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what day of Ivan KupalaIn our time, regain the popularity of the ancient pagan holidays. Question: “What day of Ivan Kupala?” - ask those who wish to get to know the cultural heritage of the Slavic peoples. This holiday was dedicated to the Sun, the Fire, and was conducted at the height of the swath. Rituals on this day symbolizes the strength and flourishing of nature, and also drew people's attention to the mystery and beauty of the world. During the night, all bathed in the nearby ponds and jumping over large and small fires, thereby going through the rite of purification.

What day of Ivan Kupala

To change the temporal style of the date of this festival coincides with the date of the summer solstice and was celebrated in the period from 20 to 22 June. With the advent of Christianity the answer to the question: “What day of Ivan Kupala?” changed. This holiday was timed to the date of the birth of John the Baptist and is celebrated on June 24. After changing the style calendar, the day of John the Baptist moved in July. Today the question: “What day of Ivan Kupala?” it is possible to give a definite answer - 7 July. Although many believe that this holiday should be celebrated is not the day and night. In fact, many traditions associated with this date, can be realized only in the dark. Therefore, this holiday is one of the most mystical and mysterious.

Midsummer what numberTraditional rituals

On this day, animals and plants was attributed to the unique properties, it was believed that the trees can move and talk, and animals to help people. Many peoples in this festival was dominated by a rather loose morals, starred traditional moral prohibitions. Many rituals and divination associated with this day.


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- the Blossoming fern is the most famous attribute of Kupala night. It involves a large number of legends. The most common States that whoever finds the scarlet flower of a fern would be able to understand the language of animals and will gain magical power. People were always in awe of this unusual plant due to the fact that it grows in dark and wet places. Botanists can not agree that the fern blooms, but it had no effect on the belief in people that such a flower exists.

- the Lovers of men and women naked riding in the grass and washed by dew. This ritual was supposed to bewitch a beloved man and to promote fertility women.

- it was thought that all the herbs on this night filled with magical powers, so they kept all year and used as amulets.

- on this day, lovers can celebrate your Union and without parental blessing. To create a strong family, many couples waited the day of Ivan Kupala. What number now to enter into such indissoluble Union, many is unclear.

- In this magical night it was impossible to go to bed as “evil force" was very active and the sleeping person could become easy prey for the dark forces.

what number day of Ivan Kupala


Maybe that's due to the fact that this holiday is the most enigmatic and mysterious, many people want to know about what number day of Ivan Kupala? And, despite the fact that few people recognize the effectiveness of ancient rituals, becoming more and more swimmers and leaping through the fires - this night.

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