Body aches, weakness without fever: causes and treatment


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Every person knows the feeling of weakness and aches in the body. The loss of strength is observed not only after a busy day, when people stand in traffic jams, long queues, or travelling on public transport for a long time, but in the morning, immediately after waking up. Often people do not pay attention to it. He goes to the therapist and other professionals only in extreme cases when the ailment affects his quality of life.

body aches weakness without fever


People who very often suffer from viral diseases, complain of body aches, joints, bones, and headaches and restless sleep. These feelings usually occur during intoxication.

Also cause aches in the body is a cold or flu. But sometimes when SARS does not raise the temperature, as the incubation period is 2 to 3 days. If immunity is strong, the body can cope with the virus for several days. In this case, there may be body aches, weakness. No fever flu occurs very rarely, and it is also possible that people may confuse it with SARS.

Other causes of lung ailment

  • Body Aches and may cause food poisoning, for example botulism, in which the person appears apathy and lethargy, a sharp pain in the lower abdomen, cold sweats.
  • Herpes increases a slight fever, there is swelling of the gums, a sore throat. Symptoms may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the organism and severity of the disease.
  • Body Aches, weakness without fever can occur after being bitten by ticks. In this case, a person may be flaccid paralysis in the neck muscles, redness in the form of bubbles.
  • Diseases of the joints, such as arthritis. Pain occur in the morning after sleep. When a person is getting on a bit, they cease.
  • Bird flu – a very dangerous condition in which the temperature does not rise. To self-medicate in any case is not necessary, as it can lead to disastrous consequences.
  • A blood Disease or tumor. To exclude them, should be examined and tested, which will appoint the expert.
  • Sometimes doctors diagnose asymptomatic pneumonia. The person has shortness of breath, body aches, weakness without fever.

temperature weakness body aches


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What to do with SARS?

In diseases caused by viral infections, you need to drink immunostimulatory drugs, such as “Cicloferon”, “but” and “Open”. Take 1 tablet three times daily for 7 days. You can brew rose hips: in a glass of boiling water you need to take one tablespoon of raw materials. Cook on low heat for 10 min. After the liquid has cooled, you can take half a Cup 2-3 times a day.

First aid for poisoning

Food poisoning it is necessary to wash out the stomach with solution of soda or potassium permanganate, to drink the drug “Effective” (1 packet per hour) or “Activated carbon" (1 tablet on 1 kg of weight). Also it is necessary to wait with food and fasting.body aches weakness without fever how to treat

If it attacks the flu…

The flu need to ventilate the room where the patient is, install a humidifier, drink more fluids, eat onions and garlic. Many viral infections start with fever, because once the virus enters the body, it begins to multiply. That is why one feels a slight discomfort at first, and only time he is concerned about body aches, weakness without fever.

Treat the flu yourself is very dangerous, as it is likely to quite serious complications. Therefore, be sure to call a doctor, who will prescribe an adequate treatment.

What to do if the reason is not clear?

What to do if you are experiencing body aches, weakness without fever? How to treat this ailment? If there is no apparent reason, and the disease is not concerned on a daily basis, you can take a warm bath, drink hot tea with honey and lemon and go to bed. But if the bad feeling lasts for weeks, is suspicious.body aches weakness without fever treatment

There is such a chronic disease like fibromyalgia. A definite cause was not determined. It is characterized by symptoms such as constant fatigue, apathy, sleep disturbance, anxiety, pain in ligaments and tendons, body aches, weakness without fever. Treatment consists in the use of antidepressants. In any case be self-medicate, since the uncontrolled admission of such drugs is very dangerous.


To always feel fresh and full of energy, you need to organize your daily routine. Be sure to need healthy sleep, it is important to eat nutritious foods and minimize the intake of fatty, fried and spicy food. If a person has a temperature, weakness, body aches, it would be good to set aside time for relaxation. It can be simple breathing exercises that help relax muscles and reduce pain. body aches weakness without fever during pregnancy

Several times a year to drink a course of vitamins. This is especially important in autumn and spring. Also do not forget about walks in the fresh air.

Weakness in pregnancy

Sometimes body aches, weakness without fever during pregnancy. Bone pain can be due to lack of vitamin D and calcium. You must limit physical activity and wear a bandage, not to sit more than one hour, do not lie on the hard surface. Malaise is caused by the fact that the body changes occur in connection with gestation, so much experience is not necessary. To eliminate the disease, you can consult a doctor and pass the necessary tests.


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