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Social networks are developing rapidly, offering users new opportunities for communication and exchange of various information. The Foursquare app, in fact, is also a communication platform. What are its functions and what you can do with it?Foursquare - what is it?

What is it?

The First question that arises with respect to Foursquare: "What's that?" It's a website and app that represent users of the original new social network. In fact, it is a way to show others their geographic location. Refers to no information on place of residence, and adding to your profile visited cafes, shops and attractions. Once in a particular institution, it is enough to use the Internet. Through his program, Foursquare will determine exactly where the user is located, and celebrate his visit.

Who is eligible for the program?

If you want to use this social network it may be advisable to register on the site or install the app for your mobile gadget, which can be configured as on the site itself and on the computer. Version this program is for both IPhone and Android and Windows. In addition, MeeGo, WebOS, and BlackBerry also you can install Foursquare. What does it mean? The application is available to almost every user with any device and even without it.


How to install a program?

If you want to install Foursquare on a mobile device, it is best to use unlimited connection to the Internet to download it. This is a fairly simple and accessible even to beginner users not familiar with the principles of installing applications. Go to the resource of this program, select EN.foursquare is appropriate for your model of device or operating system version and download the installation distribution. The installation wizard automatically creates for you all the necessary instructions. Following them with maximum accuracy, you will be able without difficulty to open the desired app and begin working with it as soon as


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You Should understand how to use Foursquare. What does it involve? The user should understand the purpose of the program. For example, visiting a cafe, you can surf the Internet while having a Cup of tea. If you like the service and cuisine in this casino, you mark my visit and writing a review. Putting what's good here you can share information with other users. The location will be specified on the map by using the GPS sensor. Your friends will immediately notice the news in your profile, and others will be able to read the information you left. Marking his visit, called Check in Foursquare. If you wish, you can attach it to your post photos which will allow others to get a better idea about the place. For each comment you get a kind of reward in the form of a special badge and five points. Collecting them, you will be able in the future to get discounts at specific cafes. One who visits a particular place more often than others, received the honorary title of mayor. If you use the app correctly, you can gain many different badges and awards.

How to become a mayor in Foursquare?

What is this title and what does it do? As already mentioned, the mayor is the one who most often happens in a certain place. To obtain the rank, you must also perform several other conditions. foursquare AppFirst of all, add a picture to your profile. After that, try to visit the institution as often as possible. If within sixty days you will be there more than anyone else, you will receive a long-awaited title of mayor. But note that counts only one appearance a day, so excessive zeal would be pointless.

The Advantages of titles in the app

In many countries, mayors get special privileges for their status in Foursquare. What does it mean? The owners know exactly how important it is to create a positive image of the institution through the application users and provide them discounts, free food and other benefits. By accessing you can open the road to promotional Lunches and all sorts of special offers. Sometimes, the app appears for more information about what you need to do to receive the bonus. At least the user is offered the medal of honor for his profile on the site.


Interesting facts

In this app you can become the mayor in several places. If you pick ten, you'll even get a special medal in your profile. Each time you visit any restaurant's app will show you how many visits it takes to get awards or titles. So to follow the approach of the status of the mayor will be very convenient and easy. If you notice that someone got his rank fair, you can help developers to get rid of such the user. Write to support the letter, and illegal actions will be punished. It is important to note that you will have to write in English.

How not to get accused of fraud?

The use of the application quickly carries away and becomes a daily habit. To not be accused that you get the status of the mayor is illegal, follow your marks and do not include the day too many institutions. foursquare Check inIf you walk through the Mall and observed in every cafe, it may seem like a fraud and cheat status. In addition, sometimes the network is not too accurately identifies the location, and are tempted to celebrate in all the nearest points at once. To not do this. A large number of markers in a short period of time is tracked by the developers of the site and will result in blocking of the profile. As this social network ensures that some of the user benefits, our common interest is the control of unscrupulous people.

The Role for business

Thanks to its increasing popularity, 4sq is a great means of advertising. The owner of a small or medium business do not need to invest a serious amount in order to disseminate information about your shop, cafe or salon. If to attract the attention of users, they tell their friends everything you need. On the website or app you can leave comments and post photos. If the institution satisfied visitors, their comment is guaranteed to attract many new customers from the same city. This feature makes Foursquare a unique project beneficial for both the business and for the rest: it reviews, written by real people, help to make the desired impression on a particular place. Granting of discounts and bonuses mayors of places – almost not costly, but very effective method of promotion. In addition, the owner of a cafe or store can be in application and be a frequenter. Program foursquareWriting in the profile informative advertising message, you can be sure that it will be read a maximum of users, because the pages of those who are in the top of a place, looking at all who are going to go or looking for information about him. This is a very effective modern method of advertising, which does not require knowledge in marketing or attachments impressive amounts.

Program options

To learn how to use interesting app everyone can. In the settings, too, there is absolutely nothing complicated. But some details still need to be aware of. For example, watch your privacy. It is not necessary to open the access to his mobile phone to anyone who is viewing your profile. You can also close views from my mail, and even a page can be private and available only to friends. For maximum response from others use additional applications. Sync with accounts in other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, will allow you to publish every message not only in application but also in these pages. All of your friends on each site are aware of your achievements and preferences. You can configure the publication in automatic mode, it will make using the application very convenient and easy. In short, Foursquare is certainly worth mentioning. With this program you can find information about our schools, read reviews, and just to compete with friends who is more rich social life. You can also promote your own business or just to have fun, gain knowledge and badges. Registration on the website definitely not to be a bug and will keep you entertained for a long time. No wonder why this social network is becoming more and more popular and effective around the world. Of course, to the small towns she had not yet arrived, but in this case, after registering, you will be able to become the sole mayor of all the visited institutions is even simpler than in a large village with many users. So download the app...

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