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Often because of improper computer shutdowns, or other failures, errors occur and appear broken sectors on the local hard disk. It is fraught with incorrect downloading of the operating system, information loss and other problems until the hard drive failure. To resume operation, you must first check the hard disk for errors.

To Perform this operation in several ways.

If the operating system is loaded, the test will not be difficult. This requires to acccess the properties of the hard drive or USB flash drive to log-in shortcut menu (right mouse button on the right), from the  list, select“properties”, then set “service”-“validate”. In the dialog box that appears note points: "automatically fix file system errors" simultaneously  “scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors", finish the procedure by clicking run. If the check of the partition with the operating system, it will begin to run only when you restart the computer.

That's basically all. Further check your hard disk for errors occur in automatic mode. If failures are detected, the system according to whether they are correct. Upon detection of bad sectors utility launched their flags, and the hard disk will be suitable for further work. To solve the problem of failure of the hard drive under the operating system (Windows) and using third party utilities on the Internet many free versions.

A More complex solution when the system is not loaded. In order to run a disk check for errors, you will need a disk with the virtual system. Booting with it, there will be a shell similar to Windows. Further, should produce the same actions as in the first case.


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If a disk is missing, then a distribution kit with Windows. Check disk for errors will be done using the recovery console. Loading from the installation disk, at the first tips, you must select system restore. When the console mode will appear on the screen, you should choose the partition with the system usually the default is the drive “”, then press the number 1 and enter if prompted for an administrator password

At the prompt to C:WINDOWS> you must enter the CHKDSK command with the parameters F, R. it should Look so: C:WINDOWS>chkdsk /f /r. Then you should press Enter and wait until the end of the disk check for errors. To exit the console, enter the Exit command.

If you cannot login you can also use the virtual disk WinPE. Booting with it, you can apply different utility for diagnosing hard drive and fix bad sectors and errors.

In some cases, due to errors and bad sectors, the system does not see some sections and define their size. To get out of this situation it is necessary to use the program  Akronis the Disk the Director. Usually it is present in the boot disks.

After you start the utility check disk for errors as follows. Select manual mode, then set aside a specific section (the system default), and in the context menu select the command “check”. In the window that appears, select “search for bad sectors and errors” and click OK. Check will some time be done, and if damage is detected, the program automatically correct them. All the information about the performed action can see it.

Usually, for correction of primary errors is enough to use the above described methods. Otherwise, the hard drive is necessary to show specialists in the service center.

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