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What are family traditions? Every family has their foundations. Some people prefer to go to a weekly day off for a walk to the countryside. Home life and spend leisure time watching interesting movies with family and friends. We are all different, but they all have their own customs.

What family traditions

The family tradition – those practices which adhere to all close and native people of the same circle. Wound up to go on Saturday together to the theatre or read books on the night of the child, and if it worked out time and implicitly performed, only mean one thing that the family formed certain foundations.

Traditions are important components of the capable of positively affecting the atmosphere inside the house, to cement relationships and reduce anxiety in all family members.

Family Breakfast

Creating a spiritual atmosphere is hard work that includes not only the order of the day, breakfasts and dinners.

Family traditions

If family traditions and customs are missing, it adversely affects the relationship between close friends. Relatives become family exclusively on blood. Over time, this leads to the loss of a gentle and warm relations.

Do Not forget that the family – this is not only a household budget and understanding between the spouses. It's the comfort, convenience and peace of mind inherent in a small universe. Without foundations and traditions to create warmth, serenity and calm is almost impossible.

Rules to create traditions

The Main rule for creating traditions serve the interests of each family member. In the early stages will have to try a variety of ways, it can be:

  • Joint trips to the forest;
  • Cinema visits;
  • Sports and games in the fresh air;
  • In advance of the intended visit;
  • Dinner in the restaurant several times a month on certain days;
  • More.

Focusing on the emotions of native people it is possible to perform the interest, enthusiasm, or instead, the negative after the event. And only on the basis of these responses, you can begin to establish a joint customs which can be secured for decades.


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a Walk in the woods

In Any case we should not impose, let's say, extreme sports, if someone of a family member feels uncomfortable doing that. Can happen disorder, and the tradition will not survive.

It's Very important to feel “at ease" the only way the formation of family traditions will be successful.

Examples of the main traditions in every family

Despite the fact that many still are unable to establish their own family traditions, there are a number of practices invented earlier.

So, for example, holidays:

  • Birthday;
  • Jubilee; a
  • New year;
  • March 8,
  • 23 Feb, etc.

Of Course, family traditions, examples of which are listed above cannot be called exclusively by the customs of the same family, after all, celebrate the holidays all. But has not yet formed its abutments, it is possible to make various innovations in the existing celebrations.

For example, the birthday child can trace the leg or arm and to compare how its size changed over the year.


Birthday of someone from relatives, for example, falls on the hottest time of the year. Children's vacation, adults can take a vacation. Why not celebrate it on vacation every year.

But it is worth remembering that the customs should be the desire of every member of the family.

Why your child it is important a child to instill practices of the family

Family traditions and customs can be attributed to an ideal tool that can generate from a young age the child's understanding of life values.

The family tradition is able to give the baby a sense of security, stability, cheerfulness, and to leave forever in the memory of a pleasant childhood memories.

Babies first see the world "through the eyes of parents”. Adults introducing them to the sun, wind, nature sounds, etc. And how is presented to the child information about the world, from the early years creates the Foundation for future relationships and perception.

visit to Museum

And inside the family, the baby needs to feel fully participant in the events. Be sure to try to involve the child in the process, may it be housekeeping or cooking. Small children it is important to feel important.

New year

New year

New year must be the holiday invented by someone very wise that can fill the soul with joy even before its occurrence. And just because it involves a lot of customs. Main Christmas family traditions

  1. Tangerine long before the celebrations begin to buy almost everything.
  2. The Purchase of a Christmas tree and the whole ritual associated with how to dress her. The whole family circles around the party tree in the New year's eve, and contributes to the creation of outfit for the green wonder of nature.
  3. Olivier salad, which is associated throughout the country exclusively with this event.
  4. Make a wish at midnight, what could be more beautiful.
  5. Santa Claus who will bring gifts to children and delight them.
  6. New year's photo shoot, which has become a tradition for many families.

And most importantly, homely and warm atmosphere among the family and loved ones.

Cultural family traditions

Visiting exhibitions, concerts or theatres can instill the younger generation to everything beautiful. The arts enrich the human spiritual world, but do not forget about the culture within the family.

Create a rule that all family members should meet for tea and discuss the issues associated with the current task. For example:

  • The design of the new rooms and the choice of materials for repairs;
  • Plan a trip;
  • The allocation of the family budget;
  • Events and more.

Every family member should be entitled to vote, including the child. Decisions should be made consistently. For the baby these foundations are the basis in the formation of the emotional component of the personality.

On weekends, you can invite friends and family to visit for lunch or dinner. The baby should take an example from parents about how to call to the table, to converse and to use Cutlery. These moments impart to a child the hospitality and friendliness.

Bedtime Stories that parents will read at a time, help your child not only time to fall asleep, but also to understand the equivalence of the parents in their lives.

bedtime story

Little things like kisses goodbye, hugs at the meeting, wishes of good day or good night allow your child to grow in affection, love and care.

Stories about departed relatives teach empathy. Old albums, or the transfer of the relics inherited lets the child know about your family background.


If the family tradition in the process of formation are problematic, then you can use the ideas described below.

Someone from the family a great cook? Can be used 2 times a month or more to arrange evenings of national cuisine. Dinner can be Japanese, Italian, Georgian, etc.

When a child still believes in Santa Claus, you can create a trace using a stencil and glitter all over the apartment. Waking up in the morning, the kid will be happy that the night came to their home welcome guest.

The Tooth fairy. Do not neglect the Spanish tradition, most toddlers are very pleased to exchange the tooth for a nice surprise or a gift. This also applies to St. Nicholas day, when children under my pillow leave the hotel.

Mysterious trip. Once a year, you can choose any place to stay and take there whole family. The surprise is not only enjoyable, but memorable.

Achievements. The basis of any container into which each member of the family folds the paper records the implementation of the plan. And at the end of year concludes. It teaches commitment and motivates for further success.

In families where there are daughters, the male relatives is very important to give girls flowers for the holidays. So lovely creation from an early age will learn to love yourself.

Flowers girl

Questionnaire desires or gifts helps us better know each other and see the plans for the near future. With this idea of problems with the choice of the next gift for the holiday will no longer occur.

Enter family values and traditions in children's lives should be...

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