A trail left doll "Bon Bon" in a girl's life?


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The children's Development is unthinkable without toys, but not every doll or the machine has a positive effect on the child. How many cases have been, when skip feeding "Tamagotchi" of the children became aggressive and violent. Consider the article the advantages and disadvantages of such popular toys as doll "Bon Bon".

Advantages of the dolls "Baby Bon"

The Doll is the size of the baby is able to eat, write, cry, poop, laugh (every troop function). Due to the fact that the doll's appearance and functionality are similar to newborns, girls are more careful with such toys.

The children develop moral qualities: diligence, attentiveness, kindness, patience, empathy, compassion, love. The girl clearly understands that doll "Bon Bon" can break if to drink juice or lemonade, to not feed the porridge, to keep in the water or in the sun, do not follow the instructions. Therefore, children learn to be responsible, disciplined and independent. doll Bon Bon

Games with these dolls expand the emotional sphere, fantasy, imagination. Girls before starting to play on his own, without mom and master role play. With the participation of the adult develops vocabulary and horizons.

What are the disadvantages of doll "the Baby boom"?

The Girl tied to the doll like a sister or your child, then in case of failure in children is stress. Sensitive nature can refuse to eat or to fuss about the fact that their doll does not eat, does not drink, does not sleep.


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Children can develop bad moral qualities (greed, jealousy, aggression), if someone of my friends casually take this toy. But it is important to teach the child to Express their feelings and to explain why the interactive toys should be handled with care. doll baby Bon girl

Another bad moment for parents – is the constant spending on dolls. Namely the purchase of various accessories (stroller for dolls "Baby Bon", clothes, handbags, transport, houses, rocking chairs, friends), the special pot, mix. If improperly used dolls may deteriorate, due to their complex design. So read the user manual, which spelled out each step and challenge their decision.

What are the doll "Bon Bon", and how to handle them?

Every year the manufacturer produces new interactive doll that target specific actions with them. For example, toys from the "Feed me" can eat, drink and defecate, and the version of "I can swim" allows you to bathe the doll. Toys can be purchased separately, then purchasing additional accessories, or buy in sets.

Each doll has its own instruction, consider the rules for the treatment of "Baby Bon" from the "Feed me".strollers for dolls baby Bon

  1. Give the Doll to drink from the bottle in a vertical position, and to eat should be given in lying position.
  2. Drink only clean water, otherwise the mechanism will fail.
  3. To cook the Porridge special powders.
  4. After feeding have to put on a pot with a small indentation doll in it.
  5. For the appearance of tears is necessary to drink 1,5 doll bottles.
  6. After bathing the doll to dry.
  7. After feeding the toy is washed from the inside.

Interactive dolls "Bon Bon" Is expensive and unusual toys. Better to make such gifts to the girls, who carefully treat fragile dolls.

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ES: https://www.tostpost.com/es/la-casa-y-la-familia/25662-qu-huella-deja-de-mu-ecas-bon-bon-en-la-vida-de-la-ni-a.html

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