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Mother's milk has always been a standard food for infants in the first year of life. But there are times when breast feeding is impossible. Example: mom needs to go to work or to go study, have medical contraindications to the attachment or dissociation of the mother and child at second stage feeding. In this case, the best solution is to feed the baby expressed milk. There are other reasons that serve as a reason to go to this feeding option: flat or inverted nipples, cracked and painful discomfort while sucking, sucking bad children or feeding twins. Based on the research of scientists, a regular expression that uses manual breast pump Philips AVENT, supports, stimulates and maintains lactation for a long time.

manual breast pump philips avent

Advanced new Philips AVENT

philips avent natural manual breast pumpNot so long ago in the UK, studies were conducted which acted as a confirmation the process of suction of milk is a result of compression and the emergence of a vacuum in the oral cavity due to the peristaltic effect of the language of the baby. The results of this research based breast pump Philips AVENT. Manual breast pump Natural is a new model that, unlike previous series Classic, more compact, equipped with a "petal" texture of the massager, with advanced ergonomic design. It allows a woman to adopt a comfortable position for pumping. At the same time to lean forward in order to create the necessary flow of milk, it is not necessary. It gives maximum relaxation, which means that the mother can fully focus on pumping and do it with greater efficiency.


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The Undeniable advantages of manual breast pump Philips AVENT

"Petal" texture follows the natural suckling of the baby stimulates the milk appearance, and a pleasant and warm surface allows the woman to relax during pumping. Due to the compact manual breast pump Philips AVENT convenient to attach and hold the breast, making pumping easy.

A Good breast pump – is a great helper for nursing mothers. Sometimes it is necessary from the first days, and sometimes only from case to case, for example, when mom needs to leave for a while. More demanding to the breast pump working women because they have to be decanted every day and often several times a day. Manual breast pump Philips AVENT equipped with a system of preservation of milk and meets all the parameters, the appropriate high standard modern accessory for feeding.

manual breast pump philips avent priceManual breast pump Philips AVENT new series thanks to the modern design allows the owners of all shapes and sizes painless breast pump and dump while taking the comfortable position. The lever in work easy and quiet, helping to set the speed of pumping. The massager evenly grips the chest and minimizes the likelihood of stagnation.

Due to the fact that the pump consists of a small number of parts, it is easy to clean. Wash items even in the dishwasher.

The Best choice of every modern woman will be the manual breast pump of Philips AVENT. The price is quite affordable (from 2000 rubles), which makes it even more attractive.

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