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The Nature of man lies the desire delicious to eat. Two options: either we are for the delicious go to the store or trying to cook something on their own. Needless to say that the dishes today, a big set, and that is to try them will not for one day. Do you know how to cook gravy? If not, then be sure to use my simple tips.

What is gravy and how to treat it

The Gravy is a type of sauce, although I such a definition is not quite like that. After all, gravy – is more than the sauce. Most often it is prepared from the juice that remains after frying or sautéing meats. The juice is drained add the pieces of meat and a little flour for thickening. But I want to tell you how to cook a delicious gravy from scratch, ie without the use of meat juice. Actually, see for yourself.

How to make gravy in haste

In my family like gravy. I usually serve it with pasta, but this is how someone like. Know someone who loves gravy with mashed potatoes, buckwheat pancakes. So, prepare the gravy.

Take pork or beef, slice it into pieces and put it in a pan for frying. I take the meat always on the eyes, hoping that the gravy will turn pulpy. While the meat is fried, cut into half rings onion. grated carrot. First add the meat, the carrots, a little roast, where you send the bow. Continue to fry until soft vegetables. Then shift the mass into the pan, pour boiling water and cook on a slow fire, adding salt to taste, spices. Once the meat is ready, start to add another mass. In a bowl mix a small amount of sour cream, ketchup (tomato sauce) and flour. Add a little water to the flour well placed without the formation of lumps. Gradually introduce the mass into the pan, stirring constantly. Continue to cook and ensure that the gravy thickens. If not, then you have added enough flour. Pour into the dish a little more flour, dissolve with water and pour into the gravy. Now it should work. And last: I always add in this dish the cloves of garlic, pre-shredded. It gives the gravy a special flavor.


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How to make gravy from mushrooms

We will need thirty grams of dried mushrooms, two or three tablespoons of tablespoons of flour and vegetable oil, and salt to taste, onions and pepper.

So, how to cook a tasty gravy of mushrooms. Very simple. Dried mushrooms wash and cover with water for about five hours, so they are thoroughly soaked. If you have time to spare, then you can go on cunning: soak the mushrooms in boiled water. Although it's extremely unlikely. Please note that mushrooms after soaking necessary to shift to another dish, and then pour them extract that you want to get rid of the sand drain through several layers of cheesecloth. Infusion set with mushrooms on the fire and begin to cook (make a small fire).

Boiled mushrooms, rinse with warm water, then finely chop. Fry in a pan onion. Prepare a dressing of flour. To do this, mix it with vegetable oil in the amount indicated above. The filling needs to cool, then pour it in the mushroom broth and dissolve. To cook, periodically removing the foam. Add to the sauce chopped mushrooms and onion, add salt to taste, black pepper and cook for ten minutes. This gravy will be more tasty if to add a bit of sour cream.

Well, now you know how to make gravy, so at any moment can apply it to the family table. Do not forget that if, after roasting or stewing of meat, you have juice, do not rush to pour out. A little better polluate and prepare the gravy, which also is not in vain.

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