Hyperactive children. What should parents do?


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Children's song describes the restless kids around to everywhere he needs to jump, touch, leg to twitch, otherwise it will explode, Bang – kaboom! It is well known that a child needs to move. But even this has a limit, when the baby is unable to sit quietly and listen to a story, to draw, to get involved in playing in the sandbox, chatting with the grandmother, mother or brother. For some children this simply does not work. If the family and manages to put such a restless child, it will manage to turn my head, shake his legs, waving his arms and still not be able to focus on the right thing. It is hyperactive children. What should parents do to help them cope with their own restlessness?Hyperactive children what to do

Most importantly, you need to understand that your child is not to blame. He didn't mean to be twisted and vercheny. That's his problem, and from adults he needs help, not endless prohibitions and punishments. Parenting a hyperactive child requires a special approach from their parents: they are not fighting with the energy of a son or daughter and send her in the right direction. It is hard work but it is rewarded. It is important to act as early as possible and not expect the notorious “grow”. You may need the help of a specialist neurologist or psychologist.

Activity, Activity and more activity – something that requires hyperactive children. What should parents do if they are accustomed to a more relaxed lifestyle? To rebuild! The whole family can begin to do morning exercises, Hiking or Cycling, to get involved in any sport. If that's not enough, come to the aid of athletics, dancing. Thus, the excess energy will find its output, normalized sleep. But this will not solve all the difficulties of the hyperactive child.


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education of the hyperactive child

The Lack of attention and inability to concentrate – more serious problems hyperactive children. What to do with this? The majority of experts asserts that these qualities need to be developed. Mother every day to allocate time for exercises that require greater perseverance. To find these classes easy, but by trying different types of activities, from sculpting and drawing to knitting, you can find what baby like. Gradually increasing the time of employment, you will help to develop perseverance. It is necessary to develop such forms of work with a small amount of time, gradually increasing it. You need to carry out gymnastic minute breaks to give the child discharge.

Hyperactivity in infantsIn the garden and to the school in another unfamiliar environment, it is inevitable that difficulties will be faced hyperactive children. What to do to help the child to Tutors and teachers they need to know. Using pedagogical tricks, little tricks, you can help him cope with the discomfort arising from the inability to focus. Giving small tasks, you need to generously reward your child for success by encouraging even the smallest effort. During class ask to bring chalk or wash cloth, to facilitate the discharge of the nervous system. The main thing is to find a personal touch, because children's love and affection have tremendous strength, able to rehabilitate even the bully. This attitude will save the child from having to be aggressive to protect themselves.

The Use of all these methods will bear fruit only over time, with a systematic approach. In this case, the sooner you start fighting, the better will be the result. Hyperactivity in babies even can be seen. They have little sleep, a lot of shouting constantly in motion, although to walk and crawl do not know how. Access to experts will help make the program monitor your child and identify early emerging problems. It is still important to lay out the correct line of education, so by not to turn a normal child into a hyperactive.
Kids are given parents to educate new people, the best. With hyperactive children, this truth is increased tenfold!

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