Fruit Soursop: the reviews of doctors. Whether Soursop cure cancer?


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Currently, the world wide web has a huge amount of information about what is the cure for cancer is. But pharmaceutical companies refused to take this fact for fear of losing a huge profit. Supposedly one Latin American company for many years conducted research in which it was proved that there is a certain exotic fruit that completely destroys the cancer cells in the body. Is Soursop. Reviews of doctors on this issue are quite different. Whether Soursop cure cancer?

guanabana reviews of physicians

Exotic plant

This small tree has several names: Soursop, graviola, Soursop, Soursop, Annona. It grows in subtropical latitudes of our planet. It is widely known in Mexico, America, India and other countries located in this latitude.

The Fruit of this tree appear not only on the branches but on the trunk. They resemble the shape of an elongated pear, only bigger. Have a deep green color on the surface – imitation of thorns. The flesh is juicy, sweet sour and very tasty.

Transportation of fruit over long distances is very problematic, since ripe fruit spoils within a few days. Usually harvested unripe fruit that successfully dostavayte in boxes. Now, many companies offer not only guanabana, but also various parts of this plant, which are no less useful.

This plant survives well in the home. It is grown in city apartments and greenhouses.

guanabana cures cancer the doctors

Useful properties of guanabana

Due to its unusual taste this exotic fruit has won the hearts of many gourmets. From this fruit they make lots of delicious dishes, desserts, drinks. Numerous reviews of guanabana as a great ingredient for baking, ice cream and other culinary delights can be found on many sites. Leaves guanabany used to make fragrant tea.


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feedback on guanabana

From seed produce a fragrant essential oil, which is widely used in soap. Also it is used in the perfume and cosmetic purposes.

In India, infusion of leaves of this plant used to reduce fever, fight diarrhea and dysentery.

Harm guanabana

To Use the fruit of this plant should be cautious, avoiding eating sunflower seeds. They are poisonous. In case of contact with eyes juice seed guanabana can cause blindness.

No matter How tasty guanabana, reviews of doctors-dieticians are full of warnings about the undesirable consumption of fruits during pregnancy because of the high calcium content in this fruit.

In addition, according to Latin American scientists, the immense consumption of fruits of this plant may lead to the development of the disease of Parkinson.

fruit cancer guanabana

Soursop in medicine

For the human body, this fruit is very useful. It contains huge amount of minerals and vitamins that can help the internal organs. Positive effect on the immune system.

Not only the fruits but also the roots, leaves, bark and the trunk of this tree is widely used in folk medicine. They treat a parasitic disease, obesity, nervous disorders. The flesh of guanabana can reduce blood sugar. In the Indian countries make a mixture of the pulp of the fruit, leaves, bark and olive oil. Cooked this way the drug is widely used for external application in the treatment of arthritis and degenerative disc disease.

The Beneficial properties of plants Soursop, the doctors confirm it, give you the opportunity to use this plant to treat many diseases along with pharmaceutical drugs.

Soursop as a cancer cure

One of the most valuable and useful qualities is the ability of this plant to cure cancer. There is an opinion that fruit cancer guanabana is replete with phytonutrients that are incredibly toxic to cancer cells of the intestine. Also, these substances can destroy breast, lung and prostate. On the basis of this opinion the conclusions drawn are that Soursop cures cancer. Reviews of doctors on this matter absolutely opposed.

guanabana fruit does not cure cancer

The experts

When the Internet found the information about the exotic fruit is Soursop, in the enumeration of its beneficial properties definitely is written that the fruit of this plant can cure twelve kinds of cancer. This is confirmed by the fact that one of the Latin American companies from the seventies of the last century researched and proven effective cancer treatment with fruit guanabana. But few people know that this is not a government organization. In its status it is similar with our, OOO-a limited liability companies. Research may be conducted, but their results can not be considered reliable, as the unknown purposes of the organization.

In 2009 the organization for the control of food and drug administration has disseminated information that all medicinal products manufactured on the basis of Guarani not passed the state accreditation. Their anticancer properties are not proven. And sites and offices to distribute these alleged drugs, received a special letter about illegal campaigning and sales. Up to the present time none of the countries legal study of this fruit was conducted, and their anticancer orientation has not been proven.

Undoubtedly, there is a very healthy fruit Soursop. Reviews doctors, nutritionists, won international acclaim, confirms the benefits of this plant to the organism as a food product. World-famous nutritionist, Bruno Reynard in his works and public speeches has repeatedly said that the power cannot be a panacea for cancer. Even if a person eats absolutely right, no one can guarantee that he will not get cancer.

In addition, this reputable physician says that no product and no anti-cancer diet can't replace a real therapy.

After Analyzing all the above, we can conclude that Soursop fruit that does not cure cancer. Going on about the crooks, urging to the contrary, a person loses precious time. Cancer enters the stage of terminal disease and the doctors are powerless to help the patient.


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