Graphics accelerator GTX 960: characteristics, tests, and comparison with competitors


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In 2015, was presented to a graphics accelerator the initial class are based on the updated Maxwell architecture, which according to the specs from NVidia called the GTX 960. Characteristics of the product, of course, not fundamentally different from its predecessors, but the organization of a semiconductor crystal of the GPU has been significantly redesigned, allowing in practice to obtain a significant increase in performance.

gtx 960 specifications

The graphics card

Excellent graphics solution to build a gaming personal computer the entry level is still the GTX 960. The characteristics of this accelerator is once again confirmed. Lower in the hierarchy to be the GTX 950 and more productive the c prefix Ti. On speed they are much smaller than considered in this article, graphical solution, and even overclocking does not allow to reduce this gap. Therefore, the best use in gaming entry level PC that is GTX 960. A step up is the GTX 970, which already focused on creating a PC gaming bias to the average. But the cost of it is appropriate.

In the foreseeable future to replace the hero of this review comes accelerator of the new generation — the GTX 1050Ti. Now it can be found in the sale of such solutions, but their sale has just started and the prices are quite substantial. So while it is still advisable in such computing systems to use the previous generation of graphics accelerators have more modest cost, availability and an acceptable level of performance.

Features graphic accelerator

Well developed and most common for the latest generation of graphics processors made in 28nm NVidia GeForce GTX 960. Characteristics of its semiconductor crystal indicate that its area is just 228мм2, and the number placed on it transistors — 2940 million. Code name of the GPU — GM206. The minimum value for frequency is 1126 MHz, and in Boost mode it can rise up to 1178 MHz.


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The Total number of units processing shaders is 1024, and operate it on the same frequency that the GPU. For the needs of each pipeline is allocated for 64 TMU. But blocks ROP in this device 32. Declared support at the level of software DirectX 12. Well supported graphics interface PCI Express version 3.0.

geforce gtx 960 specifications

Subsystem RAM and its features

Typically like graphic entry level product organized in the memory subsystem of the GTX 960. Features her humble, but expect something unusual in the framework of the entry-level product is not necessary. The bus width of the video buffer in this case is a modest 128 bits. Type of supported memory in this case, GDDR5. The number of operational graphics memory the products of this family can be equal to 2 or 4 GB.

In software, a significant difference in terms of performance between these two modifications no. Exceptions there may be some toys, which displays the image on the screen in the format of 2K. But even in this case, the increase will be negligible, and the limiting factor in this case is the performance of the graphics processor.

Overclocking. The real increase in performance

With proper configuration of the system unit does not have any particular problems with overclocking the GeForce GTX 960. Characteristics of this accelerator will change, and the working frequency of the chip can reach 1241-1304МГц, and memory-7200 MHz. In practice, this allows to get an additional 7-10% in speed.

nvidia geforce gtx 960 specifications

Comparison with competing products. Test results

As competitors this graphical product from the graphics cards of the previous generation of the manufacturer, you can consider the GTX 760 and GTX 770. The first of these occupied the same niche as this model, but had a lower level of performance. The second was occupied segment of the market of graphic accelerators average level and had a comparable level of performance. But given the increased energy efficiency on the background of the products of the previous generation is much better looking that the GeForce GTX 960. The characteristics of these three graphics cards in this case are: 230W for the 770, 170 W for 760 and only 120 watts to 960. In terms of performance significantly better than it was the last video card, and the cost is comparable to a 770. From the same AMD-competitors of this product are 280Х R9 and R9 270Х. The first one is more high performance, but the cost is higher and the other significantly lower performance. The only real alternative 960 – 1050 Ti. But it is a new generation product, which has not yet become widespread.

Of Course, the level of performance in this case will be on the side of the more recent decisions, but the real competitor in this niche it will be 4-6 months when the prices come back to normal. Now a decent alternative in the segment of entry-level products not the hero of this review. In most gaming applications the minimum number of FPS for GTX 960 is 23-25 in the modes with high resolution and maximum settings. At lower settings to get acceptable FPS at 40-50 in most gaming applications, but it will have to partially sacrifice the quality of the drawn image.

The cost of the product. The opinion of the owners

Fitted with 2 GB of RAM can be purchased for 10,000 rubles NVidia GTX 960. Adapter specifications, which are 4 GB, will lead to the fact that the initial cost will increase to 3,000-4,000 rubles and will be 13000-14000 rubles. Most of the owners of this video agree on one thing: it's a great graphics card is entry level with excellent energy efficiency and acceptable performance.

nvidia gtx 960 specifications


Another excellent entry level accelerator from NVidia was the GTX 960. Features This product looks very modest compared to flagship graphics cards. But its capacity is sufficient for solving most tasks of initial level, and worthy competitors had yet.


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