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Go on vacation in the UK? Shopping in London – is that something should not give up. Don't even doubt it. After all, shopping in London – one of the most remarkable entertainment. It is characterized by many advantages.

Shopping in London: plan in advance

So, more. Shopping in London to plan, of course, in advance. And you should start with the actual tickets. In principle, you can keep only seven thousand. Again update: just in case, if you start to decide on such nuances as early as possible. The visa is issued generally for six months (or even longer). Thus, one visa you can go to England several times. If the purpose of your trip is shopping-think about how to settle down near the city center and Oxford street-the main shopping street of London.

The Huge popularity here are large Department stores. They can buy almost anything. In some of these malls are sold exclusively luxury goods. Other – more affordable products. Many of these stores have their own sites on the Internet, which shows all products and prices. Accordingly, with the assortment of easy to see every tourist, outlining what he wants to buy, and how much it will cost him. Sometimes it avoids even spontaneous unnecessary expenses.

shopping in London

Major stores

Shopping in London – it is also very interesting. Most importantly, know where to go. One of the most famous London Department stores is Harrods. Here you can buy food, cosmetics, shoes, clothes, Souvenirs and home goods. At most, it is luxury goods. However, during the sales in a Department store, you can make some good purchases at absolutely affordable prices.


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Many tourists in their reviews say the chain stores of House of Fraser. You can also buy shoes, clothes, furniture and various home goods. However, the price range is much wider than at Harrods. Available in shops and luxury brands, and cheap goods. Among them: Radley, Hobbs, Ted Baker, Lulu Guinness, Aspinal of London, etc. by the Way, many of the items here can only be purchased in London. That is, you get a great chance to buy something in Russia, you do not get it.

At least a popular chain of Department stores with low prices are stores John Lewis and Selfridges. If you wish to purchase goods of famous designers, visit the Harvey Nichols Department store.

shopping in London reviews


Shopping in London reviews gets extremely positive. Especially if shops situated in the most convenient areas of the city. "Harrods" is at the metro station "Knightsbridge" on Brompton road, 87-135. The store – the most famous in all London.

“house of Fraser” located on Oxford street, 318, at the metro station «Oxford Circus”. Shops of this network located in many other locations.

The biggest store “just” is located at the address: Oxford street, 400 (metro station "bond street"). One of the busiest and most interesting shopping centers.

The Largest store “John Lewis’ is located on Oxford street, 300. There are virtually the most affordable prices.

On Regent street is a premium store called “liberty”. There is also a restaurant and literary living room.

On the same street is a huge toy store «Hamlin”. It was opened in 1790 by William Hamley.

“Harvey Nichols” – shop at the metro station «London». This is a shopping center for fans of youth fashion.

Great castle street is a shop called "Top shop”. The biggest clothing store in the UK capital for young people.

cheap shopping in London

Some details

Cheap shopping in London, yet not so simple as at first sight it may seem. Don't forget about some of the nuances. Let's say you want to return the value added tax. In UK it is 17.5 per cent. So, buy you must make at least 75 pounds. After that, the store issued a receipt Tax Free. Showing the customs officers Packed airport purchases, you will receive stamps on checks. Then you and return the aforementioned percentage of the amount spent on a credit card. They can also issue cash in some exchange offices. Just do not forget that for cashing can take an additional Commission. It is best to return the money to the credit card.

Remember more about that, performing in London purchase, it is necessary to consider the local system of Shoe sizes and clothing. It differs from the Russian. As a rule, in the shops, there are tables that are mapped to sizes of different countries.

shopping escort in London

Shopping street

What else should I know about shopping? Escort in London most beautiful places in tour guides – a usual thing for many tourists. Many say that it is very convenient. Not everyone know all of the shopping street and shops. And especially the most convenient ways to these points.

The Main shopping street of London-Oxford street. Here is the most well-known stores, offering the consumer a variety of products at very affordable prices.

Regent street also boasts a huge number of stores. On bond street there are a lot of boutiques of luxury brands.

Keep in mind that most of the shops open until 18-19 hours. High, up to 20. Unlike Moscow outlets working late, schedule the guests of the British capital may significantly surprise. Especially in the winter when daylight want to use for sightseeing, and evening – shopping.

shopping for a home in London

When to go shopping?

But that's not all! Looking for houses in London is not always convenient. The reviews say that to come to the UK preferably during the sales, as already mentioned above. Winter-from beginning of December until the end of January. In summer, the discount period lasts the entire season-from early June to late August. Prices at this time are down by almost 70%.

Many outlets also carried out during the Christmas holidays. On Oxford street during this period, sometimes, just impossible to push. The sidewalks are flowing with great flows of people, running around to various stores. Turns in cash desks and fitting room is much longer.

A Small discount (up to 30%) can be obtained during the sales season. In April and in October.

London shopping shoes

Bicester Village Outlet Shopping

So incredibly fun is the shopping in London. Shoes, clothes and various household goods not during sales to buy in England best outlets. Visit Bicester Outlet Shopping Village, you can well save money on purchases.

To Reach the outlet by bus, train or taxi. Trains from the city are from the station «London Marylebon”. The journey is about an hour. To the outlet from the station Bicester then comes the special bus. On it and on the train has one ticket. The cashier only needs to say that you are going to Bicester Village.

In principle, the shopping in London is considered one of the best in the world. Of course, after all it is – the birthplace of many famous designers and brands of clothing and shoes. Judging by the reviews, to come back here without good shopping extremely difficult. Here you can find quality items for every taste at affordable prices.


Another way to implement shopping in London. Photo of outlets can not attract the attention of tourists. A variety of inexpensive goods gives you the opportunity to easily buy exactly what you need. Many markets operate seven days a week. One of them – Camden Market. However, it is best to come here on Saturdays.

A Simple clothes in the market, however, purchased undesirable. But all kinds of strange Souvenirs – welcome! Market Camden Market you can buy clothes designed for different subcultures or national. Just a couple of pounds you can buy here, for example, hand-painted t-shirt or the original hat.

shopping in London photo

Portobello Market working exclusively on Saturdays, offers buyers books, unique gifts and Antiques. It is common to haggle with the sellers. Starting price sometimes falls by as much as 90%. However, caution should be exercised. Markets – a very large flea market. Therefore, here found a lot of pickpockets. Watch out for your belongings, not to overshadow the joy held....

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