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Now about the torrents not heard, perhaps, very far from computers people. Even those who usually manages banal movies, when the masterpiece (of course, from his point of view) begin to search the Internet for where to download the video. And here comes the fun part – download links many, however, there is always unpleasant features. For example, one site may require you to enter your mobile phone number, another file is divided into ten parts, placed on Deposit (the limiting speed), and the third offers the worst screener. Familiar? At the same time, who knows how to upload a torrent, he is in pole position, so as to find this way the desired movie in high quality manage in 90% of cases.

System torrents consists of handing out special content of the site intermediaries (torrent tracker) and pumped. In other words, if someone is properly drawn up distribution of the film on the tracker, it can afford to download each. Main questions – how to accelerate the torrent, and what program to download.

About copyright and the validity of working with such systems will not be considered, but will focus on urgent issues. Everyone who is this method uploads files usually wondered how to speed up torrent. It has long been observed that even if the speed of the Internet channel in the user's computer is, for example, 100 Mbit, the file never downloaded so quickly. Accordingly, when large volumes have to wait long for the download to complete. Generally, a Network provides many tips on how to speed up torrent, we will try to indicate the most significant factors that affect the speed.


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For trekkers need to download a special program called a BitTorrent client. A lot of them, but the most famous – indeed (uTorrent) and Vuze (former Azureus). Beginners can recommend staying on the first version since uTorrent is more simple settings. But for Vuze you should pay attention a little later, when you receive some experience and a desire to understand how to accelerate the torrent (there is evidence that this program shakes faster). After registering on the tracker to download files.

One of the most common mistakes, which often asks the question “how to speed up torrent” – the use of automatic configuration of the client program. For example, in uTorrent there is the option to customize it in accordance with the speed channel. To do this, press Ctrl+G and “Start test". Based on the results of the program are configured so that write to the user of bandwidth. On the one hand, it will give the opportunity to use the Internet in parallel with the included fix, but will reduce the speed. Therefore, in wizard settings set to “Unlimited”.

Next go to General preferences (Ctrl+P) and follow the “Speed”. Here all restrictions should be removed and speed is exhibited in the “Unlimited”. The number of connections it is recommended to put not more than 256. Practical difference between, say, 800 and 250 were noted, but the guru insists on “not more than 256”.

The section called "BitTorrent" remove the check mark from the speed control and limiting local peers. Requests can be Scrape off, as most trekkers do not work with them, and once the service information is sent. Stream encryption in that case, if the ISP blocks the client program. Otherwise, this additional processing only degrades the speed.

These settings allow you to increase the download speed by 10 percent, but miracles from them should not wait. Still, the developers will not put the ‘stick in the wheel” its own program. The real download speed depends on bandwidth of the Internet channel of the user, number of dealer computers and the sum of their velocity.


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