Food for a stomach ulcer in the period of exacerbation. The menu for each day


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Food for a stomach ulcer during the exacerbation should be gentle as much as possible. The fact that spicy, fatty or fried are capable of just a few tens of minutes to neutralize all the positive effect, which was received from the destination even the most modern drugs.

Food for a stomach ulcer: what is it?

The first thing to give up all sharp products. No pepper or seasonings. All this in the blink of an eye will cause a reaction on the part of the gastrointestinal tract. Food for a stomach ulcer during the exacerbation should be as free as possible of salt. The fact that even this simplest seasoning in large amounts can cause many unpleasant sensations in a person with gastric ulcer. The menu for each day should not contain acidic ingredients. Those apples can worsen the life of a person with an ulcer is not only in the period of exacerbation, but even in remission. And there is no need to divide the fruit is sour and sour varieties. They all contain malic acid.

Food for a stomach ulcer in the period of exacerbation

Food for a stomach ulcer during the exacerbation should not be too heavy. The fact that the body to digest such foods have to spend a lot of time and effort. He and they need more to enhance the processes of regeneration in the field of education of ulcerative changes. It should be noted that meals for stomach ulcers are not recommended much to fill different kinds of oils.

How often should I eat?

Food for a stomach ulcer in the period of exacerbation is close by its parameters to the ideal, that is, to that which is recommended to be followed by any person in everyday life. Unfortunately, few people are so worried about their health, to significantly limit the consumption of delicious foods, though not the most useful. In addition, the rarely observed frequency of food intake.


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Menu of the day

It's in the modern society, because every representative most of the time performs some specific duties. Their implementation often runs counter with the right frequency of meals. At present the specialists-nutritionists strongly recommended to eat about 5-6 times a day. While between meals should be at least 2-3 hours. In the case of such metered power the stomach is not subjected to the influence of its own hydrochloric acid.

Portion size

Of Course, that the frequent consumption of too much food will cause a person with gastric ulcer, especially in the period of exacerbation, quite a lot of discomfort. The fact that overflow of the stomach impairs its blood supply. Currently, the size of the meals gastric ulcer is considered to be optimal in the case that it does not exceed the volume of the fist of the man who's going to have. There are, of course, more accurate and modern system determine the appropriate serving size, but this technique is much easier and faster and therefore is used often enough.

Recipes for gastric

Even less of seasonings.

It is Worth noting that people with a gastric ulcer without a diet will not able to avoid periodic exacerbations of the disease. Whatever drugs they may have taken, still abdominal pain bothers you. The menu for each day must include foods that will not cause exacerbations of gastric ulcers. The first thing to limit the amount that is added to food seasonings. Increasingly we are talking about the ground pepper. He significantly increases the risk of an aggravation of gastric ulcers. Naturally, any exotic spices, especially acute, will cause the most unpleasant sensations.

Salt is also harmful

Salty foods to a lesser degree affect the condition of the mucous membrane of the stomach, however, and they are able to cause exacerbation of ulcers. In comparison with other irritants salt causes significantly less discomfort. This seasoning is also quite harmful, but the aggravation of gastric ulcers causes only in cases when is in the dish in large quantities.

Diet for gastritis, gastric

Leading nutritionists suggest limiting salt in the diet by three grams per day. The fact is that a large amount of this seasoning starts to cause fluid retention in the body. This can lead to serious problems with the cardiovascular system. In addition, the more seasoning in the dish, the greater amount of it can eat people.

Which products are preferred?

It Should be noted that there are the dishes, the reception of which is preferred in the presence of gastric ulcers. One of them is a dairy product, like yogurt. Its benefit lies in the enveloping action. Additionally, yogurt reduces the acidity of gastric juice. Thus taking this product significantly reduces the negative impact on the mucous membrane of the stomach by the corrosive factors of the human body.

Many people recommend eating honey for stomach ulcers. Supposedly he also has a shielding effect and includes in its membership practically allthe body needs vitamins and minerals. Actually this product is in diseases of the digestive system useful not name. This is due to just the presence of a huge number of different elements in its structure. The fact that at a time when the digestive system and so weakened, engaged in simultaneous processing of the huge number of different substances to her problematic.

meals for gastric

Nutritionists advise to consume plenty of vegetables and fruits. Thus the preferred are those which do not contain large amounts of acid and fructose. The fact that acidic plants can enhance the negative effects of gastric juice on the mucous membrane and sugar promote the growth of various pathogenic bacteria. While pathogenic microorganisms largely prevent normal regeneration of already damaged tissue, rather than have a direct striking action.

