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Tungsten Oxide is one of the most refractory in this class of inorganic substances. In order to give the metal a characteristic, analyze the quality of the metal.

tungsten oxide

Features of tungsten

To understand what practical importance is the oxide of tungsten, note that the metal has electrical resistance, coefficient of linear expansion, a high melting temperature.

Pure tungsten high plasticity. The metal will dissolve in acid only when heated to a temperature of 5000 OC. It interacts with the carbon, forming as a reaction product of tungsten carbide. The resulting compound has high strength.

The Most common tungsten oxide-tungsten anhydride. The main advantage of chemical compounds is the ability to restore the powder to the metal forming as by-products of the lower oxides.

The Metal has a high density, brittleness and ability at low temperatures to form tungsten oxide.

tungsten oxide formula

Tungsten Alloy

Scientists have isolated a single-phase alloys, which are composed of one or more items. The most known compound of tungsten with molybdenum. Alloying with molybdenum alloy element increases the strength of tungsten tensile.

Single-phase alloys are considered to be compounds: tungsten-Zirconia, tungsten-hafnium, tungsten-niobium. The maximum ductility of the tungsten rhenium gives. Adding it does not affect performance of refractory metal.

make up the formulas of the oxides of copper iron tungsten

Making metal

The Traditional way is impossible to obtain alloys of refractory tungsten: reaching the melting temperature, the metal instantly turns into a gaseous form. The main option of obtaining pure metal is electrolysis. On an industrial scale for obtaining the tungsten alloys using powder metallurgy. To do this, create a special technological conditions using vacuum.


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tungsten oxide of formula 6

Finding in nature

The tungsten Oxide, the formula of WO3, called the highest Union. It is not found in nature in pure form, but is part of tungsten ores. The process of extraction and processing of refractory metal includes several steps.

The Highest tungsten oxide recovered from the ore mass. The following is the enrichment of the connection, and after processing the pure metal is isolated.

In the process of manufacturing a thin tungsten wire ensure that completely remove impurities. Otherwise, the technical characteristics of the finished product will be significantly reduced.

tungsten oxide hydrogen

Areas of use of tungsten

How to recover tungsten oxide? Hydrogen interacting with this connection, helps to clean metal. It is necessary for the manufacture of filaments, creating x-ray tubes, heaters and screens, vacuum furnaces, which prednaznacheny for use at high temperatures.

The Steel, the alloying element is tungsten, its high strength qualities. Products made of such alloy, used in the manufacture of medical instruments, inserts for drilling. The main advantage of the connections believe the resistance to mechanical deformation.

Probability of occurrence in the operation of the finished products cracks and chips is quite low. The most popular brand of steel, which included tungsten, is considered a win.

This scrap rare metal produce high-quality catalysts, various colors, special pigments, etc. In the modern nuclear industry are widely used crucibles made of tungsten and containers for radioactive waste disposal.

Refractoriness of the metal plays a special role in arc welding. Because tungsten in its pure form is quite rare metal, a procedure of enrichment and processing of tungsten ore. In pure form it has a light gray color with a distinctive metallic sheen. Standard tungsten alloys called stellites also include cobalt and chromium. The main component in such compounds is the cobalt. Alloys in demand in mechanical engineering.

The Oxide of tungsten

How does tungsten oxide (6), whose formula has the form of WO3? The metal is able to show different degrees of oxidation: the maximum resistance have options with the valence of the metal (4) and (6). The first link kind of WO2 refers to acidic oxides and has the following characteristics: high melting point and specific density. This chemical compound is almost insoluble in water, but in the case of heating can be dissolved in acids and alkalis. In chemical industry it is used as a catalyst in some reactions. For example, the compound of WO2 used in the manufacture of ceramic products.

The Oxide of tungsten, having a valence of (6) also exhibits characteristic acidic properties. The compound reacts with alkalis, but is not able to dissolve in water. Given that compound high melting point, it is used only as an accelerator of chemical processes.

higher tungsten oxide


In the course of inorganic chemistry, special attention is paid to the study of oxides, analysing their properties and characteristics primeneniyu industry. For example, at the final examination of the ninth-graders offered the job as follows: “Make the formulas of the oxides of copper, iron, tungsten, and determine their main chemical properties”.

In order to successfully cope with the task, you must have an idea about the features of the oxides. Consider those binary compounds in which the second element is oxygen. All the oxides are classified into three groups: basic, acidic, amphoteric.

Iron and copper are elements of side subgroups, so is able to exhibit variable valency. For copper, you can record only two types of oxides exhibiting basic properties of a - Cu2O and CuO.

Iron is not in a main subgroup of the chemical elements, so we have the oxidation States +2 and +3. In these cases oxides of the following types - FeO and Fe2O3.

Tungsten in binary compounds with oxygen often exhibits a valence (4) and (6). Both of the oxide of this metal exhibit acidic properties, so they are used in industry as accelerators of chemical processes.

The Main purpose of all the tungsten oxides is the selection of pure metal that are in demand in chemical and metallurgical industry.


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