What a miracle-plant green onions? Useful properties and calorie content of this plant


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Why buy medications and vitamins, when nature itself has given us in his creation everything we need for healthy growth and activity? Fruits, vegetables, grain products, rich in all nutrients and minerals. Greens, namely spinach, dill, parsley, green onions, full of vitamins, enzymes, fiber, certainly should enter into the diet of a healthy person.

green onions useful propertiesGreen onion

Useful properties of this product it is difficult to enumerate, it is no wonder they say that "bow-from seven ailment". He came to us from southwest Asia, where he became well-known for its healing properties and has spread around the world. Green onion-just a storehouse of vitamins. So it is composed of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, E and lots of vitamin C. It is also rich in such substances, such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, sulfur, selenium. Contains a special substance produced by plants that kill microbes and fungi — phytoncid. On the human body it has healing and antimicrobial action. Enough to hold it in your mouth a little bit of green onions - and all the germs will be completely destroyed. Researchers were also found in the composition of the substance, similar in structure to the sex hormones that are beneficial to sexual activity. There you are, and green onions!

Useful properties and beneficial effects on the human body

anchor propertiesThe Combination of elements included in the composition, has a beneficial effect on all components of health, so be sure to include in your diet the green onions. Properties due to its abundance of vitamin C help repair the skin, prevent infectious diseases and anemia. Folic acid associated with vitamin B12 and is responsible for the metabolism of proteins, the processes of growth and development, good blood. Without folic acid is also a possible risk of anemia, gastritis and inflammations of the oral cavity. Vitamin PP, which is rich in green onions, accelerates the oxidative processes. Iron in onions protects from anemia, zinc to repair the skin cells, aluminum promotes good digestion and is responsible for building tissues and bone growth. Sulfur helps to synthesize the hormone insulin in the pancreas, is required in patients with diabetes. Selenium together with vitamin E increases the production of antibodies, which boosts our immune system. It would seem, a thin sprout, but how much is needed contains green onions! The beneficial properties of this wonder plant is not limited to this. Mask from onions, rich in vitamins A, E, used in problematic skin (acne, inflammation), for removing freckles. Widely used bows and hair masks for Shine and strength, struggle with gray hair. In folk medicine it is used from almost anything: cough, bronchitis, stomach pain, hemorrhoids, worms, dandruff and more.

green onions calorieGreen onions. Calorie

This product is not so high in calories, and if you don't have the digestive diseases, you can safely include it in your diet. In 100 g miracle-onions contains only 19 kcal. It has no fat, carbohydrates it 3.5 g, protein-1,3 g

Eat green onions! Useful properties in greater numbers are in the white leg and the feathers from her 10 cm Delight your body with this wonderful product, you can be healthy!

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