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Cute furry hamsters - this is the perfect animal for keeping in the house. They are unpretentious in food, they do not need to walk two or three times a day on the street, they do not cry and do not ask your attention in the moment when you are busy. The care of the rodent doesn't require a lot of time, effort and cost. If these arguments have helped you make the decision in favor of having a hamster, you are welcome to read further information provided in the article. From it you will learn all the basic moments of caring for animals: how to teach a hamster to the toilet, to the trough and the troughs, to the wheel. I hope that this material will be a good help and guide to to teach a hamster to the toilet

Rodent Nurture a culture of hygiene

How to teach a hamster to the toilet? About this important hygienic point will be discussed in the first part of the article. From the first day, as soon as you bring a rodent into the house and put in a cage, pay attention to in which corner he goes to the toilet. Hamsters, inhabiting the place, chosen for their physiological needs on a specific area. Here is where to put the toilet. It pour a special filler or sawdust. But not the fact that your pet will immediately go there to defecate. To get him to do it by applying a clever move. How to teach a hamster to the toilet? On the filler, put a bit of the litter. which was removed from the area, where initially, the rodent has satisfied their physiological needs. The smell of urine and faeces will serve him a hint that this is a place for the toilet. Hamster like about this equipment, sniff it, and the urge to bowel movement will cause it to go there. Thus, your pet will understand where and how to meet their needs.


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Toilet rodent master at home

Equipment of this type is sold in stores of goods for animals. It has a triangular or a square shape, is well placed in the corner of the cage. But you can build quickly and easily toilet for hamster with your hands. How to do it, is described in the following instructions.

Pick up a small sized plastic container with a lid. On one side, above the base, cut a hole with a diameter of about 2.5 cm (1.5 cm for dwarf hamsters). From the bottom of the box will stick up about 1 cm during entry and exit of a rodent in the toilet litter will not sleep in a cage. Edges of the cut out holes where you want to locate, so they were not sharp, and little pet was not hurt. Pour into toilet filler and install in the right place. This equipment, made by hand, from time to time need to change, as the plastic absorbs the smell of urine, which withdraw completely impossible, no matter how carefully you wash the to teach a hamster to the hand

Another type of self-made toilet for the rodent is the glass jar. Capacity with a wide neck with a volume of 0.5 liters (250 ml for dwarf hamsters) set in a horizontal position in the right corner of the cage. Pour in the jar a little filler. All that remains is the only regularly wash and change the internal contents of the container.

How to teach a hamster to the toilet, how to make this kind of equipment with their own hands, you know, and then talk about other equally important aspects of the upbringing of the rodent.


Food is better just pour the pesto into a bowl. It should be stable and not very easy to hamster I didn't trash her when to lean legs, or to climb inside. Feeder, you can buy or make yourself, for example by cutting a plastic bottle or adapting for these purposes, a puppet of the dishes.

As for drinkers, to drink hamster of conventional bowls is not very convenient. He will turn over the water, which will result in himself all wet, and the rug will moisturize. It is better to use special equipment.toilet for hamster with your hands

Adaptations for water

Option # 1 - standard plastic Cup. It is mounted behind the bars of the cage so that the flask of liquid remained on the outside and inside was only her nose. This toy rodent will not change and will not eats.

Option # 2 - automatic drinker. It is a plastic container fitted with a steel nozzle with a vertical valve or two balls. Through these devices the water in the drinking bowl is kept, and clicking ensues. The main advantage of this equipment is that the water is not contaminated, and to change it you need less.

How to teach a hamster to the drinking bowl? Bring to the face of a rodent with her nose so a few drops fell into his mouth. Repeating these steps a couple of times, the animal will understand what is what, and start drinking water on their own. Spread the metal tip of the drinking spout what he likes to eat hamster (jam, cheese, butter). While a rodent will lick the nozzle of the equipment, the water will drop into his mouth. The animal will understand what to do when to teach a hamster to the drinker

Apartment for rodent. How to teach a hamster to the house?

In this case, you need to act as if you accustom the animal to the toilet. The first two days of observe in what part of cells, the rodent will be laid to sleep. Then in the chosen location put the house. Put fresh bedding and a little one that was in this area prior to the installation of the equipment. Smelling the smell of his hole, and the hamster will go into the house.

But there are cases when the animal does not want to live in the equipment. What he doesn't like? The reasons can be multiple: bad ventilation of the house, bad smells, humidity. Consider these moments, try to change the equipment. If rodents don't like the plastic house put wooden or just a cardboard to teach a hamster to the wheel

Fun for the hamster

One of the essential elements of equipment of the cell is a rodent wheel. It is used not only to hamster was what to do. Running in a wheel contributes to the prevention of rodent obesity. So at night, when the animal is most active, place this equipment in a cage. How to teach a hamster to the wheel? Place a slice of the product like rodent. When he climbs into the wheel, slightly rotate it. From the first the animal might not understand what happened. Repeat this manipulation several times. In the end, the hamster he will begin to go and run in the wheel.

How to teach a hamster to the hands? Show patience and care

Hamsters - creatures timid and fearful. To accustom them to the hands is difficult, but possible. We must act slowly and gradually. To start, simply go to the cage and stand next to it. In addition, as the food is poured, changing water and litter, talk with a small pet. Try to buy him a treat: a piece of Apple or cheese. When a rodent will be emboldened and begin to take food from your hand, Pat it gently with your finger on the back. Repeat these actions several days in a row. And then take the animal in hand. If he resists, let go and repeat this again later. How to teach a hamster to the owner, to the house, sippy cups and other things you already know and care little nubbin now, for you will be simple and to teach a hamster to the house


So, step by step, you'll teach your pet to live in their own cage and to use its equipment on assignment. But the most important thing is that he will begin to trust you. Patience, love and care, a hamster, like any other animal on the affection will respond in kind.


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