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Urinary system Health is very important. In old age often marked by various disorders. Especially problems with urination bother the male population. This does not mean that women do not suffer from these pathologies. In adulthood, many of them often develop urinary incontinence. However, men are experiencing such hardship is much sharper. It is believed that this is due to anatomical and physiological characteristics. After all, urination is often impaired and sexual function. The urethra and the VAS deferens in men are connected. Not to run the disease, it is necessary to start medical treatment as early as possible. Otherwise, you will need surgery.

pills frequent urination in men

Frequent urination in men-what is it?

We All know that complaints of frequent urination appear in a large number of older men. However, not all know that the development of this symptom can lead to various reasons. In some cases, similar problems arise in the middle and even adolescence. Still frequent urination in older men prevails. This is due to the development of pathologies such as prostate adenoma, prostatitis. It should be borne in mind that in normal people (regardless of sex) urinate about 6 times during the day. While in the night time should be no more than 1 trip to the toilet “small”. Urinary frequency may vary slightly depending on the number of drunk liquid. However, frequent awakening at night means that there is some kind of pathology. Pills frequent urination in men may appoint only the doctor after will be carried out the necessary research. Because the causes of this symptom not always associated with inflammation and hyperplasia of the prostate. Unfortunately, a large number of men unwilling to seek medical help, believing that increased urination in the elderly – is the norm. This opinion is not true. Therefore, when the first signs of the disease, you must get expert advice.


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oxybutynin price

Pain and frequent urination in men: causes

In most cases, doctors are faced with a combination of symptoms such as frequent urination in men pain. The causes of such complaints can be different. It is worth remembering that among them are not only diseases of the genitourinary system, but also hormone disorders, pathology of the nervous system, etc. So not to draw attention to this problem – big mistake. After all, for many diseases requires the immediate adoption of measures for the treatment of disease. The most common causes of increased frequency of urination are:

  1. Diabetes. This pathology relates to endocrine diseases. Diabetes can occur at any age, including in childhood. This disease is dangerous to the development of many complications. Among them – the defeat of the vessels and nerves, development of coma. Therefore, when the patient has diabetes mellitus requires lifelong drug therapy, which should begin from the moment of diagnosis.
  2. Inflammatory conditions of the urogenital system. These include: cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis. These diseases are also common to all age groups.
  3. Adenoma of the prostate gland. Under this pathology refers to the tissue growth of prostate and increase in body size. Hyperplasia is benign in nature. However, this is a violation of urination. It is also possible the development of erectile dysfunction. The disease is more common among men of elderly and senile age.
  4. Violation of the nervous regulation of the urinary bladder.
  5. Diabetes Insipidus. This pathology is a rare diseases. It is characterized by a large excretion of urine (diuresis reaches 10 liters per day). Pathology associated with changes in hormonal regulation of the kidneys. The cause of this disease – disruption of the pituitary.

Painful and frequent urination is a common problem. However, in most cases accompanied by these symptoms are treatable. Therefore it is not “pull” with access to a doctor until, until you develop complications.

triptan usage instructions price

Medical treatment frequent urination

There are various medications frequent urination in men. So before you buy the medication, you should consult with your doctor. Should first find out the cause of the symptom. You need to pass the examination. To diagnose inflammatory conditions of the urogenital system and diabetes, you need to run the KLA, OAM, analysis to determine blood sugar. In most cases you will need finger examination of the rectum. It is necessary to assess the condition of the prostate gland (its shape, size, texture). Only after diagnosis prescribe pills frequent urination in men. These include the medicines "Oxybutynin”, “Triptan”, “DULOXETINE”, etc. In most casesdrugs have antispasmodic effect. This reduces the frequency of urination. In addition, it is necessary to carry out pathogenetic drug therapy. The choice of medication depends on the cause of the disease.

