Whether it is possible pregnancy with a negative test?


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Test HCG early pregnancy determines, based on the establishment of a specific hormone. Is human chorionic gonadotropin, which is produced by the day after implantation or attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterine wall. The test uses immunochromatography, it is based on the interaction of HCG with antibodies to it. A reliable sign of pregnancy is the appearance of a concentration of HCG in a woman's body.

How does it work pregnancy tests? Test strips contain a compound of antibodies to the hormone and the dye. When the urine sample enters the strip, the conjugate interacts with HCG and formed a specific complex. Often many are faced with false-positive test results, is usually to show low-quality tests. Therefore, not all doctors trust them.

There is such a thing as a pregnancy with a negative test. As we know, using a test, you can set the hormone, which is secreted by the placenta is HCG. It can be done in the laboratory, determining the result of blood or urine. It is quite reliable. Basically, after ovulation to get a positive result. Embryo implantation occurs about ten days, so it makes sense to wait until twelve days after ovulation. But even in this case, you may get a false negative pregnancy test.

Tests differ from each other in different sensitivity. Many of them are designed to be used from the first day of delay of the menstrual cycle. Basically by the time the embryo is already implanted in the uterine wall. When the test shows two bands, and pregnancy is really no – this is called a false positive result. This can happen if a woman takes hormone drugs. After abortion early, abortion, or removal of ectopic pregnancy for some time, HCG can remain in the body, so the test can give a false positive result. It turns out pregnancy is not, and the test shows positive.


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To obtain a quality result, you need to make two definitions of HCG. The interval should be two to three days. When the level of HCG decreases, we can assume that the pregnancy is already there. In General, false-positive results - a rare case. Often women face result when hCG is negative, and the pregnancy is. False negative results may appear in early stage of pregnancy, and the HCG level is still too low, and the test didn't detect him, so it turns out pregnancy with negative test. It also happens that the test is of poor quality and insufficiently sensitive.

The Accuracy it depends. As already mentioned, with a negative pregnancy test is a frequent case, and all because now produced a lot of tests poor quality. When buying for home use, you must consider the shelf life of the goods, comply with storage conditions. It is advisable to buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy. There is such a moment, pregnant with negative test can be the result of the fact that HCG starts to produce less. This can sometimes be a pregnant woman who is on the verge of a miscarriage.

There are several conditions that must be followed when testing. First, you should use the morning urine because it contains the maximum amount of the hormone. You must follow the instructions. I should add that the condition of the kidneys strongly affects the content of the hormone in the urine. In the end it may be the wrong result, that will only lead to feelings. Therefore, we need to get serious about the recommendations that are installed by specialists, since the correctness of execution can depend on many things.

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