Black jeans with high waist: who and what to wear?


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Black jeans with a high waist – a model that never goes out of fashion for quite a long time. Needless to say, are still relevant questions about who and what to wear with this style. In principle, black jeans with a high waist fit and slim women, and for those who have a small tummy and sides. Lady of average build can hide some imperfections of your figure with the help of this model.

Black jeans with high waistline create a stylish look

So, more. Black jeans with a high waist – a gorgeous trend that often try on girls with a variety of shapes. These pants really flatter the figure and hides the tummy and hips, as mentioned above. In short, black jeans with a high waist – a great option, but still they need to be careful. The main thing - to create a fashionable and stylish way, not alluding to the problems with the figure and jeans high-waisted

The Width of the leg

Choosing a high black jeans, you need to pay attention to many nuances. In particular, the width of the Trouser leg. Like other models, they can be flared, wide pipe narrow, slim or skinny. Therefore, owners of different figures you need to choose for themselves exactly what they need. The main thing is to excessive the fit in the thighs did not spoil your image, in discharging our bad service.

Pay your attention to the fact that the models are slim, for example, is not suitable for women with a figure of types of “pear” or “Apple”. In the first case will focus on heavy hips, a slender waist and slender legs. In the second they will draw attention to the fullness concentrated in the abdomen, which is most unattractive way covered, visually becoming more voluminous and round. In General, be careful.what to wear with jeans with a high waist


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Hidden volume

However, black women jeans high waist is still able, when properly fitted model, to mask possible problems with the figure, hide the extra roundness, volume. It is only necessary to choose the tight denim, and not solid colors. Perfect for distraction from tight hips and a wide waist – decor belt with metal buttons and patch pockets front and back, uneven coloring of the material.

The Owners of a shape with a voluminous middle part of the body not recommended models in the style of skinny. On the contrary, in this case, you need flared trousers or pipe. By the way, correctly picking up the right option, you will thus be able to find a great alternative to the classic pants. Such a thing can be worn with ease both during rest and work. Combinations can also be very diverse. And so they should stay a little bit more.high crosses


The Next step. What to wear with jeans with high waist? It doesn't matter what style and design your chosen model. Importantly - in any case it will require heels. Optional to choose a thin pin. Perfect shoes with a wide stable heel. Slim girls perfect shoes elegant classic pointy pumps or open sandals summer models. With short trousers look great will platform ankle boots or heels. Come here also and sandals with straps around the ankle. In General, the emphasis here should be on the calf.a pair of black jeans with high waist and holes

Top trousers

Well, and what to wear with jeans with high waist from above? Sometimes to pick up a blouse is not so easy. Because the purchase of such models suggests that, most likely, you crave to highlight the waist line. How to do it properly?

Fans of office the business and the feminine style can complement these jeans a thin blouse or shirt with interesting print. They should not be too long, as it needs to be made. For the walking option is perfect t-shirts and tank tops printed with trompe l'oeil effect. They visually hide the border between the bottom and the top, so it looks very original.

One of the most popular options combinations – high jeans with a short top. It can be spacious and sporty style of the eighties with short or long sleeves, made in the form of t-shirts or knit sweaters. Skinny girls can freely wear tight tops with an open abdomen. In this case, in cool weather can come up and a thin turtleneck.

If for some reason you hesitate this dress, for example, worrying about his ineptitude because of excessive obligement, try to shift the focus. For example, wearing a solid top is tight, it is necessary to abandon jeans slim. Otherwise you will look like an aerobics teacher. Choose flared jeans or model with straight wide legs. And Vice versa. To narrow models of jeans should choose a more voluminous top. Remember also that to distract others from your torso and hide any imperfections allows tank top – fur, leather or knitted. The main thing - not denim.women's black jeans high-waisted


It Remains to draw a line. It does not matter whether it's black jeans with high waist and holes or without, wide or narrow-it's essential to select the suitable model.

Oh, and, of course, is to keep in mind that most often on the small girls, especially if they are holders of a chubby figure, these models do not look in the best way. The proportions of the body are in this case violated that focuses attention simultaneously on all the faults. High ladies these jeans definitely will like. In short, a pleasant shopping!


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