A yeast infection in men: what to treat, symptoms, causes


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How to treat thrush in men? This is a common question. We will understand in this article.

If a man has a strong immune system, no chronic diseases, it adheres to proper nutrition, trying to live the right lifestyle and have a permanent partner – the possibility of his thrush is almost reduced to zero. But not every man is able to boast of excellent health and not everyone can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

how to treat yeast infection in men

Causes of yeast infection in men many are interested.


It is Known that the causative agent of such fungal diseases are fungi of the species Candida, or Candida albicans, which are the causative agents of opportunistic microflora in human organisms and are located on all mucous membranes — in the intestine, in the mouth and on mucous genitals. The manifestation of candidiasis in males can occur in case of formation of favorable conditions for development of fungal colonies, after the person has been infected, or it occurs on the background of weakening of immunity. According to statistics, the occurrence of symptoms of thrush in men, they are stronger and worry constantly, are found much less frequently than women.

The Anatomical features of the female body such that the reproduction of fungi in the vagina manifests itself much more actively, even in the most minor precipitating factors. Men, in turn, the genitals constructed so that the candidiasis with great effort can develop into male genitals. Due to the fact that women suffer from yeast infection more often than men, and often the disease is asymptomatic or oligosymptomatic, if constant contact with a woman who has chronic yeast infections, men can also become infected. And whether to develop a yeast infection in men with symptoms, characteristic symptoms and consequences, depends on the immune system and its other circumstances that can provoke.


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If Passed a yeast infection from female to male, don't know everything.

Causes of infection in men

If men candidiasis occurs, it should be considered as one of the indicators of disturbances in the immune system and overall immune deficient state of the organism. When infected healthy men and in the presence of a strong immune system self-recovery occurs or a quick treatment if you use protivomikrobnye drugs. The chance of developing complications and chronic candidiasis is increased in men with weak immune system, in this case, you need to constantly be monitored by a doctor, when the complications required hospital treatment.

Causes of thrush in men


There are factors which lead to the appearance of thrush in men:

  • The Deficiency of vitamins and minerals.
  • Anemia, blood diseases and oncological diseases, in which treatment decreases immunity.
  • Severe hypothermia.
  • Severe stress, prolonged emotional stress.
  • Various endocrine diseases (hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, reduced glucose). Diabetes in men often comes along with hyperhidrosis, during which the skin is almost always wet, which can promote active growth of fungi.
  • The Use of antibiotics in the treatment of other diseases, their long-term use, including the use of steroid hormones (corticosteroids).
  • Excessive insolation refers to the abuse of a Solarium and a sun — dose is considered extremely harmful.
  • Metabolic disorders, overweight, obesity. While excess subcutaneous adipose tissue from infection, there is a significant chance to develop, because there is formed a more suitable environment.

If Passed a yeast infection from female to male? Yes, of course.

Symptoms and signs

At 10-15 % of men candidiasis is not accompanied by any other signs, ie develops without symptoms. But others still have symptoms of the disease. Thrush in men can be not only on the penis, it can also affect the skin and the mouth. The main symptom of fungal infection is the occurrence of candidiasis of the skin or thrush, which can indicate primary or secondary immunodeficiency. Pills for yeast infection for men will be discussed below.

When the man manifest the primary symptoms, it could be candidiasis or thrush combination with other undiagnosed sexual infections. The most pronounced and obvious signs of candidiasis in males are:

  • Burning and itching of the penis (may be intermittent and permanent);
  • Swelling and inflammation of the glans foreskin;
  • Pain during erection, pain during sexual intercourse and after them;
  • Dense gray-white plaque with an acidic odor;
  • Burning or pain when urinating.

Symptoms of yeast infection in men also depend on the type of pathology.

Candidal balanoposthitis

When the redness of the head of the penis balanitis is revealed when you damage the inner layer of the foreskin, the so - called post. Their combination is called "balanoposthitis" - it can be triggeredfungi Candida or combined with other infections that are sexually transmitted, such as trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis, genital herpes, chlamydia. So if you detect the symptoms of inflammation of the balanus is necessary to address to the urologist, the venereologist, dermatologist for accurate diagnosis.

How does a yeast infection in men

The symptoms of balanoposthitis for thrush are:

  • Swelling of the head and the foreskin;
  • Characteristic sour smell;
  • Appearance pasty white-grey substance on the head of the penis or plaque, whitish-grey on the head or on the foreskin, while the elimination of which is opened bleeding erosion;
  • Pain, itching, burning, obvious hyperemia (redness) of the skin at the site of the penis;
  • Increased libido due to constant irritation, the nerve endings in the area of destruction, but sexual intercourse or psychological discharge cause pain, discomfort, unpleasant feelings.

Causes of yeast infection in men is very diverse.

Candida urethritis

Candida urethritis – is a fungal infection of the mucous membrane of the urinary canal men. In such cases most of the symptoms resemble acute gonorrhea. In addition to these main symptoms, such as itching, redness, swelling, there is also frequent urination, while there are pain and burning sensation, the urine may become turbid color with a splash of blood or with heavy secretions of mucus. Also, a man can see himself in the mornings, a thick white mucus with extra long threads. To prevent prostatitis and vesiculitis, you need to go to the doctor.

How does a yeast infection in men?

Pills for yeast infection for men

Candida pielotsistit

This type is considered a more difficult option for the development of thrush as a fungal infection that affects the urinary tract: the bladder, kidneys and manifests cystitis, pyelonephritis. For this pathology can worsen the General condition, the temperature rise, to arise no pain only during urination and intercourse, but also in the area of the kidneys and bladder. Vulvovaginal pielotsistit usually can be caused by not only a single pathogen, but often it can cause mixed infections, joined by other pathogens-gonococci, Proteus, enterobacteria, chlamydia, Proteus, Klebsiella, E. coli.

