One's own is one's own."

How to clean burnt jam

Many housewives often want to please their loved ones with delicious strawberry, raspberry, cherry, apricot jam, which they do with great pleasure. But here's the problem: often, while doing several things at the same time, they forget that they are preparing a dish on the stove, which then seriously spoils the appearance of the dishes. At the same time, not every housewife knows how to clean burnt jam. The recommendations described below will help solve this problem. But before we figure out how to clean the burnt jam, let's determine which pans of which material are most suitable for cooking the above-mentioned delicacy.

Since Soviet times, almost every family has cooked food in aluminum dishes. At the same time, culinary experts warn that it is not recommended to use such a pan for cooking sour dishes, since this can cause harm to health.

In addition, when cleaning aluminum dishes, you need to be careful, since aluminum particles can easily get into compote or borscht.

Considering the question of how to clean burnt jam, we will touch on the advantages and disadvantages of enameled containers. Of course, they have a long service life, but jam boils in them for an incredibly long time, in addition, they are most susceptible to burning.

Burnt jam in an aluminum saucepan

A saucepan or a cauldron made of cast iron is the best kitchen utensils for cooking pilaf and, if you are not worried about a sufficiently noticeable consumption of electricity, then for jam. However, it is very important to remember one rule: the delicacy should be rolled up in glass jars immediately after cooking

Ceramic tableware is the easiest to clean from soot and scale, but it is considered an expensive representative of kitchen utensils.

So, let's move on to a practical consideration of how to clean the burnt jam on the dishes.

It should be noted that the enamel cannot be affected by aggressive substances. If the jam is burnt in an enameled saucepan, it is better to boil a solution of salt and soda in it, leave it overnight, and then wipe the dishes with an ordinary sponge. Do not use cold water immediately after cooking the delicacy – temperature changes can spoil the utensils made of the above material. Transfer the jam to another container, wait until the pan cools down, and only then pour water.

Burnt jam in an enameled saucepan

If the jam is burnt in an aluminum saucepan, then it should immediately be placed under a stream of cold water, and then add soda at the rate of one liter of water per two tablespoons of soda. In no case should alkaline products be used for washing dishes made of aluminum.

Dishes made of stainless steel should be optimally cleaned with ordinary food salt, while the proportions should be as follows: less water and more salt. Then we boil the above composition and leave it for a few hours – it will remain to work with a hard washcloth.

Teflon surfaces are not recommended to be cleaned with a metal brush, while solutions without alkali are used – they will eliminate carbon deposits. After that, wash the dishes in cold water.

And, of course, you can use the old proven way: go to the store and purchase products that are specifically designed to remove carbon from dishes.

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