Equipment for ATVs. What does the uniform of the pilot of this car include?


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Today, almost every city park has playgrounds equipped for quad bike racing. Every vacationer can try himself in this sport. But it is important to know that before you get behind the wheel of this transport, you need to wear special uniforms. Race organizers must take care of the safety of citizens and have not only serviceable cars, but also complete sets of protective equipment for pilots. What does the equipment for ATVs include? You will learn about this by reading the information provided in this article.

equipment for quads


Equipment for ATVs starts with the most important part - the helmet. This attribute is designed to protect the pilot's head from bumps and concussions. This part of the body should be covered as much as possible, so it is desirable that the helmet be motocross. This model is distinguished by the fact that it fits snugly on the head, reliably protects not only its upper part, but also the chin. For riding in bad weather, new equipment is used - integrals and flip-ups (helmets with glass of the latest generation). They cover the face well from dust, dirt, precipitation. For the cold season, the uniform for the ATV pilot should also include a balaclava.

If the ATV's headdress is not equipped with glass, then it is necessary to wear glasses. They should transmit light well, providing maximum visibility to the pilot.

children's equipment for quad bike


Equipment for ATVs includes a protective suit. It is made of special high-tech fabrics. Such uniforms should keep out moisture, retain heat well and ensure free air circulation. Equipped with such a pilot's suit and additional means of protection:


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  • Fasteners on the jacket, with which you can connect the jacket and trousers;
  • Straps that adjust the length sleeves;
  • Stand-up collar covering the neck up to the helmet itself;
  • Magnetic fasteners on the jacket.

Hand and foot protection

Equipment for ATVs will be considered complete when it includes knee pads, elbow pads. As a rule, these parts of uniforms (except gloves) are made of polyurethane - a light, but very durable material. The equipment of a professional athlete can be supplemented with such protective equipment as shoulder pads and a chest vest. Gloves are sewn from durable fabrics: fleece, felt, leather. This item of clothing must have reliable fasteners in the form of rivets, belts or strong Velcro.


The legs of the ATV should be closed as much as possible. Boots with a high boot, boots are the best option for protecting the lower limbs of an amateur pilot. Professional athletes use special motocross boots for these purposes. They are equipped with fastener straps that allow you to fasten the shoes on the foot very gear

Young rider's uniform

Exactly the same details include children's equipment for the ATV. To date, riding these cars is a sport that kids are engaged in from 3-4 years old. On a par with large ATVs on the track, guys ride on such transport of smaller dimensions. Many of them are as skilled as experienced athletes. Therefore, in order for the health and life of a young rider to be safe, it is important to take care of the availability of reliable protection details.

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