Navicular bone. The bones of the foot: anatomy


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In the human body huge number of bones. Especially in such active areas of the body like the foot and wrist. Dozens of bones, United by tendons, is made to do work that is not available to animals, except monkeys. A complex system of hands and feet, though, and has a large amount of connective tissue, exposed to various injuries and diseases. The most common is a fracture. The concept is associated with bone collapse and possible bias. In the hands and feet, as already mentioned, a large number of these bodies which differ in size, so to treat them need a lot of time. The scaphoid bone is the most susceptible to disease and injury.


Bone the legs are a huge quantities. Some of them called the foot. The scaphoid bone belongs to this group. It is located between the talus, cuboid, intermediate cuneiform bones. This is the place of the foot, excluding the toes, is most often susceptible to fractures.

Bones of the foot anatomy which is represented by three divisions, quite numerous: Tarsus, metatarsus and toes. Metatarsal bone of the foot contain in their ranks and the navicular. It is located near the inner part of the foot. On its edge are placed in the tuberosity of the navicular bone pointing down. In medicine this feature is used to determine the arch of the foot. X-ray helps to understand the composition of this body part.

Foot Xray


Scaphoid bone, also located in Kista. It refers to the small bones of the wrist. It just more predisposed to fracture, as it is located on the edge of the palm. I wonder what the person who broke this bone doesn't feel much pain and can feel a bruise, albeit a strong one. Therefore, it is quite dangerous. If you do not consult a doctor there may be serious consequences. For example, the scaphoid bone may not heal.


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The Wrist consists of 8 bones. They form 2 rows, each of which them 4, located between the metacarpal bones and forearm. The navicular bone is easy to find because of its location. It lies between the tendons of the long extensor of the thumb long abductor muscle.

Bone of the foot

In addition to the fracture of the navicular bone of the foot exposed to others injuries and diseases. For example, disease Celerra. Osteochondropathy can serve as a messenger of this disease. It affects all bones of the foot. Gradually destroys the tissues. During the disease to the bones comes a small amount of blood, and therefore oxygen and nutrients is not enough. Therefore, cells that have not received a sufficient amount of this gas and other necessary components, are gradually dying out. However, this occurs in the case of illness of Keller, without the intervention of infection.

The causes of the disease Keller

Keller, the Disease may not arise by itself. It has several reasons that in some way interfere with passing the blood to the bones. Most often it is trauma to the foot, for example, a bruise or a fracture. Also, this disease affects those who wear uncomfortable shoes at a small size. Arthrosis and arthritis-diseases that also lead to disease Keller. In addition to the above reasons, congenital deformation of the bones of the feet can also lead to deterioration. Flat feet — one of the main defects. But the reasons that directly affect the appearance of the disease, and has not been found even today.

foot Bone anatomy


The Bones of the legs exposed to the two types of disease Keller. It all depends on which part of the foot is not getting enough nutrients and oxygen.

With the defeat of navicular disease a disease called Keller 1. If the blood is not supplied to the second and third heads of the metatarsal bones that leads to their change, it is a disease called Keller 2.

Also, are the stages:

  • Necrosis.
  • Compression fracture.
  • Fragmentation.
  • Bone regeneration.

At the first stage die of bone beam, which fulfill the role of structural elements of the bone. Further there is a formation of new parts of bone tissue, which often break down due to poor strength. Then dissolve the bone beams. And the last stage is corresponds to the name.

Treatment of disease Keller

Must be subjected to the treatment of bones of the foot. Their anatomy is extremely complex, so they are difficult to cure. Disease Keller 1 most often occurs fracture of the scaphoid. It could be mistaken for a bruise, and the disease is extremely difficult to detect. If only the accident cases will not go to the doctor. It occurs after the course of treatment. The bone with the same name is still in the brush, but it will be called is disease Eraser, although the principle of treatment is the same.

Conservative treatment — one of the most effective methods of treatment. Also superimposed plaster bandage. The leg is not recommended to move, as such a small and odd-shaped bone it is difficult to fix. After removal of plaster in order to preserve the result, you need some time to walk on crutches or with a cane, the children are made special insoles. Drugs capable of accelerating the accretion. Very helpful heat treatments.

Navicular of hand

Is invalid

It is Impossible after plaster removal to deal with the dispute. The leg needs constant rest. There is also the possibility of wrong accretions and formation of a false joint, which is difficult to cure. Will need surgery. Therefore, the rehabilitation process should be treated with the utmost care. In addition, you can take only those drugs that are prescribed by a doctor, otherwise you can only make it worse for the leg. You cannot ignore the doctor's advice, as each person has their own particular organism. Some bones are fragile from birth, so they should with special attention to approach the treatment of this disease.

Fracture of bones in hand

As already mentioned, the scaphoid bone of the hand and foot more than others at risk of fracture. This is due to the fact that on the foot and on the hand the bone is located near places which often happen injury. If you look at the statistics, in the case of a wrist fracture in a 61–88% is suffering from the navicular.

Reasons for breaking

But why is the fracture of this bone? As practice shows, many injured, falling on his hands. In this case, the load is almost entirely lie on the bone. Also vary and fractures: intra-articular and vnesustavnykh.

Navicular of foot


The Scaphoid bone is very often injured. But after breaking it almost hurts. Most just don't notice the discomfort, thinking it was just a bruise. However, medical attention is necessary as soon as possible. The navicular bone is difficult to treat, and if not to catch up to its coalescence, but may be irreparable. Unfortunately, not all are going to the hospital. Most often, the fracture is found at random. There are some symptoms that will help you recognize the injury:

  • Pain in the scaphoid bone.
  • The inconvenience of moving the joints of the hands.
  • Pretty painful extension of the radius.
  • The Bulk of the affected area.


As with a bone fracture at the wrist, trauma of the navicular bone on the foot suffers greatly stop. X-ray helps detect the cause of the pain. Initially, conduct a 3D projection on the unit, which explore areas in three dimensions. At the final stage clearly shows the fracture (fault) of the navicular bone. All this is due to the fact that the navicular is extremely difficult to treat, it is surrounded by other bodies. To competently and accurately apply a plaster cast, just needed 3D projection.

leg Bones

There are subtleties. For example, the fingers should be clenched in a fist. If the fracture is not immediately visible, x-ray, and by all indications he is, then the victim is wearing a plaster cast for about 2 weeks, and then his hand is re-checked. The thing is that during this time there is resorption of the fracture will be visible, if present at all. Actions help to establish the diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Treatment bone

Scaphoid bone in the wrist is often broken, find that extremely difficult. For detection of the fracture is necessary to resort to 3D projection. But the treatment of the fracture is much longer and more difficult. Consolidation of the bone is purely due to endosteal callus, which formed extremely slowly and requires a large amount of nutrients (blood). Possible displacement of the distal fragment. All of the above leads to the formation of a false joint, and thereby complicates the already difficult treatment.

1 method. Treatment of fresh injuries

The easiest way of remodeling of the navicular bone of the hand — is the imposition of a plaster bandage. The most common, it is used in 90–95% of cases. The imposition comes from the heads of the metacarpal bones up to the elbow, while necessarily considered a seizure under the bandage phalanx of the little finger. The brush remains stationary, but for the convenience of the victim it is a small extension. Immobilizatsiya brush lasts about 11 weeks. E...

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