Can radishes lactating mother in the first months?


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For a newborn baby's feeding his mom for the first months is very important. Because the Foundation of the health of the child is laid in the period of breast-feeding.

Usually, doctors recommend a newly minted mom sample menu for the first time. Note that it is a diet, but it is appropriate to call it a healthy diet, as the woman does not have to imagine much to refuse. If she will only eat, for example, oatmeal, deteriorate not only mood but also the health of the baby through the milk it needs to obtain all the necessary vitamins.

the dangers of radishes

Menu for the first time

The Women even during pregnancy you wonder that there are nursing mother in the first months? To this question we can confidently answer that there are no restrictions. But you should follow some rules. For example, vegetables should not be consumed in raw form first. They can be steamed, boiled or baked. Fresh vegetables can be entered in the menu after three months. Many people wonder, can radishes nursing mother? Yes, but some time later.


Fruits are also needed for the mother during breastfeeding. Apples before eating should bake and peel, bananas can be eaten without fear. But raspberries, strawberries, citrus fruits and grapes should enter into the diet carefully and gradually starting from the third month. Thus it is necessary to monitor the child's reaction.

Soups and porridge

Of Cereal you can eat absolutely any, because they are quite hearty and nutritious. The exception is the mixture of fast preparation, they are best forgotten. Soups need to be used necessarily, but the soup must be vegetable.


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Meat and Fish

Sample menu does not exclude the consumption of eggs and meat. Their right to enter into the diet? Eggs should be eaten with caution as they are an allergen. Meat should be lean, consume it separately from other products. It is also desirable that it was a bird, not pork or lamb. Fish is not only fried. It can be river and sea, but when cooking it you need to either bake or boil it.

Dairy productswhat is a nursing mother in the first months

Dairy products and cheese can be introduced into the diet after a week. They are: fermented baked milk, kefir, curdled milk, yogurt, cheese. Oil can be added to food, both vegetable and creamy.

The Bread and drinks

Bread you can't eat a lot, it is also desirable to use it with additives such as bran. Of flour can you eat crackers, bagels, cookies, biscuits.

Do Not get involved in sweet, but you can use marmalade, dried fruit, candy, marshmallows or biscuits.

Drinks best suited black and green tea, but weak. You can also drink weak coffee, herbal teas and fruit drinks. Fresh juices you can start using after 2-3 months.

After the first month in the diet you can gradually add soup, jam, nuts, sour cream, juice. After six months you can start to eat seafood, honey, a variety of herbal seasonings.

Radishes during breastfeeding

can a nursing mother radish

Note that some vegetables require special attention. One of them is the radish. Have given birth in the spring, women often wonder: can the radishes nursing mother? As it is one of the first spring vegetables and the body it requires.

Radishes should be eaten with caution. It should be timely to enter into the diet and consumed in limited quantities. Doctors mostly point to a specific harm radishes. Because of this vegetable have newborns can occur diathesis, which manifests itself redness, peeling skin or rash. You may also experience colic, constipation and other problems in the bowel. Therefore, introduction of this product in the diet need to adhere to certain rules.

Often women don't know if radishes lactating mother in the first months. It should not be eating in the first three months of breastfeeding. If the baby is prone to allergic reactions, radishes should not be eaten for up to six months.sample menu

Before the first tasting radish otmazyvatsya in cool water for 15-20 minutes, then eat one small fruit. If within two days the condition of the baby did not change, so the amount of this vegetable in the diet can be increased.

There are people who love this vegetable. Therefore, they are often interested in the question of whether a nursing mom radishes in large quantities? To use it excessively is not necessary, as it can affect the taste of milk, then the child can refuse. Tuck radish salad have olive or sunflower oil so as not to provoke adverse reactions in the newborn.

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