What is a polyp in the uterus, and its treatment methods


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Very often women, not understanding, what is a polyp in the uterus, begin to panic, hearing the diagnosis. Polyps are entities that are formed on the mucous membrane of the genitals in the kind of nodes on the stem. They can appear on the bottom or sides of the uterus, have a pear-shaped or fingerlike in shape. They occur in women regardless of the number of years, but often found in women older or Mature age. The most common causes of this are benign hormonal disturbances, injury or chronic disease.

Symptoms of nasal polyps

The Symptoms indicate the presence of polyps are not always pronounced.What is a polyp in the uterus more often tumors are found in the survey. That is why women need to undergo regular examination by a gynecologist. This is because, even if they do not bring any discomfort, polyps can lead to bleeding, can develop into a malignant form. Answering the question about what is a polyp in the uterus, it must be said that one of the symptoms may become failures in the menstrual cycle. If it has grown bigger, it may cause pain similar to contractions. In addition, there is discharge: any bleeding or leukorrhea. To carry out a correct diagnosis of the disease can What are polyps in the uterusOnly a specialist, that is why when any doubt about your women's health you must consult a gynecologist. This will help to prevent the development of disease and to avoid unpleasant consequences.


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Treatment of the polyp by conventional medicine.

For a more complete understanding of what is a polyp in the uterus, you should know how doctors treat the disease. Of course, the treatment regimen is selected based on individual characteristics. In some cases, is assigned antibacterial, anti-inflammatory therapy, which lasts about 10 days. However, sometimes it requires correction of a hormonal background. In this case usually prescribed contraceptives. Your doctor may prescribe a course of treatment only after histological examination. At the advanced stage of the disease can be assigned to the surgical removal of polyps. In the recurrence curettage and subject to the mucosa of the cervical canal.

Treatment of polyps folk remedies

When studying the question "what is a polyp in the uterus" revealed an interesting fact. It turns outPolyps in uterus symptoms the strongest and most reliable means of combating these diseases is garlic. Should take one large clove of garlic, grate it on a fine grater. Slurry is put in cheesecloth, folded in two rows, and tie it with a long string. The tampon is introduced on the night until the morning. The procedure is repeated daily for a month. Answering the question about what is polyps in the uterus and how they are treated, it is necessary to tell about another way. It is the administration of infusion Golden mustache. To do this, take two glasses of vodka and 50 sustavchikov plants. They should infuse for ten days. Then the infusion is taken twenty drops in one third of  glass of water. Drink this medicine half an hour before meals twice a day.


Life-threatening are not considered to be polyps in the uterus. The symptoms as the disease itself, fade easily particularly if treatment was undertaken at the initial stage of the disease. If to get rid of tumors, the women are all chances of having a healthy baby.

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