Diet during exacerbation of the gastric ulcer does not have to be rich in a lot of meat. In virtually all inflammatory diseases of the digestive system, it is recommended to abandon this product, particularly from his fat varieties. Should give preference to chicken breast. However, she needs to be either boiled or steamed.

Who can help to make a diet?

Food for a stomach ulcer during the exacerbation should be made by a professional. Some tips about what, how and when to eat that can give therapists. More detailed information about what should be on the menu every day in this disease, can provide gastroenterologists.

Foods for gastric

If a person has decided to approach the preparation of your diet very seriously, he should turn to the nutritionists. These specialists are able to create the most appropriate menu, not only on effects on the gastrointestinal mucosa, but also in terms of calories, which is also important. However, they can provide interesting recipes for gastric. So, they make the food their patients not only correct, but also delicious.

What should be the approximate menu for each day gastric ulcer?

The Person suffering from gastric ulcers, waking up, drink a glass of yogurt. About 8-9 o'clock in the morning he should Breakfast. This meal should be approximately 30% of the daily energy intake of the person.

About 12 days to arrange afternoon tea. A good choice will be a glass of fruit juice, and vegetables. Lunch in 14-15 hours is recommended. This meal should be the main – should be consumed about 40% of daily energy intake. It is desirable that the lunch was liquid and warm. Too hot dish can also cause aggravation of ulcers.

the Aggravation of gastric ulcer

Next meal is to be held in 16-17 hours. At this time, you can drink kefir and eat a pear or grated carrots. You need to eat 6-7 PM. This meal should be light enough to be about 10% of the total daily energy intake. Here the best option will be a salad of vegetables dressed with the usual sunflower, but better – olive oil.

About 20:00 to drink a Cup of yogurt. It is important not to go to sleep for 2 hours after a meal. Otherwise, the person can cause heartburn.

Naturally, all meals, regardless of when they are supposed to eat should not be cooked by frying, Smoking or salting. Different kinds of sauces and pickles should also not be used for human consumption with gastric ulcer.


These products ulcer should be consumed in very small quantities. The fact that digestible carbohydrates are an excellent food for all sorts of pathogens inhabiting the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, peptic ulcer disease sweet foods can cause heartburn and belching.


These products gastric ulcer is undesirable for the reason that often they are prepared using different kinds of irritating food substances. Here we are talking about acetic acid, and various spices, particularly black pepper. It is worth noting that the same acetic acid is harmful not only for the stomach but for the colon. The constant use of marinades can even lead to the formation of malignant tumors, especially if the intestines are observed congestion.


Diet for gastritis, gastric ulcer and esophagitis and colitis calls to exclude from the human diet many drinks. The fact that they are able to cause exacerbation of these diseases. It is first and foremost about alcohol, and carbonated beverages. However, even the bottle of beer is capable enough to considerably weaken the protective properties of the mucous membrane of the stomach. Also, don't people with ulcers and inflammation of the digestive system consume natural juices.

When should I be most careful?

Most Often, the aggravation of gastric ulcer and gastritis occurs in autumn and spring. At this time you should be very careful in terms of food. Recipes for gastric ulcers in spring and autumn should choose the most gentle. Isto note that during these periods also weakened the protective properties of the mucous membrane of the stomach. So people with constant relapses of peptic ulcer is possible at this time to take antacids for prophylaxis, naturally, in small amounts.

What side dish to choose?

The Most rational choice would be boiled buckwheat or barley porridge. Another good option is the steamed rice. It is not necessary to give preference to potatoes. This applies in particular to roast it. Even boiled potatoes is a rather heavy food, which during exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease will not be useful.

Sorry, stew, too, will not be a good food for people in the active phase of the disease. Will not work for them, and fruit salad. This is due to the high content in these products of vegetable acids. An excellent option could be a salad, dressed with olive or sunflower oil.

What to do when exacerbation of gastric ulcer in the first place?

In that case, if the diet was allowed relief, and it led to the aggravation of stomach ulcers, it is advisable to contact your local doctor-the therapist. He can give all necessary recommendations. Most often for the treatment of this pathology used antacids, enveloping medications and proton pump inhibitors. These medicines will help to get rid of painful sensations in the epigastric region. It is in any case can not continue to allow exemptions in the diet. The fact is that without compliance with any, even the most high-quality drugs will not help.

During exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease, it is important to pass a special study of the digestive system – esophagogastroduodenoscopy. This diagnostic technique allows to visualize the gastric mucosa. The most important aspect is the possibility of taking the plot of modified tissue for further histopathological study. If the aggravation of ulcer accompanied by bleeding, it is possible in the process of conducting, EFGDS a temporary stop bleeding.

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