Causes of flat feet. How to treat flat feet: a set of measures


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The name of the disease flat feet speaks for itself. It is a deformity of the foot, which is expressed in its flattening, that is, the lowering of the arch. A normal foot has one transverse arch and two longitudinal, therefore decided to allocate three types of the disease: transverse, longitudinal and combined.

Before talking about how to treat flat feet, consider first the possible reasons due to which it develops.

Causes of flat feet

As a rule, the appearance of flat feet contributes to improper loading, and it doesn't have to be too strong. The disease can develop from lack of it. But there are other factors.

1. Improperly selected footwear. Moreover, this factor on the development of flatfoot may be influenced in early childhood, when the baby is just beginning to take the first steps. Of course, this may be due to the fact that the immature child's legs are forced to carry the weight of his body. But most often parents (because of lack of funds or simply out of ignorance) take the child unsuitable footwear, for example, is too large (“big”), no arch support and soft heel.

And in adult life provokes the appearance of flat feet or it aggravates the development of walking in high heels, narrow and uncomfortable, but very fashionable shoes, when the redistribution of the load from the heel to the transverse arch. That's why most suffering from this disease – women.

2. Excessive strain on the feet in General. Typical for athletes who regularly have to face with excessive loads in training and competition, as well as for persons of “standing” professions (hairdressers, sellers, waiters) and people with overweight.


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3. Insufficient load on the legs. Characteristic of persons of “sedentary" professions and leading a sedentary lifestyle. In this case, the provocateur of flatfoot is the weakness, underdevelopment of the muscles of the foot and lower leg.

4. Injury. Flat feet may be one of the consequences of a fracture of the calcaneus, ankle, tarsal bones, or the result of paralysis of the muscles of the leg and foot (for example, after polio). Also to the development of disease can cause sprains and injuries of the foot.

5. A specific disease. Flatfoot may be the consequence of such diseases as polio, diabetes, rickets.

6. Other reasons. It is possible to identify hereditary and anatomical (X-shaped legs) predisposition. They are not the causes of flat feet, but greatly increase the odds of getting a disease if a person is exposed to one or more of the above factors.

How to treat flat feet? If you experience symptoms or it you have been diagnosed with, the matter should not be delayed "indefinitely”. Because the consequences of your frivolous attitude towards their health can become scoliosis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, halyus valgus (“bumps” on the feet that grow and occasionally sick), herniated disc, osteoarthritis of the joints. And all this is accompanied by excruciating pain in the feet, shins, knees, hips, back.

Flat feet: how to treat

Such a simple illness such as flat feet treated not so easy and not so fast. Moreover, the patient, alas, never wait for the moment when relief will be able to say: “I am healed!” Flat feet will haunt a person all his life, and his complete recovery is possible only in childhood. However, the forces of modern medicine to slow down the progression of the disease and not allow her to develop into one of severe pathologies. And, the sooner an adult to think over the question how to treat flat feet, the more it creates favorable conditions in order to stop the progression of the disease and for its successful adjustment.

The Treatment of flat feet starts with a trip to the orthopedic surgeon, and is a complex of measures aimed at elimination of pain and strengthening the muscles of the foot. In order to relieve pain, doctors use various medications and prescribe physical therapy procedures.

The mainstay of treatment of the disease is physiotherapy, which the patient may carry out at home, but this should be done daily. With exercise trained muscle, strengthens ligaments, forming the right type of walk. There are several exercises, the choice of which depends on the type and degree of flatfoot, age of the patient, his complaints.

In addition, very useful in the question of how to treat flat feet, pay attention to the attendance of sessions of massage, chiropractic, buying a home massagers, orthopedic shoes (today perhaps an individual making it for the cast of the foot) and insole thereto.

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