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Inhaler – the instrument, which became indispensable for many people, who have small children. Through this device, parents now themselves at home can cure various ailments of their children, for example, bronchitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Due to the fact that the drug is converted into an aerosol, which quickly reaches the desired organs, the man is recovering rapidly, and he has no complications. Today let's consider such popular device as an inhaler “OMRON". The nebulizer of this brand became popular in Russia and other former Soviet republics, and why it, read about it below.OMRON nebulizer

Advantages of the device

Inhaler Therapy – one of the types of treatment used for diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract for rapid delivery of the drug to the right place. Nebulizer-a device that turns liquid medication into an aerosol. Depending on the way of such transformations distinguish the compressor, ultrasonic and electron-mesh devices.

The Japanese firm Omron Healthcare specializiruetsya and produces all types of nebulizers - for every pocket and location of service (home, hospital). However, the most popular among Russians and Ukrainians have the compressor devices. Firstly, they are several times cheaper than other types of units, second, they are universal (suitable for kids and for adults), and the manufacturers took care of the build quality of their nebulizers, so people know that if you purchase this device of the Japanese firm, it will last more than one year.


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Despite the fact that the company produces several different types of such devices, Russians often buy inhaler “OMRON" model NE-C24. So today we will discuss this popular apparatus, which is suitable for the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract like children, and Mature people.

What is the difference?

nebulizer compressor OMRON

Child nebulizer compressor "OMRON" differs from the adult only in that the noise level is far lower. It would seem that this is an unimportant disadvantage, but the buzz often scare kids. Therefore, the manufacturers have taken care to ensure that the treatment procedure using this nebulizer was not turned into a nightmare. Inhaler “OMRON" NE-C24 is one of the quietest units in its category – only 43 DB (for comparison - most of the other similar children's vehicles have noise levels of 65 DB). So the baby is not afraid of sounds, and other family members will not be distracted by extraneous noise during the procedure.

Equipment nebulizer

Inhaler “OMRON" NE-C24 compressor sold in a cardboard box in which, besides the apparatus has the following elements:

  • 2 attachments: for the mouth and nose;
  • 3 masks: adult, children's and toddlers';
  • Silicone air tube;
  • Nebulizer chamber;
  • Filters;
  • Network adapter;
  • Bag for storage of accessories;
  • Manual.


  1. Connect the AC adapter. First, you should make sure that the power switch is in a passive position. Then you insert the plug of the power cord into the power port on the compressor and then you can connect your device to the network.
  2. Add the medication in the inhaler “OMRON". The nebulizer should be put on a flat surface, from the camera the device should remove the mouthpiece and plug, and remove the cover. Then you need to pour the required amount of medication. It is also important to ensure that the barrier is well installed on the nebulizer chamber. You should then put the lid back on and tighten so that the medication is not spilled.
  3. Attach the required nozzle. Depending on what exactly people will treat (runny nose or cough), mouthpiece set, diffuser for nose or goggles. Moreover, the last element still have to choose: if you made inhalation the baby, you should secure the small nozzle.
  4. Connecting an air duct tube. Necessary to slightly bend the silicone and secure it in the connector on the compressor on the one hand, and the reservoir for medicinal products.

That painted the entire Assembly process of the nebulizer. Now is the time to learn how to use nozzles to spray as much as possible done in the body and treatment was successful.nebulizer OMRON nebulizer

Proper use of the device

  1. Operation the mouthpiece. Take this element into his mouth, clutching tightly closed their teeth and lips, and swipe inhalation. Breathing during the procedure should be smooth, calm, and exhale through the mouthpiece is required. To talk, to laugh during therapy is prohibited.
  2. Operation of the nozzle nose. You want to install the item in the olfactory organ so that the maximum aerosol received into the respiratory tract. During the procedure, breathe in follows the nose, but exhale-through the mouth.
  3. The Use of masks. The pad need to wear so that it completely covers the mouth and nose of a person. Should exhale through the mask.

nebulizer OMRON price

Care and storage

Inhaler “OMRON" served more than one year, it must be properly used and protected. Thus, the main key points that should be followed.

  1. Do Not leave the appliance unattended in a room where there are children or incompetent persons.
  2. Never drop the camera or subject it to strong shocks.
  3. Do Not store the nebulizer with too low or high temperatures (optimally 20 to 24 degrees), high humidity (over 70%) and under direct sunlight.
  4. It is Forbidden to twist and bend the air duct tube.
  5. In No event it is impossible to clean the device with petrol, solvent or other flammable agent.
  6. If a person goes on a trip and take this inhaler, the device should be transported in the bag that is included.
  7. Near the medical device should not use mobile phones and other devices that generate strong electric and electromagnetic fields. This can lead to malfunction of the inhaler and to create unsafe situation. There should be a distance of not less than 7 m.

nebulizer OMRON ne c24


Nebulizer compressor "OMRON" feedback is only positive. Most parents say such good things about his use.

  1. If you use this nebulizer in children passes quickly cough and runny nose, and no complications.
  2. Vivid colors (inhaler “OMRON" NE-C24 is available in yellow or white color), as well as the presence of toys on the device, even the little girls and boys get distracted from the procedure and quietly consider the device.
  3. A Fairly low level of noise that does not frighten children, in contrast to other models of inhalers allows you to safely perform the procedure.

And parents say that this machine is quite mobile due to low weight (only 270g) and a good design, you can take it with you on trips.

Some moms first was lost and didn't buy them the inhaler or not. The thing is that they thought, as if the instrument would be difficult to work with. But as it turned out, their fears were unfounded. Inhaler “OMRON" very convenient and easy to use, it requires no special skills, so they can use it as children (with parental supervision) and adults.

Some users, having bought this device, worried how noticeable will be the loss medications at the time of inhalation through the device. However, unlike other models of similar units, inhaler “OMRON" NE-C24 due to the unique design of the mouthpiece minimizes the loss of medication best. It provides maximum aerosol flow during inspiration and a slight loss of funds when you exhale.

Inhaler “OMRON": price of the device

The Cost of such a device for the treatment of respiratory diseases different. It all depends on machine model, size, noise level, additional characteristics (e.g., availability of charger and batteries, antibacterial filter, timer, backlight display, etc.). It is clear that the more different auxiliary functions, the more valuable the inhaler “OMRON". The price of nebulizers of this brand in the range of 3000-20 000 rubles. More affordable models designed for procedures in house conditions, and expensive devices designed mostly for medical institutions.inhaler compressor OMRON ne c24

Today the most popular model of the device is an inhaler “OMRON" NE-C24. The value of this device varies between 2800-3500 rubles.

Now you know what is a...

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