What would happen if the Moon disappears? What is the impact on the Earth Moon?


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Almost everyone at least once in his life thought about what would happen if you fade the Moon and how it affects life on earth. Scientists haven't proved half of what the people believed the truth. But at some point all agree unanimously. More only satellite of the Earth affects its inhabitants at the time of the full moon.

Full Moon

Many have heard that most babies are born in the period when the moon is full. In addition, according to some, it was at this time commit more crimes than usual. But serious research and summarize the statistics on this subject have not been conducted. Although to quantify the impact of satellite on these factors tried. For example, from 1985 to 1990 in France, summed up the statistics of the appearance of babies born. According to the results it appears that during a full moon, the growth of the kids is only 0.14 percent, which is very little to prove any theories.what if the moon will disappear

Also a question on fertility, when the full-Moon, asked the Americans. Counting was conducted in North Carolina from 1997 to 2001. But the results were about the same as in France.

Ebb and flow

Confirm scientifically the influence of Sputnik was only in relation to tides and low tides of water on Earth. The level of the ocean and other water bodies depends on the location of the Sun and moon. This is due to the fact that the gravity of heavenly bodies affects the moisture, raising it. But if the ocean is noticeable to the naked eye, in the small lakes tides, the tides are not so noticeable.

The Owl and the full moon

The Scientists were able to fix that depending on the phase of the moon, some animals begin to behave in a special way. For example, owls hunt more actively during the full moon. There is a hypothesis that this is due to the level of light.ebb tide Moon, as such, does not light itself, but reflects the light of the Sun, and on Earth there is a faint light. It is enough to night birds can see the area. Therefore, scientists believe that the light of the moon gives an advantage to the owls in the hunt.

Stabilization of the Earth

There is also a hypothesis, what effect on the Earth Moon. She says that thanks to our satellite, the planet is more stable. Given the size of the planet, this satellite is quite large. The diameter of the Earth is 12742 km, and the moon-3474 km. Scientists believe that this cosmic rarity, as such satellite, other than Earth, is Pluto. And, in their opinion, thanks to the moon our planet has such an axis of tilt, and there are times of the year.what is the impact on the earth moon

Some scientists, answering the question of what happens if you go away Moon, I say that a couple of million years the planet's rotation will change. This may change the climate, it will become less favorable for development of life. It is believed that the Moon has an impact on the number of hours in earth day. For example, 400 million years ago the Earth did turnover in 22 hours.


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Life would be like without the moon?

Scientists do not say anything definite on the subject, was our Earth as it is now, if it didn't have satellite. They adhere to the theory that our planet is unique. That is, many circumstances have led to the emergence of life on Earth. Not enough water or atmosphere for its inception.full-moon On the planet all this happened at the same time, including a stable climate and the stabilization of the tilt axis via satellite. That is, scientists can not define, would life without the moon or not. And who knows, we overestimate tides, low tides, or, conversely, do not understand their large-scale impact on the health of the Land.

The moon

According to the scientists, a man went to the moon, the mystery of its origin was immediately solved. But in fact, quite the opposite has happened. Scientists still can not give a precise answer to the question of how exactly did the satellite. Moreover, now there are five theories of its origin.when the moon appeared

The Most plausible of them is the clash. Approximately 4.4 billion years ago the Earth experienced a collision with another cosmic body. It was called Theia. And when the planet, which theoretically was close to the Ground, gaining enough weight, they collided. This resulted in almost turning the Land inside out, and from there separated a piece of the plasma and gradually turned into the moon. And it is thanks to the satellites which appeared on the Ground water slowly spread across the planet. Therefore, in this case, the question about what would happen if the Moon will disappear, the answer is rather negative. This theory suggests that on Earth there would be a drought and she wouldn't be fertile and viable, which it is now.

Russian and American theory

Modern Russian science leans more towards the other theory that the Moon – the particles of the dust cloud that the young Earth did not pull me to him. Since the satellite is very similar to earth, this theory has not yet been able to refute.

But according to Darwin's son George, the Moon – is a detached piece of Land because of its rapid rotation in former times. He broke away near the equator, wherenow is the Pacific. But the fact is that when the Moon appeared, the pool has not yet formed, and the Earth's rotation was slower than necessary for the detachment of matter. Because this hypothesis was refuted.

There are two theories about the appearance of the moon. The first suggests that it was a separate planet, but over time, the Land drew her to him. But this does not explain the similarity of the composition of the moon from the mantle of the Earth. But the second theory that explains, but is also unlikely. She appeared in the 1970's in America. Scientists have suggested that the Earth would evaporate due to the heat, and of the substances ejected into space and formed the Moon. But there's no evidence that our planet has ever heated to such high temperatures.


None of the scientists can not accurately say what would happen if the Moon will disappear. Of course, it can blow, it can move away from the planet and in General anything can happen. The only thing known for sure-climate change and livelihoods may become worse. But before that happens, it should take a very long time. Therefore, we are unlikely to know the answer to this question. So that experience is in General nothing, except that the military will decide to take a bomb on our natural satellite.

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