the funds from frequent urination in men

Indications for drug therapy with frequent urination

To reduce the frequency of urination, needed drug therapy. Drugs having a positive effect in the treatment of this symptom, is the pill, belonging to the group M-anticholinergics and antidepressants. There are a few indications of these medicines:

  1. Instability of the bladder.
  2. Enuresis.
  3. Dysfunction of the detrusor.
  4. Frequent urination in diabetes.

In some cases, surgical treatment is indicated. It is necessary when large amounts of benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer. Diabetes needed glucose-lowering therapy or injection of insulin preparations.

spasmex usage instructions reviews

Mechanism of action of medications for frequent urination

Such medications, like pills "Oxybutynin”, “Triptan” and “Spasmex”, belong to the group M-anticholinergics. The effect of these drugs is aimed at the relaxation of smooth muscles of internal organs, in particular – the bladder. The positive effect of their application due to several mechanisms. M-anticholinergics help relax the detrusor, reducing the frequency of urination and lead to smooth muscle relaxation, resulting in the capacity of the body increases.

Medications “DULOXETINE” and “Imipramine" belong to the group of antidepressants. These drugs are recommended for frequent urination in men. First, they have a calming effect, and secondly, affect the nervous regulation. In addition, these pills frequent urination in men have anticholinergic effects (relaxes the muscles of the bladder).


In some cases, apply the medicine "Oxybutynin"?

One of the effective medicines in the treatment of frequent urination is the drug "Oxybutynin". The price of this drug depends on its trade name. Because substance oxybutynin is found in several medicines. Among them – drugs ‘Triptan” and “Novitron”. Drugs are analogues. The active ingredient in both drugs-oxybutynin. The price of tablets ranges from 600 to 800 rubles. Medication "Oxybutynin" applies in cases of nocturnal enuresis (5 years old), disorders of the nervous regulation of the bladder, instability, dysfunction of the detrusor. Release form of the drug – tablets of 2.5 and 5 mg. the Drug is contraindicated in atony of the gastrointestinal tract, obstructive pathologies, during pregnancy and lactation.

the drug imipramine

The Drug “Triptan": instructions for use, price

Some drugs have the same active substance are equivalents. For example, medicines “Novitron” and “Triptan”. Both drugs have in their composition the substance – oxybutynin. The dosage is 7.5-10 mg per day. If necessary, it is possible to reduce (children, elderly) or to increase. Read more about the dosing regimen described in the summary, which is in the packaging of tablets “Triptan" (instructions for use). The price of the drug is about 700 rubles.


At the same time Soothing and antispasmodic effect has a medicine “DULOXETINE”. Patients ' feedback on this drug positive. Indeed, in addition to reducing the frequency of urination, it relieves pain and is an antidepressant. The drug is contraindicated under 18 years. Prescribed for nervous disorders, depression, as symptomatic therapy for patients with diabetes.

The Drug “Spasmex": instructions for use, reviews

The Drug “Spazmatics” has M-anticholinergic action. Appointed in neurogenic disorders to relax smooth muscles, enuresis and other incontinence. Dose of the active substance in the tablet is 5, 15 and 30 mg. the Drug is prescribed from the age of 14. Daily dose of the medication – 30 mg (divided into 2-3 doses). Reviews of doctors about the drug's positive, proven. Doctors recommend to take pill “Spazmatics” in the elderly with caution because there is a risk of adverse reactions.

Medicine "Imipramine": in which cases are assigned?

The Drug "Imipramine" refers to a group of antidepressants. Indications for use are the same as those for medication “DULOXETINE”. Prescribed for urinary incontinence in combination with pain. The drug recommended to accept patients with mental disorders. Can be used in children with enuresis. Initial dose-10 mg.

Prevention of frequent urination in men

To provide pills from frequent urination in men can only be the attending physician.The choice of drug therapy depends on factors such as age and physical condition of the patient. For the primary prevention of frequent urination include nutrition, normalization of sexual activity (use of barrier methods during casual sexual relations), timely treatment of infectious and inflammatory processes.

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