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Unfortunately, today mostly only the owners of mobile devices know about software called Launch Manager. In fact, these apps are capable enough to greatly extend the capabilities of the standard operating systems Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and many others. But no one thinks that a similar app created by and for stationary systems, and in some cases without them simply can not do.

What program Launch Manager?

Before considering the question regarding computer equipment, we make a small digression. Let's start with the term Launch Manager. What it is, it will be clear if you just translate the phrase into Russian language. Roughly speaking, this means “launch Manager".

launch manager

Therefore, any program of this type refers to applications, which in Russian are called launchers (or launchers though it is wrong in terms of transcription).

If such utilities to describe in General terms their purpose is to expand the standard features of operating systems by introducing hidden control and access to some functions of the system in a location convenient to the user. It is no secret that in the mobile and stationary OS capabilities, which many users simply do not realize a dime a dozen.

acer launch manager

In some cases, without using specific launchers like Launch Manager Acer access certain key functions, parameters and settings of the laptops to be impossible in principle. Most often this concerns the use of the default keyboard shortcuts, for example, to adjust the volume or access to some hidden menu.


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Mobile devices

In mobile gadgets application Launch Manager type work on the same principle: they first completely replace the standard system interface, then carry out the grouping of programs or user files for some criteria.

what program launch manager

For applications this category of software (games, antivirus, optimizers, management tools, etc.). Sometimes sorting can occur solely by the name of the publisher or developer (Samsung, Sony, Apple). For file-extension or type (installation distributions, photos, videos, etc.).

Sometimes it can affect and control the entire system, for example, the activation or disabling of any component startup.

The Most famous and perhaps the most popular is a utility APUS, initially developed under the Android system. What is there just is not: and access the hidden functions “operating system” and “smart” grouping of widgets and control the battery charge and the possibility of a complete change of the interface, and optimisation of the system processes at the level of clearing the cache and main memory.

Launch Manager Acer: additional features for laptops

With Acer laptops this is not the case just. If other models of the same volume adjustment or the inclusion of Wi-Fi module is done by clicking the marked icon keys in combination with Fn, in these devices, in particular in some models of Acer Aspire, to do such operations without the use of an installed Launch Manager utility is simply impossible.

program launch manager

And it's not that you have correctly installed the app allows access to some parameters, then the main space is devoted to the customization of the configuration by adding the required items in the menu of the launcher. He, however, constantly “hanging” in the system tray, but the resource consumption is not so great as it might seem inexperienced user.

Basic elements and features of such type

Now - just the first look at any Launch Manager. That is, merely to determine (no matter what system it is designed). It is worth noting only that each has a standard set of widgets that allow you to access the different functions.

launch manager

What such a tool depends solely on the software developer. But basically there are a few mandatory elements, like volume slider, toggle wifi or Bluetooth, settings, video mode and screen brightness or use the so-called economical energy saving mode (ECO).

Basic application

Manage menu items, as well as the display of available functions is quite simple. The same is quite specific Launch Manager for Windows 7 (Windows 7 Manager) at first glance it seems too tricky.

what program launch manager

Actually there is nothing complicated. Common, intuitive interface where all the functions are grouped by category in the menu on the left or right and additional Windows display current information or settings (in the menu different, but the essence is the same).

launch manager for windows 7

But these types of software allow you to use not only the standard features of all applications of this type. Because they were developed directly under the seventh version of Windows, then you can obtain access to system information, and to control start and system restore. In addition, these utilities are able to perform the role of optimizers, removing junk files or unused programs, or freeing up system resources by unloading it from memory, not to mention full control of network connections or the involvement of the security modules.

How to enable or disable programs

As a rule, some laptops such utilities are factory installed. To remove them you can use the standard section of programs and features. But do I need to do? Indeed, in some critical cases they may need.

There is nothing easier than just use right click on the application icon in the system tray where from the drop down menu select the line exit (Exit, Exit Program, etc.). The program itself Launch Manager just shuts down, but will not be deleted.

launch manager

But when the system reboots it will start again. If you want to disable this service in General, you should use the standard means of system (not the app itself). In this case we are talking about changing the configuration of autostart, which can be accessed using the msconfig command, prescribes the menu “Run” (Win + R).

If input is selected the tab of startup, where the opposite service launcher just removed the tick. After that, the system must be restarted for changes to take effect.

Complete removal of the possible consequences

One last look at apps like Launch Manager. What it is, much is already clear. Finally a few words about the possible uninstallation.

acer launch manager

If the program is “stitched” (the default initially, like Acer laptops), touch it not recommended at all. If this utility was installed on the initiative of the user, the deletion must be made using the standard tools of the system, and using at least the free apps like iObit Uninstaller. Their advantages include the fact that they remove not only the software components required applications, but residual junk files and entries and keys in the registry.

It is Important to remember that due to the removal of the management utility some of the standard capabilities of computer devices can be completely blocked or unavailable.


In General, if to speak about the usefulness of such applications in daily work, users ' opinions diverge. If the device has no such program to access certain functions simply can't, it will have to leave. Otherwise it's just a supplementary tool, comfortable or uncomfortable, desired or not (everyone decides for himself). But by and large better not to clutter unless it is absolutely necessary.

Though these applications consume very little resources, they are able also to engage in conflict with the components of the operating systems themselves, which often leads to the emergence of “blue screen”. And about specific drivers not talking at all. Therefore hundred times think before you decide on installing this type of software packages.


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