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So I want to surprise my kids with something new and unusual and at the same time see their shiny eyes! To the delight of parents, the developers of products for young customers do not cease to surprise us with their original inventions that delight our kids so much. The roborybka toy is exactly the unusual surprise that your child will like and will give a real delight.

roborybka reviews

New invention

Roborybka, reviews of which are full of bright emotions, appeared on our market not so long ago, but it gained popularity instantly. The toy is made exactly in the likeness of a real fish made of plastic pleasant to the touch. Such an interesting craft is equipped with special sensors that are activated upon contact with water. You immerse it in water, and, lo and behold, it floats like a real one. She moves her tail and completely imitates a living being.

The developers have thought through 5 programs when moving. The fish sinks to the bottom and floats up, can freeze and swim rapidly again. When it encounters an obstacle, it turns around and rushes in the opposite direction. In general, it is very interesting and fascinating to watch her. You can choose such a "thing" in different colors, it has an excellent design and looks like a real one. The mechanism works from ordinary round batteries, you change them in time, and your pet is ready to swim. Roborybka (reviews of this toy are only positive) can only confuse with a high cost.

roborybki reviews

How to play

It is worth bringing it home, and your family will forget about all business for a while. It's quite simple to play with it: pull it out of the package and launch it into the water. Any container will do: an aquarium, a jar or a bathtub. The mechanism starts as soon as it comes into contact with water. But do not leave it in the water for too long. As soon as the child has played enough, it must be wiped and put on a special stand or in such a way that the remaining water drains from the fish.


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She has a movable tail that can be easily removed. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy this miracle toy for children under three years old. Otherwise, there is a risk of swallowing small parts of the roborybka. The feedback from children and parents about this invention is only positive, it is so similar to a real inhabitant of reservoirs that kids never get bored.

A great gift

toy roborybka

If you are thinking about what to present to your child, a roborybka (the feedback and gratitude you will receive for it will exceed all expectations) will be a good option! Kids will be able to play with it every day without your help, only a container of water is needed. Many children take such a toy with them when bathing. If the child did not like the bathroom before, now he will be just delighted.

Older children arrange real aquariums with such toys. It is very pleasant to watch, but there is no need to feed and take care of pets. This gift is suitable even for adults. With their help, you can create an original corner with "live" fish, they are launched into some beautiful containers and decorated with bright algae or interesting figures. If you want to make a pleasant surprise to a friend or colleague, a roborybka will do. Reviews of such an unusual gift will surely please you and convince you that you have made an excellent choice.

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