The increased body temperature. The reasons for its occurrence.


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We are accustomed to the fact that fever is one of the first signs of ill health, that the immune system was engaged in a battle with some disease. But it sometimes increases for no apparent reason. Slightly increased body temperature is not reduced and even sometimes lasting several days. Should I be concerned about this? You may need treatment. But above all, you must find out the reasons for its occurrence, that is, to undergo a medical examination.

Since childhood we know that normal body temperature is considered to be the mark – 36.6 degrees Celsius. But every body is different, and small deviations from this figure are quite often.

Fever with no symptoms common in women and girls. During ovulation-the maturation of the egg - body temperature typically rises a little, and with the beginning of menstruation seems to be normal. This is a common condition for women of reproductive age.

Sometimes the body temperature can simply be changed for one day. In the morning after waking body temperature will be at the minimum mark, but during the day it can rise to very significant indicator.

What does increased body temperature? The reasons are quite simple. It – stress, eating, physical activity or lack of it, hot and alcoholic drinks, and more.

And it should be noted that there are people for whom constant fever – is the norm. But it is important to know what the temperature is raised slightly, approximately 37 – 37,3 S. most Often this includes young people with asthenic body type.


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Often, fever, the causes of which are difficult to determine, and sometimes in children ten-fifteen years of age. Usually this manifests itself in isolation, procrastination, apathy, anxiety and irritability. Sometimes such conditions are and that of an adult.

Such, at first glance, small variations in the body is very often overlooked. But if you noticed that the mercury creeps coveted red stripes of the norm, there is reason to think and to consult a doctor.

Increased body temperature, the causes of which can talk about the inflammatory process, prevents us originated in our body of the disease. It is something like an alarm sounding the alarm in the event of certain threats. Causes can be infection, pokeberry syndrome of asthenia, stress, but the worst thing is when the reasons for the increase in temperature become a serious disease. It could be disturbance of metabolism, and tuberculosis, thyrotoxicosis, and iron-deficiency anemia, and chronic infectious and autoimmune diseases. The high temperature in this case is the right reaction, and its real cause can be determined only by the doctor. Temperature below 38 to shoot down is not recommended, because with its increase the body actively resists disease.

And yet there is about fever, whose causes can be explained quite simply: you are wrong to measure temperature.

If you are measuring under the arm, from the abundance of perspiration thermometer readings may not be entirely true. To measure the temperature in the mouth is not worth it, if an hour ago you were drinking or eating something hot. Basal temperature is usually 1 higher than under the arm. Even the thermometer will not show the true picture, if you decided to measure it after playing sports, exercise. The most accurate method of temperature measurement is a procedure in which it is measured in the ear canal. But here we need precision in compliance with the rules and a special ear thermometer.

Now you know why a thermometer may show high numbers and force you to think once more about your health, and it is never in vain.

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