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Lovers of quality music and audio equipment know that the use of speakers and microphones requires the use of additional devices to ensure a clean sound. For example, thanks to this product as a pop filter, can achieve clean vocals without noise contamination. It is designed to reduce the level of “zakany” and various noises.pop filter

What is a pop – effect?

The Pop effect is called an unpleasant phenomenon that occurs when the airflow from the singing or speaking directly into the microphone of a person gets to the membrane device. This most often occurs in the pronunciation of voiced vowels explosive, hissing and whistling sounds. Some sound engineers associate this effect with the thud of the bass drum. The best way to avoid this kind of phenomena is the pop filter.


The use of the above products very necessary when the announcer nachitka, because they cut on both sides of the beeps unnecessary low and high frequency sounds, making it easier to further edit the record. They are widely used and announcers on radio, and the singers, and it helps to achieve maximum performance.

Types of protection microphones

There are only two main types of protection from noise:microphone hands

1. Windscreen (WindFilter ) – is a foam filter for microphone (cap), which fits directly on the device. First and foremost, it is designed to protect the microphone from air currents and wind on different sides. Windscreen is very relevant when working with a microphone on the street.


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2. Pop filter – this device is of mesh material with a flexible arm. For the manufacture of the mesh may use different materials, from nylon to metal. They are used to absorb sound and breath of the speaker.

Choose pop-filters

filter for microphoneTo the selection of the items mentioned need to be treated with the utmost seriousness and responsibility. The fact that many fans very carefully and meticulously inspect the microphone itself, and the filters don't pay any attention. But it depends on their recording quality. You can buy a very expensive microphone to install on your computer professional software that allows you to perform miracles with recordable audio tracks, and still the quality will be poor. Pop filter you need to choose is based the type of entry conditions. They come in various shapes: oval, round and rectangular. In principle, in order to extinguish the breath and ringing noises, you can apply and wind, but it's not as effective, in addition to significantly distort the recorded sounds.


By the Way, if you don't like to buy the finished product, but prefer to make on their own, then such a filter you will also be easy to make. And that's a pretty comical situation, if you have made a microphone with their hands, and the filter you buy in the store. So, what do we need for a pop filter? For this you need to make a skeleton out of wire or take a conventional embroidery Hoop for stitching and pull on this design nylon tights. You can use thin foam, but it is understood that the thinner the material, the cleaner the sound will be.

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