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Grass for catsThe Owners of domestic cats must have noticed that their Pets love to bite plants, especially when they are similar to grass. This behavior is the street of the cat family. People wonder why this is so. Why cats eat grass, we will consider in this article.

Improve digestion

As we know, Pets are descended from their wild ancestors. Physiologically the body of a cat is arranged in such a way that eating small prey (rats, birds), they swallow it whole, not separating from the bones, fur and other indigestible products. Unwanted and undigested food goes from stomach acid during vomiting. Grass for cats stimulates the process of regurgitation and relieve the cat's body from excessive hairballs, lint and so on. The result is normalized digestion furry friend. Of course, our Pets do not catch mice and eat them prepared for food. However, the hair that enters the body when the cat licked it, may withdraw from it only through a kind of “cleaning”. Instincts compel our wards to ruin our plants.

What herb is suitable for cats?

Favorite the grass catsIf you have a cottage or go in the summer in the village, then bring back your pet to it enough to enjoy the greens. This files most often for cleaning your body cat choose sedge and other coarse grasses (e.g. cereals). Concerned for the health of a pet is not worth it. Grass for cats – this is a great way to bring extra of the ventricle and to improve the entire body. If your pet is not out of the apartment, do not be lazy to grow grass for him. The most popular plant for the housing of cats – oats, which you can buy in any pet store or grow your own.


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What plants are harmful to cats?

Not every grass, for the cat suit. Among the poisonous plants are: hellebore, poppy, yew, Tulip, sea onion, oleander, daffodils, geranium, Lily of the valley, marigold, Hemlock, violets, philodendron, henbane, and all bulbous plants.

How to plant grass?

The Grass has grown is quite cheap-about 30-40 rubles. However, if you decide to grow grass for the cats themselves, then this instruction is for you. All you have to do – is a small pot, the soil and the seeds.Why Cauchy eat grass

  1. Favorite the grass cats – young oats. Buy its seeds at the pet store (in the sachet contains 50 grams).
  2. Take the low pot, fill it with earth, from top to pour a layer of seeds and then put a layer of earth, about 1-2 cm.
  3. Water the crops.
  4. To ensure that the cat didn't pull out grass by the roots, the earth in the pot should be compacted. 
  5. A Container with herbs it is better to cover the top with plastic. So she will be able to retain moisture.
  6. Once the grass grows, you can start to feed it your cat.

A Place for the pot you can choose your own. It is recommended to put it where the animal usually eats. It should be noted that torn grass for cats are not of interest, as it dries quickly.

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