Atieclxx.exe: what's the process, and whether it is possible to get rid of it?


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Very often in "task Manager" users of Windows systems see a lot of unknown processes. Despite the fact that today viral activity increased, how ever, not all services can be referred to as such. In particular, this applies to the executable file Atieclxx.exe. What process is displayed in this case, next, and will be considered. At the same time figure out why it can cause excessive load on the computer resources, and how to get rid of it.

What is the process Atieclxx.exe?

Let's Start with the fact that users, who consider the presence of this executable component in "task Manager" of the consequences of system intrusion and influence of viruses and malicious executable codes are deeply mistaken. This service is of different nature.

atieclxx exe what is the process

What is the process Atieclxx.exe? This is the component managing module AMD External Events Client Module designed for video cards Radeon. Actually, the service itself does not carry any threat, although able to cause some conflict in the operating system. Unfortunately, sometimes so much so that when the user edits the most common Microsoft Word file, the system hangs tightly. Some blame it described the process, but a few days in the Russian media flashed the publication about the fact that it is only with the shortcomings of the last version of Windows, remove which experts Microsoft for some reason don't want to. But what are the reasons of such behavior of the program, and what can be done to get rid of such negative effects occurring in the program crashing?


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The Processor is loaded on 100 %: why?

The Reason, first of all, you should look for outdated or incorrectly installed drivers of the graphics card. The program itself means updating them is not. It rather can be described as the tool of interpretation of external events related to the configuration of VRAM.

how to remove atieclxx exe

What is the process Atieclxx.exe we have in this case? As practice shows, it is activated only in case of lack of RAM graphics card if there are too many simultaneously processed processes. For example, the user launched the game but then turned it in the tray, as urgently needed to edit a word processing document. Here is the first sign that even the Word in such a situation may hang. But if the game is quite demanding, even her work minimized or in the background can make a considerable load on the CPU and GPU, respectively – and RAM (stationary and graphic).

How to disable?

But not all that bad. The question of how to remove Atieclxx.exe, can be solved quite simply. Naturally, it is not limited to physical removal from the hard disk (although that might happen), and more comparable to disable running the service process. After its deactivation the process user to bother to stop.

microsoft word file

To disconnect, you must first complete all the processes associated with AMD in the "task Manager". After that need to call services section via the console “Run” by entering combinations of services.msc, find the appropriate component to enter edit parameters through the right mouse button or double click, stop the service and set startup type to complete off.

Manage startup

Next, you should access the startup menu using the msconfig for Windows versions below the tenth (“ten” the tab is located directly in "task Manager").

the processor is loaded on 100

Here you just need to remove the box with the string name of the client and/or program Catalyst, save the changes and restart the system. If you do not disable autostart, you can get additional problems. On the one hand, the service seems to be disabled on the other – its executable component, starting with the system will try to include it, referring to the relevant system settings that will only lead to looping and hanging-up of the operating system due to the increased load.

Brief summary and tips for last

Summing up, it should be noted that the process itself is not dangerous. However, for the complete management of the graphics card to get rid of this utility is not necessary.

If it is after the constant reboots gives a significant load on resources, to reinstall it. However, when you use an Uninstaller you should pay attention to the point that when activated the deep scan found and removed all components one way or another related to the AMD software, including drivers. So, if you want to produce, so to speak, «clean» reinstallation, first uninstall everything related to AMD, do a restart, and only then perform re-installation using the original disks or files downloaded from the resource producer. There's no other way.

Manually deleting the same registry keys are recommended to be performed only by advanced users, and ordinary users without the need to get better not to intervene, because the consequences for the operating system can be extremely fatal (up to a full crash).


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