"Skyrim": the ebony ingot. Where to find ebony ingot?


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To create different types of weapons and armor in "Skyrim" you need to look for the right components for recipes. For simple things you will need to produce quite a common and popular materials that can be found around every corner. But to get something worthwhile rare or powerful, you have to try, as some materials can be difficult to get. For example, you can take the ebony ingot - this material is known for all players who are addicted to TES series. Here ebony is a popular material for creating very powerful and durable armor, as well as a strong and reliable weapon. Of course, in "Skyrim" you also have to make every effort to obtain such bars, if you want to create high-quality items or to improve existing ones. But it is important to know where to find the material.

Buy ebonite

ebony ingot

One of the most unpopular ways of getting ebonite is buying this material, dealers in hardware stores. Also, if you decide to use such methods, you should look to the blacksmith, as he always has a certain amount of ebony for sale. But why this method is unpopular? First, it is very annoying in a game like this is always much more interesting to get every ebony ingot with his hands. Moreover, it allows you not only to have fun and have fun but also to earn experience, as well as side materials and, of course, gold. But secondly, ebony ingot from merchants and blacksmiths is very expensive, so use this method are only those players who are already rich and can now not to count their costs. Therefore, it is recommended to try to obtain this material in other ways - especially given the fact that in the game there are several.


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Red shaft

Skyrim ebony ingot

If you rejected the idea of purchasing this material, you need to know where to find ebony ingot. In fact, there are several places, but start their searches better with the village Stone shore - part of it is a Red mine, and where you should go. Naturally, you need to prepare, because in a mine full of spiders, which can deliver you a lot of problems if you will not know what to do with them. Incidentally, you can wait until you get the quest "Red mine", during which you will need to destroy all evil in the mine. Simultaneously, you can get hold of ebony ore, which then can be melted. You don't even have to look for the foundry - it was carefully located right next to mine, and next to it you can find three pieces of ebony ore. In "Skyrim" ebony ingot is a material, which you are unlikely to find ready-made (except the traders), so you'll have to learn how to use pravilna, as the ore you will be able to create ingots.

Dark mine

skyrim ebony ingot

In "Skyrim" ebony ingot can be created from ebony ore, as you know, but in the game there are not too many deposits of hard rubber, in which the main character is allowed access. However, the largest Deposit is the Gloomy mine, and that's where you should go if you have a plan to collect a large number of ebonite. In this case, it's much harder than with the red shaft, as this field is located in the location of istmark, in the fortress Northover. From the title you can understand that this Fort belongs to the orcs, so the entrance of other races there prohibited. The main character is special, so he can prove to the orcs that he can be trusted with performing a certain quest that will be given to him in the fortress. A much easier way to mine is to be an Orc, but that, as you know, is suitable only for those gamers who are in the beginning of the game chose the appropriate race. However, Skyrim ebony ingot is a very valuable material, so you should get access in the Gloomy mine.

The Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon

code for ebony ingot

In addition to deposits the ore in Skyrim ebony ingot you can get from treasure chests, which randomly generated content. So each chest can be a potential source of ebonite, but not worth much to hope for that. As for places where you are guaranteed to find the bars - it is only one. In the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, where you lead one of the quests, you have to fight with the lords Bremora, and on the way to this sanctuary - with various high-level creatures. However, you will be taken to the Treasury, where you have another fight with the Dremora lords. After winning, you'll be able to profit from standing trunks, but if you are looking for ebony ingots, you will need to pay attention to the trunk, which is full of gold bullion - among them will be three ebony. It's not much, but better than nothing. Now you know where to find ebony ingots - you need to understand how to make their own, as well as how to use them.

Create ebony ingots

cheat ebony ingot

If you have ebony ore, then you will not be able to use it to create and improve items you need just the bars. But do not despair, because the game has twenty-two foundries around the world that will allow you free to create bars from ore. It is worth to indicate that two pieces of ebony ore get one bar, so you need to have an even number of pieces of ore, so you do not leave excess residue.

How to use ebony ingots?

where to find ebony ingots

So you've got a certain amount of ebony ingots - no matter how. What next to do with them? As has been said, you can make ingots, weapons and armor, but for this you need to either have a high skill in blacksmithing or consult a professional blacksmith who surcharge will create a desired object from a certain number of ingots. You can create the ebony and Daedric armor and the same weapons. Given the fact that Daedric items are the most powerful in the game, you need to understand how important the ebony ore and ingots, which you get from it. In addition, you can use these ingots to create items, and to improve them. Again, you can only improve banicescu and Daedric gear. In General, such bars you will definitely come in handy. But what to do if you can't get all of the above ways?


If you cannot get the required material through honest means, you can use the code for ebony ingot. More precisely, Player additem code works for adding any objects, depending on the spelled out further value. Thus, the final cheat ebony ingot as follows: Player additem 0005AD9D.

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