We will Understand what to treat thrush in men.

Treatment of candidiasis

Every treatment should start based on the diagnostic data, which are confirmed by laboratory, as it was impossible to establish the diagnosis only because of the signs and symptoms of thrush and also to self-medicate, because often when candidiasis starts to occur and others to this hidden sexual infections. It is also important if there is a permanent partner and for sexual contacts with her do not use condoms, you must also be examined, and the woman, and then assign the simultaneous treatment of both partners.

yeast infection Treatment for men medications

Drugs for the treatment of thrush in men is very diverse.

If the results of the analyses revealed only candidiasis, the treatment of it may be local (antifungal ointments, creams), and with the use of systemic antifungal drugs in tablets. This takes into account the severity of the yeast infection in men symptoms and duration of development of the inflammatory process. If candidiasis after the treatment after some time is back again, this means that either the man has a weak immune system, or his sexual partner suffers from yeast infection and during sexual intercourse not using a condom.

If you have chronic yeast infection or the immune system of men is greatly weakened if the treatment with antibiotics, fungal infections show resistance and no drugs can help. Therefore, in chronic candidiasis male should not count on the destruction of the fungus medication method, it is necessary to abandon any unprotected sex, change your diet, quit bad habits, change lifestyle and engage in strengthening the immune system.

What else is needed for effective treatment of thrush in men?

Yeast infection in men symptoms

Nutrition and herbal medicine

The Most important factor, which causes thrush, – human nutrition. If the majority of power – this is fast carbs, such as pastries, candies, confectionery and bakery products, chocolate and other sweets, for fungi it is a wonderful breeding ground for further development. Yeast infection treatment will be much easier if these products will be reduced or eliminated, and the vegetables-cabbage, beets, carrots, and dairy products in the diet will prevail.

You must Also limit highly salted, pickled, smoked foods, alcohol. One of the most effective herbal medicinal herbs to combat yeast-like fungi –this pharmacy chamomile, calendula, barberry, cloves. These extracts and herbs that should be prepared in the form of fees or separately, process the external genitals, makes them baths, and herbal applications. Chamomile is very useful, it can still be used in the form of herbal tea inside, it has anti-inflammatory and antifungal effect.

Drugs for the treatment of thrush for men can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription, but to self-medicate is very dangerous.

Normalization of the bowel

One of the main factors of the appearance of thrush in men, the symptoms of which can be very significant, is intestinal dysbiosis. It can occur for the same cause, poor eating habits, to be a result of food poisoning, as well as long-term stress, taking antibiotics. In addition to the examination of urinary infections should perform an analysis of fecal bacteria overgrowth, especially if the man has diarrhea, constipation, dyspepsia, flatulence. The detection of dysbacteriosis, the doctor may prescribe probiotics and prebiotics, for example:

  • “hilak Forte”;
  • “Bioflora Immuno”;
  • ‘Acipol”.

So, what to treat thrush in men?

Antifungal agents

The Most basic anti-fungal drugs for the treatment of thrush in men these drugs are:

  • Econazole – cream "Ecotax” and “Hifenac”.
  • Miconazole-spray “Daktarin" cream "Mikosan”.
  • Clotrimazole for male yeast infection – cream "Canesten”, “Kandizol”, “Imidyl”, “Candibene”, “When”, “Fungial”, “Fungizid”, “Amilon”.
  • Ketoconazole – ointment “Micott" cream “Expert”, tablets “Oronasal" ointment "too bad" pills "Fungames”, tablets “Fungilab" ointment “Mycosoral" cream "Nizoral".

Pills for yeast infection for men should be taken only on prescription. Ointments and creams should be applied twice each day after showering. The duration of therapy and need for oral antifungal drugs in pill (“Ironing”, “Ketoconazole” and “it”), their dosage and course prescribed by the physician, taking into account the form of the disease and the severity.

an ointment for thrush for men

An Ointment for yeast infection for men must also be used according to the instructions.

Personal health

In Addition to the use of different external means, change of nutrition, you must also follow the basic rules for the care of the body and to observe the intimate hygiene. Immediately when you start treatment of thrush, he needs to change underwear on a new or should we boil the already existing, underwear should be natural, cotton and loose. To refrain from sexual intercourse during treatment with the ointment for male yeast infection. You also need to stop taking baths and use only showers. Do not use any funds for the care of the body during washing of the external genitalia, after a shower must be well and wipe dry the genitals.

How does a yeast infection in men, it is now known.

General guidelines

A Man should follow some rules:

  • Try to follow the principles of healthy eating;
  • Eat more saturated live bacteria yogurt;
  • Possible to use more garlic, red pepper and cranberries;
  • Exclude from food cakes, yeast, beer and sweets;
  • Useful to drink fruit drinks, rosehip and chamomile teas;
  • Exclude casual sex;
  • To adhere to the rules of personal hygiene.
  • To take a hot bath;
  • During treatment do not use shower gels and perfumed substances;
  • To wear underwear made of natural fabrics;
  • To monitor their weight;
  • Desirable to abandon intimate life at the time of treatment, conduct treatment together with the sexual partner;
  • Follow the advice of a doctor.

Without proper treatment the fungus is capable of hitting the urinary tract. And if it enters the blood it can affect any organ. With time begun therapy a guarantee of successful recovery are increased.

We looked at how to treat yeast infection in men.

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