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Mailing lists are an important part of marketing campaigns. Create emails for them, much like the development of simple web pages. At the same time, it should take into account certain important differences. In particular, sending out HTML emails would only be effective if they are composed correctly in technical terms, and their contents and style meet your goals. While there is a perception that a layman can not cope with this task. This article provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to write and how to send an HTML email.

HTML email


Modern people daily receives an average of 5-6, sometimes up to 10 emails. This means that you only have less than a second to be able to attract recipient's attention before he will go to reading the following correspondence. Otherwise your sending of HTML-emails will be completely ineffective and you will just waste your time.

One of the nuances that increase your chances of attracting the attention of potential customers or other target audience, is the establishment of correspondence that is adapted to mobile devices. Because the majority of those to whom it is addressed to your email, certainly use them much more often than desktop computers and laptops.

This target can be used, for example, "responsive design", easily adapts to the screen size.

What should be the letter template

When the layout of the document, to be sent to correspondents, should adhere to the following requirements:

  • It should be made quite narrow, i.e., the size should not exceed the range of 500-600 pixels, which will ensure proper display of text and other content on any device.
  • You Need to use a large enough font for the text, as on iOS devices, the HTML email will be uncomfortable to read if the font size of 13 pixels.
  • Elements, which can make a click, must be sufficiently large and isolated from the nearest links. In this case, the recipient can easily activate them from the first attempt.

sending HTML mails


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Before designing an HTML email, you should create one of the disks a new folder and name it, for example, “Distribution”. In addition, you need to download and install Dreamweaver CS3. This product from Adobe is one of the simple tools of designing websites and is well-suited for the development of mailing of the letter in HTML format.

Creating and saving document

Before writing the text part of the letter, you need to:

  • Open a pretty popular program designer HTML emails Dreamweaver CS3 (DW);
  • Create the document by selecting the type as “HTML 4.01 Transitional”;
  • Save the file with the extension “.html”;
  • Upper menu to find command editing;
  • Remove the tick from check-box "Use CSS instead of HTML tags”.

Step by Step instructions

Now, let's look at how to create HTML-letter. To do this:

  • Consistently open in the tab menu “Insert” and “table” and set the desired options for the table. For example, lines-2, columns-1, width-700, title — at the top. Boundaries can be set, but you can do without them, putting 0.
  • Form the title of the letter. HTML email designed for a larger number of recipients, so using the operator [first_name], to substitute the name of the recipient.
  • In the lower window “Properties” set the desired settings for font, size and color of the title text and background color.
  • “Out” of the title area. At the bottom of the screen set the parameters for the cursor to “center” and “middle”.
  • Insert the text of the letter or “writing” of his right in the DW program by selecting the desired type and size of font and location of text on the page.

Creating hyperlinks

Try to make an HTML email is more professional and advanced. With this purpose keep in the content of hypertext links. For this you need to select the place in the text, which was chosen as a hypertext link. In the left corner at the top of the screen should be “open” the corresponding icon and paste your link in the popup window. Thus it is necessary not to forget to place a tick in the check-box “_blank”, to open the link in a new window, and the addressee do not lost access to the main letter.

how to send HTML email

How to embed images

Usually a mail in HTML format completes the contact information, preferably with photo of the author or with the appropriate thematic picture. It can be downloaded from the Internet or after downloading in the Internet, as you will need the URL of that image. This is best done using one of the free services.

In order to draw such a cute ending:

  • Inserted into the bottom of the letter, inside the main table, and another with 3 columns and setting the border to 0 pixels.
  • Put the cursor in the table where I want to see the picture;
  • Note in the bottom window “Middle” and “along the top edge" for each partition;
  • Choose in the top menu tab “Insert”;
  • Click on the inscription “Picture” in the popup menu, paste the copied us address;
  • Click “Ok” 2 times.

send HTML emails


Now that you know how to do HTML email, you should make sure that the recipient will see it in correct form. To do this, before sending you want to view your work in a browser in Dreamweaver CS3. To do this, click on the icon with a globe in the upper menu. If instead of letters appeared on the screen of gibberish, it should be set in the settings of your browser automotiove.


A section “Project” and go into the code part — “Code”. In the window that opens, highlight and copy everything that is enclosed between the tags <body> and </body>. Save the file. Then insert HTML code.

how to insert HTML in email

Sending HTML mail

In order to make the newsletter open the "Smartresponder" (SR). Then:

  • Choose or create a new email, filling in lines “Name” and “sender”.
  • Fill the string “Subject”;
  • Noted in the top left menu HTML code;
  • Insert the code that you copied in the program DW code in a large field “Source”;
  • Check the correctness of the display by using the “Preview”;
  • Remove the text version of the message;
  • Test it on spam, use the button located next to the button “Send”.

Popular templates

Using a framework helps to significantly speed up the process of creating letters and make it more available to the developer who only understands the basics of creating web documents. Most popular templates are:

  • Cerberus. This set of so-called responsive templates allows you to create letters, normally displayed in your Gmail and Outlook. It allows you to use blocks of HTML code, either separately, or uniting them.
  • Ink — this is the harvest of letters, the distribution of which is almost universal and compatible with all devices and clients.
  • Really simple HTML email template. Pattern allows you to create mailing letters very simply and quickly. However, they will have a extremely simple design in a single column that contains the call to action.

email in HTML format

How to insert HTML in email

Consider now a slightly different problem. To insert HTML code in the email, such as gmail using, as in the example below, the Google Chrome browser you should:

  • Click on “F12” or select the appropriate sequence of commands in the menu.
  • In the opened code window of the current page of the gmail client to find the place where you want to paste an HTML email, do a right click and choose "Edit as HTML”.
  • Paste the copied HTML code;
  • Press the key combination “Ctrl” and “Enter”.

For the same purpose you can download easy to ispolzovnii software application Mozilla thunderbird. With its help you can create the letter and then first select “Insert” and then “HTML”, and insert there the code of your distribution.


Vordpressovskih plug-in e-Newsletter allows you to professionally manage newsletters and subscribers. And both is done directly through the WordPress administration panel. This circumstance provides complete control and absolutely free, which can not but rejoice.

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